Regret all youth if you don’t check in to Ngoc Thuy Hanoi reed grass

The vast green grass border at Ngoc Thuy reed dyke in Hanoi is making young people “fever” because the scene here is identical to the scenes of infamous Japanese dramas. This is also the coordinate that has been hotly discussed by the Hanoi tourism community in recent times. 

About Ngoc Thuy reed dyke Hanoi 

Recently, Ha Thanh’s young people invited each other to “check-in” at a beautiful place just like the comic book of the country of cherry blossoms. This place is famous for its green, poetic, and charming scenery like a small fairy corner in Japan. Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike Hanoi is a dyke covered with green grass and steps that make many virtual believers go crazy because the picture is so beautiful. Introduction about Ngoc Thuy reed dyke Green grass border at Ngoc Thuy dike. Photo: Hien Mai

At Ngoc Thuy dike, there are vast, green grass slopes stretching across a large space. It’s just an ordinary dike covered with grass and steps, but that’s enough for a photo background or an ideal stroll, refreshing the soul. Introduction about Ngoc Thuy reed dyke The image is exactly the same as in the Japanese manga. Photo: @_im.rot_

Move to Ngoc Thuy reed dyke, Hanoi 

To get to Hanoi Ngoc Thuy reed dyke , you will have to move through Chuong Duong bridge, right at the foot of the bridge, there is a small road to turn to Ngoc Thuy dike. Go straight inside for about 500m and you will discover picturesque grass slopes. Move to Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike The way to get here is quite easy to find

Beauty like Japan at Ngoc Thuy reed dyke 

With a length of 4km, Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike has green grass on both sides. In the middle of the dyke, a concrete staircase is built to serve the needs of traveling and moving. Not only has the advantage of a fresh natural landscape, but even the lampposts are very poetic when on the picture. Following the bumpy roads to reach the grassy slopes here, you feel like you are lost in a true fairy tale world. The poetic beauty of Ngoc Thuy reed dyke A concrete staircase was built in the middle of a grassy field. Photo: @_im.rot_

There are people who pass by this idyllic dyke, glimpse the vast grasslands leaning in the wind, and quickly stop the car, take a look and take a few pictures as a souvenir. Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike Hanoi It’s just an idyllic grassy slope, but it’s so cute on the picture. Photo: Hien Mai

The peaceful and clear Ngoc Thuy reed grass dyke scene makes many people think of the landscape of a peaceful village in Japan: green grass slopes, clear blue sky, stairs, lampposts standing still. The picture here is so peaceful and sweet amidst the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Ngoc Thuy reed grass dyke tourism The clear space makes everyone wonder. Photo: @_im.rot_

On hot summer days in Hanoi like this, it is so wonderful to go to such a peaceful place and immerse yourself in the green nature. Just walking along the dyke or bouncing around and jumping on the steps will make you feel more relaxed. In the cool afternoons, come here to sit and enjoy the wind, stand on the embankment with a view of the vast space, so much trouble will disappear. Landscape at Ngoc Thuy reed dyke The light poles make the highlight for the lawn

Each season of the year, Ngoc Thuy reed grass in Hanoi brings its own poetic beauty. If autumn is the white color of the reeds, summer is the green color of the grassy slopes. From that point of view, Hanoi is no longer smoky and chaotic, but only a romantic and poetic beauty that makes residents entangled, people far away are nostalgic. Reed flower season at Ngoc Thuy reed dyke Ngoc Thuy embankment in reed season

Note when coming to Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike 

  • Although the weather in Hanoi in the summer is hot, but the sky is quite clear, very suitable for checking in. According to Hanoi travel experience , you should come here at 7-8 am or after 17 pm. Then the air will be cooler. 
  • When you come here, please pay attention to the parking space because there is no parking place and no valet, so you have to take care of your property. 
  • When visiting Ngoc Thuy reed dyke, visitors should not litter indiscriminately, which will pollute the beautiful natural landscape. 
  • On the side of the dyke, there are still residential areas and crowded roads. So don’t make too much noise. 
  • Due to the pure and gentle Japanese style, if you want to have a sparkling virtual photo, you can choose sweet and simple outfits. 

Note when coming to Ngoc Thuy reed grass dike Choose some sweet outfits. Photo: Hien Mai

With a background like that, why don’t we set up a team to go to Ngoc Thuy Hanoi to live virtual? The view is so beautiful and sparkling, but it’s too expensive to not come to check-in. Just a lovely set of clothes, drop a little more, and you will have a million-like photo right away. 

Photo: Hien Mai + Bui Ngoc Cong + Internet