Saigonese find a way to ‘go through the season of separation’

Picnic on the terrace, learning to cook at home, organizing team building online… are the ways that many people are doing during the city’s distance to prevent the epidemic.

As a travel blogger, love to move, before the outbreak of Covid-19 every year, Ms. Vu Minh Diep in District 3, traveled at least 4-5 times. Over the past two months, when the epidemic was complicated, Ho Chi Minh City continuously applied the distance regime, this 31-year-old woman couldn’t help but be bored and boring when she had to stay at home. To reduce the “crazy feet” and create joy for herself and her family members, she makes use of the green space on the 20 m2 terrace as a weekend picnic place.

This idea arose at the end of June, on the occasion of her husband’s birthday. Since then, the 20 m2 terrace has become a familiar “tourist spot” for small families.

Diep's family in a picnic on the terrace.  Photo: NVCC.
Diep’s family in a picnic on the terrace. Photo: Character provided.

Each picnic is quite simple. The young mother buys beef, seafood, and fish balls to marinate, add fruits and sweets. After that, the whole family arranged the plate, changed into beautiful clothes and brought the clothes to the terrace. “My house has an electric hot pot and a gas stove, which is quite convenient. I also prepare a fan because it’s quite hot sitting on the terrace,” Ms. Diep shared.

Picnic in the green space with trees, aquarium not only gives Ms. Diep’s family beautiful photos but also improves their mood.

“When distanced, people often tend to be bored and have negative thoughts if they stay at home with nothing to do. Our house works, displays, eats, and takes pictures together in a natural space that makes us feel better. This is also considered a type of teamwork, making each member more excited,” said Ms. Diep.

The green terrace becomes a chill place for Ms. Diep's family.  Photo: NVCC.
The green terrace becomes a “chill” place for Ms. Diep’s family. Photo: Character provided.

Unlike Ms. Diep’s family, the quarantine period did not disturb Mr. Ma Hoang Son’s life in District 4. The 33-year-old self-identified as a stay-at-home person. However, the fact that restaurants were not served on-site forced Mr. Son to go to the kitchen himself.

Since he can’t cook, Mr. Son spends at least two hours a day in the kitchen. He doesn’t schedule anything to cook, but follows his inspiration, opens the refrigerator and cooks it when he sees something. Find the recipe on social media or ask a friend.

After two weeks of separation, he has mastered many dishes, from familiar simple dishes such as boiled water spinach, eggs with sauce to more complex Western dishes such as French toast, pomelo salad, scallops, pasta. with scallops and asparagus.

“Fortunately, every dish is successful,” Mr. Son said. He also joked with his friends that “when the translation ends, I will become a chef”.

Some beautiful dishes cooked by Mr. Son himself during the days of separation.  Photo: NVCC.
Some beautiful dishes cooked by Mr. Son himself during the days of separation. Photo: Character provided.

In addition to cooking, Son also relieves stress by taking care of plants and cleaning. A few days ago, he changed the position of some furniture and trees to look at the new house, less bored. Working in the field of scent, decor and bedding, he also takes special care of the bed, changing bed sheets every 4-5 days, spraying perfumed water to make the space as comfortable as possible.

“If you don’t know what to do at home, you should do a general cleaning of the house, change the bed sheets, wash the sofa, move some items from one place to another to look a little fancy. Sweat like going to the gym.” Son messaged.

For Huynh Khang, the epidemic season is an opportunity to find passion again. Love Lego and was introduced to the company’s fanpage with more than 14 million followers, but it has been a year since Khang has had to put aside the hobby because he is too busy.

The season of separation, less work and only at home, the designer (designer) born in 1990 has more time to focus on his project, which has been rekindled since the beginning of the year, titled Erection of scaffolding, describing a house. house under construction.

The original idea of ​​​​the work started with the scaffolding set, which Khang had sympathy for because he often came into contact when painting walls for works and was often seen on the road. Initially, he only planned to make scaffolding, but later expanded to a house under construction with bricks, sand, scaffolding, surrounding corrugated iron, and canvas.

The work was completed by Huynh Khang during the days of social distancing.  Photo: NVCC.
The work was completed by Huynh Khang during the days of social distancing. Photo: Character provided.

Khang said that this is the largest work, each dimension is about 55 cm and also consumes the most materials because the scaffolding set alone requires 80 small details. It took him two weeks to complete this work.

Because of his focus on perspective and aesthetics, the designer admitted that the work had “some absurdities”. However, it still carries great spiritual value during the epidemic season and conveys the author’s hope. “It describes the bustling daily life, which I and everyone want to return,” he expressed.

Feeling “missing something” because they could not meet regularly every week, photographer Phu Dao and his associates organized team building online. Phu said this was the idea of ​​​​Ha Chi, a member of the group, for everyone to connect with each other.

Scheduling is quite difficult because everyone’s schedule is different, but finally, last Sunday, the 26-year-old photographer and six associates were gathered via Zoom. For almost an hour, they played charades and talked. The rewards for the winners are practical relief items during the pandemic such as eggs, fruit and snacks.

Team building time is not long but it is enough to fill the gap of young people who are close to each other as a family. Currently, Phu’s team is scheduling the next online team-building session. They also plan to shoot a music video after the distance is over so that they can both have a table together and have a product to celebrate the unforgettable time. Follow vnexpress