Son Hao Beach – a paradise to ‘cool off’ summer days and live a beautiful virtual life

Along with Minh Chau, Son Hao beach is two famous beaches in Quan Lan island that attract tourists every summer. Traveling to Son Hao beach, you not only enjoy a relaxing bath but also have super beautiful virtual check-in corners.

Locating coordinates of Son Hao beach

Where is Son Hao Beach? Son Hao beach is located between Minh Chau and Quan Lan beaches , in Quang Ninh province . Son Hao is a famous beautiful beach on Quan Lan island, with a length of more than 3km with a clear blue sea and poetic beauty. The characteristic of Son Hao beach is the soaring casuarina groves and diverse vegetation. The special thing about Son Hao beach is that, if the sea level rises, the beach will be smaller and the coast is slightly steep. 
 Son Hao beach - whereSon Hao beach is located between Minh Chau and Quan Lan beaches

The best time to travel to Son Hao beach

The best time to explore Son Hao beach is autumn or summer, at this time the weather is cool and suitable for swimming and relaxing. It is best to go to Son Hao beach between April and June and from September to November. However, it should be noted that July – August is the rainy season so you should check the weather forecast. period before going.    
 Son Hao beach - timeSummer is the best time to go to Son Hao beach

How to get to Son Hao Beach? 

Experience going to Son Hao beach , to get to this beach you first need to move to Quan Lan island. From Hanoi to Van Don (Quang Ninh) more than 200km, you can take a bus or bus from My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen stations to Van Don junction. The total travel time is about 5 hours. After reaching Van Don port, you continue to take a coach, bus or taxi to Cai Rong port to catch the boat to the island. If you want to take the initiative to travel, you can travel by motorbike along the route QL5 to Bac Ninh -> Pha Lai -> Dong Trieu -> Uong Bi -> Ha Long. 

When you reach Cai Rong, you buy a speedboat ticket to move to Quan Lan island. Note, every day there are 2 trains departing at 8:15 am and 15:15 pm. Travel time by train is about 50 minutes. Train ticket price is 100,000 VND/time. You should also “note” the train schedule below to arrange the travel time accordingly:

– Afternoon run from Van Don – Quan Lan: Morning 8:15 and afternoon 15:15

– Running from Quan Lan – Van Don: 7:15 am and 14:15 pm

From Quan Lan island to Son Hao beach about 7.5km, you can rent a motorbike taxi or use the hotel’s electric car service to take you to your place. 
 Son Hao beach - moveHow to get to Son Hao Beach? 

Swimming, having fun and beautiful check-in at Son Hao beach Hà

What does Son Hao Quan Lan beach have ? Son Hao is famous for its unspoiled beauty and not much impact by humans, so the water is clear blue, the peaceful setting is ideal for relaxation. Let’s explore interesting experiences when visiting Son Hao beach below: 

Go to the beach

The first activity that attracts tourists when coming to Son Hao is swimming. With a long coastline, moderate slope and clear blue water, you will be immersed in the cool water of Son Hao beach. What could be better than in the hot summer days of the North, to relax with the fresh water and breathe in the fresh air from the sea to dispel all fatigue. 
 Son Hao beach - swimmingEnjoy a cool bath at Son Hao beach

Admire the unique Stone Circle

Da Tron Beach in Son Hao is famous for its large and small stones of all sizes, be it oval or round with a smooth surface. The special thing is, each stone has a colorful shape that attracts visitors to explore. People living on the island said that the rocky beach was formed by the impact of sea waves and became a tourist attraction in Son Hao. 
 Son Hao beach - Round rock beachCheck-in virtual living at Da Tron beach. Photo: phuothot

Watch the beautiful sunset 

After swimming, you can lie on the sand to relax, admire the immense sea or go for a walk. The moments of sunrise and sunset at Son Hao beach are extremely romantic. In the midst of the beautiful scenery of the immense sea and sky, you should not ignore the beautiful virtual living corners as a souvenir for the trip. When you come to Son Hao beach, you also have the opportunity to chat with the people here and listen to the mysterious legends about this island.
 Son Hao beach - sightseeingAdmire the beautiful scenery from Son Hao beach. Photo: cinvestratravel

Organize team building activities 

With the advantage of a wide beach and beautiful scenery, so if you go in a large group, you definitely cannot miss the extremely attractive teambuilding activities. In particular, in the evening you can organize camping, singing and fun activities on Son Hao beach all night and all morning.
 Son Hao beach - campingCamp by the beach and organize fun activities

Some notes when traveling to Son Hao beach

Traveling to Son Hao beach on Quan Lan island , you should also “pocket” some notes below:

– About accommodation: The beach area has a system of houses on stilts, forest villas, and bungalows to serve the needs of tourists. Room price fluctuates 350,000 VND / night, you should contact in advance to book a room. 

– Dining: You will enjoy a lot of fresh seafood dishes at Son Hao beach, which are caught by the people here. In which, there are sa worms, urchins, cockles, surface, sea cucumbers, jellyfish salads… The food is prepared fresh, the menu is diverse and the prices are quite reasonable. If you rent a room with a cooking service, you can go to the market early in the morning to show off your talents, both delicious and cheap.

– Prepare personal belongings: Should bring necessary items such as waterproof bag, sunscreen, camera, bathing suit, …  

That’s the whole experience of going to Son Hao beach: Time, travel, swimming and eating . Hopefully, will provide you with the most useful information when visiting this beautiful beach. You should also refer to the detailed Quan Lan travel experience to have a trip with many experiences.

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