Muong Long travel to visit the peaceful land in the highlands of Nghe An

Muong Long, which is known as the Sapa of Nghe An, is a favorite stop for backpackers. Coming here, visitors can not only immerse themselves in the beautiful natural scenery, among the floating clouds but also have the opportunity to learn about the cultural beauties of the indigenous people. If you are planning to come here, do not miss this Muong Long travel information and experiences.

A brief introduction about Muong Long tourist destination

Muong Long is a highland commune, located in Ky Son district, Nghe An, is a large land with an area of ​​up to 142.30km2. According to statistics, the population here is about 4,800 people and are mainly Mong ethnic people, scattered in small villages, only a few Kinh people live in the area. central version. Muong Long is located in the central region affected by the Laotian rains, but fortunately surrounded and shielded by majestic high mountains, the natural space here is always cool, the temperature is average. only about below the threshold of 25 degrees Celsius. This also creates convenience for visitors to explore the natural beauty of Muong Long.Sharing travel experiences in Muong Long Nghe AnDiscover the natural beauty of Muong Long

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Time to travel to Muong Long

When should you travel to Muong Long?  In fact, coming to Muong Long you can come anytime. Because Muong Long is favored by nature for rich and diverse vegetation, each season will see the typical beauty of that season. However, if you want to discover more about the cultural beauty of the indigenous people here, you can consider the 15th and 29th day of the lunar month, in Muong Long, many exciting markets take place. You can come to shop and learn about the interesting customs and cultural beauty of the indigenous people.

What’s interesting in Muong Long tourism?

The natural beauty of Muong Long

Perhaps this is something that many visitors are interested in? Compared to famous tourist attractions in Nghe An such as: Cua Lo, Thanh Chuong tea hill, Pu Mat national park, etc., Muong Long is still quite new. Perhaps because this Muong Long tourist destination is located quite far from the city center, as well as has not developed tourism services, it is known by few people. But recently, Muong Long is a name that is interested a lot, because of its wild and poetic natural beauty, it is an ideal spot for those who love to explore. Although the mountains in Muong Long are high and dangerous, it does not stop the footsteps of backpackers. Many people also believe that it is the difficulty and challenge that attracts the backpackers who want to conquer Muong Long.Muong Long tourism with interesting experiencesSee the romantic landscape of Muong Long

When you come here, the first thing you feel is the fresh and peaceful space. Many people also compare Muong Long to the beauty of Sapa, others say that this mountainous region has the climate of Da Lat. But those compliments or praises are only relative because Muong Long is not a copy of anywhere, but just has some similarities in climate. What's interesting in Muong Long tourism?Enjoy the peaceful space of Muong Long

On the way to  Muong Long travel, visitors will have to go through Muong Xen, to reach the heaven gate area and this is also the goal that all visitors want to come. The winding trails, the rows of tall old trees, the fresh flower gardens are racing to bloom, … all on the way. There will be nothing more wonderful than when you just walk in the green forest, integrate your soul into nature, enjoy the fresh air, … gives us indescribable emotions.Heaven's Gate - Muong Long tourist destinationCheck-in at Muong Long heaven gate

Check-in to take pictures with nature

The space of vast forests, blended with flowers and grass along the road, paints a beautiful picture of nature. You can stop, find yourself a beautiful corner to take pictures, live virtual as a souvenir and that is also an indispensable thing in the  Muong Long Nghe An travel itinerary . In particular, flowers and grass here bloom all year round, because of the rich vegetation, each season will have its characteristic flower colors, so it’s okay to come here at any time. Interesting experiences when traveling to Muong LongVirtual living with nature in Muong Long

Hunting clouds on Muong Long sky gate

You don’t have to go to the far northwest to hunt for clouds, but you can do this right on Muong Long heaven gate. With an altitude of more than 1,500m above sea level, arriving at the sky gate early in the morning, you will be amazed by the sea of ​​clouds floating. Especially in the early morning, when the sun has not yet risen, clouds fly around, giving the feeling of being in a fairyland.Hunting clouds - Great experience when traveling to Muong LongExperience hunting clouds in Muong Long

The beauty of clouds in the mountains, white in an area, surrounded by deep green forests, creates more vividness for the natural picture. Therefore, when you come to Muong Long, try to wake up a little early to get the full Muong Long cloud hunting experience  .

In addition to these fascinating experiences, you can also participate in other interesting activities such as picnicking, camping on Muong Long, mountain climbing, learning about the cultural life of the villages,…Interesting activities when traveling to Muong LongCamping in Muong Long

Although Muong Long is a new tourist destination on the map of Nghe An, it has quickly won the trust of many tourists. And if you are here, hope that the information about this Muong Long tourist destination will partly help you to have the safest and most fun trip!

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