The beautiful roads in Vung Tau seem like in the pictures

Vung Tau not only has pearl-like green beaches on the white sand and golden sunshine or delicious snacks that captivate people’s hearts but also has beautiful Korean-like streets that captivate people’s hearts.

Top 5 beautiful roads in Vung Tau not coming is a waste of youth

1. Road of dry trees in alley 444 Tran Phu

The first beautiful road in Vung Tau that you cannot ignore is the dry tree road in alley 444 Tran Phu, impressing with its wild and pure beauty because one side is steep cliffs and the other is the mountainous area. The sea is large, cool, and windy.It looks like a dry tree - the beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like it's in a pictureThe scene is very poetic (Photo @uyentran.287)

Most especially, the two sides of the road are surrounded by two straight rows of trees like majestic musketeers who are guarding the peace of the road day and night. When spring comes, the tree blooms as brilliantly pink as cherries, in summer it turns green and gives shade a whole way, until autumn the leaves turn yellow, making this place become a romantic place. as romantic as the roads in faraway Korea, and when winter comes, the thin branches create a wild and strangely attractive scene. So, at any time, this place will welcome you with alluring beauty.Alley 444 Tran Phu - The beautiful street in Vung Tau looks like a picture Flowers bloom as beautiful as cherry blossoms (Photo @mimi_misii)

Revealed, this is also considered the virtual virtual alley of Vung Tau that “was up” the virtual living community for a while, so it is guaranteed to give you an extremely “expensive” photo that will flutter the hearts of viewers. and is also the best place for you to enjoy the poetic and charming beauty of the coastal city under the beautiful sunset.dry tree road - beautiful road in Vung Tau feels like KoreaThousands of likes (Photo @huyennn_huyenn)

2. The confetti road

It would be remiss if the list of beautiful roads in Vung Tau did not have the pink bougainvillea in the sun located in Binh An Village. Although only 100m long, because every house gate is filled with confetti, the canopy spreads out to the street and climbs the wall, so when we pass through this place, we feel like we are lost in a fairy tale world.Bougainvillea - a beautiful street in Vung Tau that looks like a pictureThe confetti is as red as fire (Photo @nganthai1410)

In particular, the bougainvillea here not only has a characteristic purple-pink color, but also has brilliant red, white, and orange colors combined with the fresh green of the leaves and the pure white of the walls to form a beautiful and beautiful landscape. Beautiful background attracts many young people to live virtual.Binh An confetti street - a beautiful street in Vung Tau that looks like a pictureFlowers cover the wall (Photo @pio_tran)

Although now, if anyone takes good care of them, confetti can bloom all year round, but bloom evenly and bloom, especially around April and May, the whole street lights up like it wants to overwhelm the summer sun, making everyone irresistible. So, remember to buy flowing white dresses to save wonderful moments on this beautiful street in Vung Tau .Bougainvillea - a beautiful street in Vung Tau that looks like a pictureWear a white dress to take pictures, you’ll be beautiful (Photo @i___demi)

3. Porcelain flower sugar

Referring to the beautiful roads in Vung Tau , it is definitely impossible to ignore the porcelain flower street in Bach Dinh . On the occasion of March and April, when you come here, you will be immersed in the pristine, dreamy scenery of blooming porcelain trees on both sides of the road. Hoa Su Street - a beautiful street in Vung Tau that looks like a picturePorcelain flowers bloom white (Photo @thao.smile168)

Even, it is not necessary to bloom just the slender branches to create all their positions, it is enough to make you admire and be surprised. Guaranteed, when you walk on this road, you will feel like you are lost in a fairyland.Bach Dinh porcelain flower street - a beautiful street in Vung Tau that looks like a pictureEven though the flowers are not blooming, they still smoke as usual (Photo @binh_binf)

4. The way to the Lighthouse

Another famous beautiful road in Vung Tau that most people who come to the beautiful coastal city cannot ignore is the road leading to Vung Tau Lighthouse . This stretch of road captivates visitors with the cotton trees in full bloom blowing white cotton in the sky around April-May, when the wind blows and makes the cotton fly fly like snow, making us feel like It’s winter in a cold country.Cotton Road - The beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like it's in a pictureCotton wool blooms as white as snow (Photo @belllinh.tran)

When you come here around May and June, you will be captivated by the red phoenix trees that light up the whole way, combined with the clear blue sky to form an attractive youthful picture. .The way to the lighthouse - the beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like a pictureThe blooming phoenix flowers make people’s hearts captivated (Photo @h.thuhang)

In particular, when coming to this beautiful road in Vung Tau , you do not need to hesitate to find a good angle, because any place will be an extremely ideal background for you to take real virtual live photos, even Even just sitting on the street where the cotton balls fall white, you can look like a muse.Cotton road to the lighthouse - the beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like a pictureLook like a muse (Photo @wehomedalat)

5. Coastal road

The ‘specialty’ of Vung Tau is the poetic blue beaches, so the coastal roads are also considered the most attractive roads in Vung Tau . Each beach road in Vung Tau has its own beauty, but the most checked-in is probably the bend on the way to Long Hai beach. Coastal road - The beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like a picturebeautiful coastal road (Photo @gauu__)

This bend is very short, but the scenery is extremely beautiful with soft winding curves, next to the rocky beach with many strange shapes reaching out to the sea, which looks extremely attractive. Here, just wear a cool, dusty face and watch the best time to take pictures is around 9, 10 am or 17 pm when sunset is sure to buy a lot of items. That’s a great picture.Long Hai coastal road - The beautiful road in Vung Tau looks like a picturetake great photos (Photo @kim_chon87)

The crowded and cramped beaches make it impossible for you to find a beautiful corner to take pictures, so go to the beautiful streets in Vung Tau above to live “tired hands”.

Photo: Internet