The rooftop of Thu Thiem Tunnel – a super beautiful place to play, admire and live virtual in Saigon

Although Saigon has many places to play, the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel has always become an attractive destination for young people to enjoy the fresh air, admire the beautiful scenery of the whole city, and own great photos. So do you know where the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel is and what to discover?

Locating the coordinates of the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel justy

Where is the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon? Also known as Thu Thiem Park or Saigon River Tunnel, located on East-West Boulevard between District 1 and District 2. With such a unique location, this place is called Thu Thiem Tunnel. important traffic process in the Saigon area and neighboring provinces. 

The entire length of the tunnel is 1,490m, with all 371m of the tunnel including 6 moving traffic lanes. In addition, Thu Thiem Tunnel is also equipped with an alarm system and loudspeakers whenever an incident occurs. Previously, Thu Thiem Tunnel was a pretty wild place and not many people knew about it. However, since the park was built with many trees and is located next to the Saigon River, it has a beautiful view, so it has become a destination to attract tourists to visit and have fun. 
roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel - where is Saigon?Admire the beauty of the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel

How to move to the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel?

You have a lot of choices about the way to the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel in Saigon , including the main directions such as: 

– Moving from the direction of Cat Lai port: You need to go in the direction of Le Phung Hieu street to Nguyen Thi Dinh street. After that, continue to move to Dong Van Cong Street -> Mai Chi Tho -> will reach Thu Thiem Tunnel. 

– Direction from District 1: Follow the direction of Nguyen Hue Street -> Vo Van Kiet -> go straight along Vo Van Kiet Street to reach Thu Thiem Tunnel.

– Go in the direction of District 2: If you go from District 2, you need to move to Mai Chi Tho Street and go to the end to see Thu Thiem Tunnel.

– Direction to District 9 or Thu Duc: The road moves from Hanoi highway -> turn left to Cat Lai junction -> Thu Thiem new road -> go straight to Thu Thiem Tunnel.

Experience going to Thu Thiem Tunnel, these are all major routes that are quite convenient and easy to move. However, if you are not familiar with some detours, you can look up google maps or ask people here. 

When you reach Thu Thiem Tunnel, you need to continue moving in the following direction to reach the roof of the tunnel: Mai Chi Tho Street -> go straight to the crossroads, turn left and turn back -> go straight in the right direction. reach the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel .
roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel - how to moveHow to get to the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel?

Interesting experience when exploring the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel

What’s on the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel ? Enjoying the cool breeze by the riverside, taking virtual photos, watching romantic sunsets, enjoying snacks… These are interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to Thu Thiem Tunnel. 

Check-in to live virtual quality

Perhaps the most attractive thing for young people when coming to Thu Thiem Tunnel is taking virtual pictures. From the top of the Thu Thiem Tunnel, you will admire the beautiful scenery of the whole city. In particular, do not forget to live virtual with the best photos here with the view from the bridge towards the river. You can go to Thu Thiem Tunnel at any time, but sunrise and sunset are the best moments to live virtual. 
Thu Thiem Tunnel roof - beautiful virtual lifeCheck-in quality virtual living at Thu Thiem Tunnel. Photo: justy

Enjoy the romantic night view by the river 

Thu Thiem Tunnel is the ideal destination to cool off and enjoy the romantic night view in the middle of a noisy and bustling Saigon. You will be immersed in the peaceful scenery, located next to the cool Saigon River and feel the rhythm of the vibrant city life. You can take a walk along the riverside in the tunnel area or enjoy a lemon tea with a beautiful view ahead. 
roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel - sightseeingEnjoy the romantic night view by the river 

Watch the romantic sunset on the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel

Exploring the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel, you cannot miss the moment of watching the beautiful romantic sunset. Standing from the roof of the tunnel, you will admire the shimmering city scene in the lights, in the distance is the banks of the Saigon River looming with yachts. In particular, you will feel the transition between light and dark shown in a corner of the sky. When the sun sets, you will be able to see the bustling streets and shimmering, fanciful lights. 
Thu Thiem Tunnel roof - watch the sunsetAdmire the romantic sunset in Thu Thiem Tunnel. Photo: justy

Admire the tallest building in the city

You can not only see the hustle and bustle of the people passing by from the Thu Thiem Tunnel but also admire the tallest building in Saigon. Bitexco is considered a new symbol of Saigon tourism, from Thu Thiem Tunnel you can sip snacks and admire this famous building. 
roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel - Bitexco buildingSee the tallest Bitexco building in the city

Discover culinary paradise at the roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel

After enjoying the beautiful scenery, it’s time for you to recharge with lots of delicious snacks at Thu Thiem Tunnel such as:

– Seven-color pho roll: Enjoying the colorful noodle roll is not only beautiful, but the filling is full of eggs, vegetables, meat, spring rolls, cucumbers. Served with sweet and sour dipping sauce to feel the cool and delicious taste mixed together.

– Stir-fried quail eggs with tamarind: Sweet and sour sauce, spicy and smooth, covers quail eggs the more you eat, the more you crave. The price of a bowl of fried quail eggs with tamarind in the Thu Thiem Tunnel is about 40,000 VND.

– Grilled meat skewers: Grilled meat skewers are golden, the aroma is hard to resist. In addition, there are grilled sausages, sour rolls, fish skewers, vegetable skewers…

In addition, there are many other attractive snacks that you should not miss such as: Mixed rice paper, pancakes, fresh cream, tea… 
roof of Thu Thiem Tunnel - snacksEnjoy a variety of delicious snacks

Thu Thiem Rooftop is truly a paradise of entertainment, virtual living, and leading culinary discovery in Saigon that you should not miss. Besides, you can refer to Saigon travel experiences for useful information for your upcoming trip. 

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