4 bridges with special designs of Da Nang

The architecture of the Tran Thi Ly bridge is soft, feminine, viewed from afar, the cable-stayed system and the bridge body evoke the image of a boat with crimson sails.

The Han River flows through Da Nang and empties into the sea at Da Nang Bay dividing the city into east and west banks. The east bank is Son Tra and Ngu Hanh Son districts bordering the sea; The west bank is the districts of Hai Chau, Thanh Khe, Cam Le… The river is the meaningful landscape axis of the city. There, the bridges over the river not only play the role of pure traffic but also an urban highlight. The bridges on the Han River include Han River, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly, and Thuan Phuoc, each with a unique look, bringing the modern and impressive beauty of a vibrant city.

Han River Bridge

The Han River Bridge (also known as the Han River Swing Bridge) is located in the city center and is a symbolic work of Da Nang. The bridge marks a period of strong development and integration of Da Nang, with the mission to pave the way for bridges across the Han River in the 21st century, connecting the east and west banks. Han River Bridge was started in 1998 and completed in 2000. This is the first turning bridge designed and constructed by Vietnamese engineers and workers, and the only one in Vietnam today.


The Han River Bridge has a length of 487.7 m and a width of 12.9 m with 11 spans including two cable-stayed spans. The bridge section located on the pier in the middle of the river can rotate 90 degrees parallel to the flow direction for large ships to pass. The project is also a symbol of the combination and consensus between the government and the people, built by the people of Da Nang. Han River Bridge is part of the logo image of Da Nang city and is also present on the street name sign of Da Nang.


Thuan Phuoc Bridge

Thuan Phuoc Bridge is located in the north, right at the Han estuary leading to Da Nang Bay, connecting Hai Chau district on the west bank with Son Tra district on the east bank. The bridge was started construction in 2003 and inaugurated in 2009. This is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam. The bridge has a length of 1,856 m, a width of 18 m, with two abutments at the two ends of the bridge and two towers that hang cables plugged into the river bed. Two cable-suspension pylons 80 m high (from the pedestal) and 405 m apart are constructed with reinforced concrete materials. Three spans of the hammock have a length of 655 m.


Thuan Phuoc bridge has a high clearance of 27 m, allowing large ships to pass easily. The bridge construction process faced many difficulties due to complex natural, geological and topographical conditions. But with the efforts of officials and workers, the bridge was completed as designed, albeit slower than planned. The architecture of the Thuan Phuoc bridge is slender and graceful, creating a poetic scene at the mouth of the sea and Son Tra peninsula.


Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge is located south of Han River Bridge, about 1.5 km from Han River Bridge. This is a bridge with special architecture. The entire bridge structure simulates a dragon bending out to the sea. This design is the result of a bridge architecture competition with 17 entries from many countries around the world.

Dragon Bridge was started in 2009 and completed in 2013. The bridge has a reinforced concrete structure combined with a steel structure 666.5 m long 37.5 m wide and divided into 5 spans. In which, the main span is 200 m long, 2 side spans are 128 m long, the dragon’s head span is 72 m long, and the dragon tail span is 64.15 m long.


The dragon sculpture part was made by sculptor Pham Van Hang, a Da Nang native. The dragon’s head is designed with an electromechanical system that allows the dragon to spray water and fire. This is still done on weekends to create a highlight to attract tourists. Dragon Bridge is rated as one of the most unique bridges in the world by many specialized transport and tourism magazines.


Tran Thi Ly Bridge

Tran Thi Ly Bridge is named after the heroine in the resistance war against the Americans from Quang Nam. The bridge is located to the south of Dragon Bridge, about 1.5 km from Dragon Bridge. Previously there was an old bridge with the same name, but it was replaced by a new bridge-like today. Tran Thi Ly Bridge has almost the same construction period as Dragon Bridge, started in 2009 and inaugurated at the same time as Dragon Bridge on March 29, 2013.

The bridge has a cable-stayed structure but is unique in that it has only 1 pier, and is a 12-degree inclined pillar (to the west). The bridge is 731 m long, 35.5 m wide, divided into 12 spans, of which the cable-stayed span is 230 m long. The cable-stayed pillar is made of reinforced concrete material with a height of 145m, inside there is an elevator and an observation deck at the top of the pillar.


The unique structure of Tran Thi Ly Bridge has created records. Pillars weigh 3.2 tons with bearing capacity for the world’s largest pier tower today (bear up to 32,000 tons); and the largest single-plane wire structure in Southeast Asia (34.5 m wide). The architecture of the Tran Thi Ly bridge is soft and feminine like the name of the bridge; From a distance, the cable-stayed system and the bridge body evoke the image of a boat with crimson sails.


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