Visit A ​​Nor waterfall, a beautiful tourist destination in the highlands of A Luoi

Anyone who has been to A Luoi once must have heard the saying “If you have not visited A Nor waterfall, you have not been to A Luoi”…

A Luoi highland district, Thua Thien Hue province is blessed with many beautiful landscapes such as A Roang primeval forest, A Nor waterfall, A-Lin stream, Par Le stream…

Away from the noisy city, coming here, visitors are immersed in the vast space of the Truong Son mountains, delight in soaking in the cool water of the streams, watching the waterfalls of white foam flowing down. from a height of hundreds of meters.

A No Waterfall, Hong Kim Commune, A Luoi District is an attractive destination in the tour.

From the center of A Luoi town, follow the Ho Chi Minh trail about 2 km to the North, then turn right, walk a green forest road, you will come to A Nor waterfall tourist area in Hong Kim commune. Hundreds of meters away, we can already feel the majesty of A Nor waterfall through the sound of the waterfall.

Getting closer, A Nor appears with 3 waterfalls at 3 different heights, of which, the highest waterfall is more than 120 meters. Three waterfalls are hidden in the middle of thousands of thousands of white foam, falling down, stretching like the hair of a Pa Co girl.

At the foot of the waterfall is a rather large lake for you to enjoy swimming, soaking in the cool water, having fun with relatives and friends, and listening to the birds chirping in the forest trees. Fatigue and sadness in daily life will gradually melt away with the waterfall, a feeling of relaxation and lightness will come to you.

“My family came to visit A ​​Luoi, bathed in A Nor waterfall, the water is cool, the waterfall is poetic. Come here, we can also enjoy the traditional dishes of the ethnic people. I feel very good. Interestingly, the trip has left many memories for my family. If I have the opportunity to come to A Luoi again, I will bring my family back to swim at A Nor waterfall”, Mr. Pham Minh Vui in the town. Ba Don commune, Quang Binh province shared.

A Nor is not only beautiful and gentle like a young woman in the highlands, but A Nor also has the majestic, majestic and solid appearance of a Pa Co boy. Around the waterfall, white forest flowers are mixed in the green vegetation. Somewhere on the craggy cliffs, are azaleas glowing red in the morning sun.

After bathing in the waterfall and admiring the beautiful natural scenery, you must feel hungry. At this time, you can rent a stall of the community tourism group to rest and enjoy the traditional dishes of the Ta Oi and Pa Co people.

“We have prepared ingredients to prepare traditional dishes for tourists. We have charcoal sticky rice, grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled meat, A Quat cake, wild vegetables, and wine. When you go on a tour, you can order food first, and retail customers can choose later. If customers bring their own food and want to drink at the stall, we rent out a kitchen for guests to bake,” said Ms. Ho Thi Lan, a member of the community tourism team. village A Tia said.

Along with food, the traditional culture of ethnic minorities in A Luoi also has many unique features. If you want to learn about the customs, practices, and festivals of the people, you should go to Viet Tien village, located at the entrance of the tourist area to enjoy the melodies of cha chac, k’loi, and listen to the sound of gongs and drums. of Ta Oi and Pa Co boys and girls.

Here, the village elders, reputable people in the Hong Kim commune will tell you about the history of heroic struggle and cultural identity of the A Luoi highland people. You will know more that, in addition to the charming landscape, this place is also the “land of steel”, the revolutionary base of the Tri Thien Party Committee during the resistance war against the US, saving the country.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung, Chairman of A Luoi District People’s Committee, said that in order to attract tourists to A Nor waterfall, over the years, the district has taken advantage of many sources of investment capital to build roads and pull electricity into the tourist area. The district also has many policies to encourage people to participate in tourism to increase their income.

“In the short term, when there is no investor, the district has established a cooperation group to exploit this tourist destination. We also develop a plan and continue to call investors to complete the infrastructure for this tourist destination. Tourist area For people participating in tourism, the district has initial funding support, and at the same time organizes training and guides people on how to do tourism. We are also strengthening promotion and advertising. attract domestic and foreign tourists to eco-tourism sites in general and A Nor waterfall in particular,” said Hung.

In addition to A Nor and A Luoi waterfalls, there are many other attractive eco-tourism sites such as A-Lin stream, Par Le stream, A Roang mineral spring… Come to A Luoi upland district, Thua Thien Hue province to be immersed in the beauty of nature immense space of Truong Son mountains, enjoy the cool climate and enjoy a dip in the clear blue streams. Follow VOV