Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area – No. 1 resort and entertainment paradise in Saigon

Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area is an attractive destination for tourists in Saigon with a luxurious resort space and many attractive entertainment activities. Let’s discover what this famous eco-zone in Hoc Mon has to offer.

Where is Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area in Saigon?

Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area is located at 1/4 C, Dang Thuc Vinh, Hamlet 3, Dong Thanh Commune, Hoc Mon, HCMC. With an area of ​​​​up to 2.4 hectares, Villa H2O is a destination that attracts families to relax, have fun and discover food. In addition, this eco-zone is also chosen by many companies to organize teambuilding activities, meetings, or parties. Villa H2O features a cool natural setting and fresh climate, ideal for “escape” from noisy and bustling Saigon. The opening time of the eco-zone is from 6:30 to 21:30 on all days of the week, including the Tet holidays. 
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - where?Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon is an attractive destination in Saigon

How to get to Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area?   

Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area is about 12.2km from the center of Saigon. To get to this eco-zone, you first need to move to Saigon. Then, follow the direction of Nguyen Van Qua and Le Van Khuong streets for about 24 minutes. Or you can travel along Le Van Khuong or Nguyen Anh Thu streets for about 30 minutes to reach Villa H2O. 

Experience going to the H2O Hoc Mon eco-zone, in addition, you can also refer to how to move from some famous places to get here such as:

– From Metro Hiep Phu: You move in the Southeast direction -> turn right towards Le Van Khuong -> continue 26m turn left on Le Van Khuong street -> turn right on Dang Thuc Vinh to reach Villa H2O.

– Phu Cuong Bridge: Follow the direction of Rach Tra bridge on Provincial Road 9 about 6km to reach the ecological area. 

– Depart from Hoc Mon market: Move along Dang Thuc Vinh road -> Chua junction about 6km to arrive.

– Metro Hiep Phu Supermarket: In the direction of Le Van Khuong Street, District 12, about 5.5km. 
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - how to get thereHow to get to Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area?   

Discover Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon 

What does Villa H2O Hoc Mon Saigon have ? Coming to Villa H2O, visitors will be immersed in the fresh natural scenery, away from all the noise of the city. If you are looking for a resort close to nature, Villa H2O is the perfect destination. The ecological zone is built in the form of resort and ecology, bringing many interesting experiences for visitors.   
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - sightseeingBeautiful and peaceful natural scenery at Villa H2O

Discovering Villa H2O Hoc Mon, you will be reminded of the familiar images of the Southern countryside such as: water fountains, coconut shells, creaking hammocks, ox carts, etc. All appear both close and friendly. Love brings you back to the idyllic old memory area and temporarily forget about the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - beautiful natureThe cool tree-lined road at Villa H2O

Coming to Villa H2O Hoc Mon eco-area, you can not only immerse yourself in relaxing natural scenery, but also enjoy entertainment. Relax in the cool lake to dispel all fatigue or relax with a lot of entertainment such as volleyball, fishing, tennis, sightseeing river cruise, swimming, karaoke…
Ecological area Villa H2O Hoc Mon - quiet settingThe bridge over the restaurant at Villa H2O

In addition, when you come to Villa H2O, you can relax with melodious music and admire the beautiful romantic lake. At Villa H2O, there are many garden cafes, ideal for visitors to sip coffee and enjoy the view. 
Villa H2O Hoc Mon eco-area - green treesCool and fresh natural garden
Villa H2O Hoc Mon Ecological Area - swimming poolLarge swimming pool to relax

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Food service at Villa H2O . eco-zone

What to eat when coming to Villa H2O Hoc Mon eco-area ? The tourist area has Nha Xua restaurant, designed with Thuy Ta restaurant and ancient house with the location between the aquarium, swimming pool and waterfall ideal for enjoying delicious meals. The restaurant has a large space and can accommodate up to 300 people. Coming to Nha Xua restaurant, you can comfortably organize birthday parties, weddings, festivals, customer conferences or outdoor parties… Next to the restaurant is the Great Hall area with a view overlooking the romantic swimming pool, suitable for you. to organize meetings. 
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - restaurantRestaurants at Villa H2O

The restaurant’s menu with many regional specialties, international dishes is served according to the buffet. In addition, the ecological area’s restaurant has private dishes on request and VIP rooms. Depending on the taste of each visitor, you should choose the appropriate culinary area. If you plan to book a table for a large group, you need to contact in advance for the fastest service. 

Where to stay at Villa H2O Hoc Mon eco-tourism area?

If you want to stay overnight at Villa H2O, you can choose a guesthouse built in the Bungalow style. All rooms at the eco-zone have a view of the lake and fresh green space, ideal for relaxation. Rooms at the eco-zone are fully equipped with amenities, serving the needs of visitors in the most perfect way. Room rates range from 400,000 VND – 1,200,000 VND/depending on the type. Note, if you plan to book a room during the Tet holiday, you should actively contact early to get the best price and not worry about running out of rooms. 
Villa H2O Ecological Area Hoc Mon - where to staySelection of bungalows in Villa H2O

Above is the whole experience of going to the Villa H2O Hoc Mon eco-area to play and explore. Hope to provide you with the most useful and necessary information when planning to visit this eco-zone in the near future. In addition, you can also refer to the full and detailed Saigon travel experience . 

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