Experience of discovering Luong Stream Da Nang from A – Z

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, walk your feet to the suburbs, reach out to touch the fresh air, close your eyes and enjoy the freshness of the plants. The space in Luong Stream Da Nang at that time suddenly seemed closed, small, and hidden in the glittering eyes of the traveler. The resort is hidden in the middle of the mountains, nestled into the cliff at the foot of the pass, blending with the murmuring sound like a gentle, endless ballad that makes visitors forget the way back every time they arrive.

About Luong Stream Da Nang 

About 15km from the center of Da Nang city to the northwest, in Hoa Hiep Bac Ward, Lien Chieu District, City. Danang. Luong Stream Da Nang tourist area is hidden at the foot of Hai Van pass with a clear and cool space all year round. For those who like to enjoy the scenery of the mountains, trees, and flowers, this is a great destination. The wild and simple beauty of the Luong stream will surely capture the hearts of many tourists when they arrive. About Luong Stream Da Nang Luong Stream Da Nang About Luong Stream Da Nang (Photo: velvet.0604)

How to move to Luong Stream Da Nang?

According to Da Nang travel experience , you can ride a motorbike to travel to Luong Stream. Taking the starting point starting from the center of Da Nang city, you just run along Dien Bien Phu road, go through the overpass at the Hue junction, you will reach Nguyen Luong Bang Street. Continue driving to the road leading to Hai Van pass, then turn left. Continue to move about 3km to reach the tourist area. Move to Suoi Luong Da Nang You can go by motorbike 

The beauty of Luong Suoi Da Nang 

Luong Suoi Da Nang is currently a favorite destination of many tourists. Here, the first image that you will see is the symbol of a hundred eggs of Au Co’s mother and the very impressive Lac bird. Inside, you will be delighted by the central restaurant areas designed in the unique Cham architectural style. Besides, there are quite strange living items bearing many Champa imprints. In addition, space here is extremely pure Vietnamese, recreated by the stilt houses of ethnic minorities such as: Nung, Muong, Tay, K’tu,… The beauty of Luong Stream Da NangThe wild beauty of the tourist area 

Moving to the center of the Luong Stream tourist area, visitors will be extremely surprised by the wild beauty of the stream here. The water flows gently at the foot of Hai Van Pass. Not only that, you can also immerse yourself in the green space of the mountains, along with the sound of birds chirping, the sound of rushing water. All of these things make this place strangely peaceful and lyrical. The beauty of Luong Stream Da Nang(Photo: tieuthuhoagiay)

Fascinating experiences when coming to Luong Stream Da Nang 

In addition to relaxing in the stream, at Luong Stream Da Nang , there are many interesting and entertaining activities. You can go for a walk, relax, fish or watch a movie at the central cinema. More specifically, Luong Stream is also a suitable place to organize teambuilding activities or register for a climbing tour to conquer Hai Van pass . Bathing in streams at Luong Stream Da Nang (Photo: katrinakiritharan)Check in Suoi Luong Da Nang Relax by the stream 

Where to stay when coming to Luong Stream Da Nang?

Luong Stream tourist area is a great place for weekend getaways, so tourists can stay here. The hotel system from budget to high-class, the villa area has it all for you to enjoy a complete vacation with family and friends. There is also a row of houses on stilts to serve the needs of large crowds. Where to go when coming to Suoi Luong Da Nang? There is a system of hotels from budget to high-class 

What to eat when coming to Luong Stream Da Nang?

During your trip to Luong Stream, you must have felt hungry at times and needed a break to eat and drink. So the first option that you can choose is to prepare your own food and bring it to the resort. The second option is to enjoy the cuisine at the restaurant on the resort’s premises. If you don’t know which restaurant to choose, go to the ancient villa, which has full facilities and delicious food quality suitable for many audiences. Besides, you have another option to go to Champa restaurant. What to eat when coming to Suoi Luong Da Nang BBQ Chicken

Cho Que food court is also a place chosen by many tourists. When you come here, you have the opportunity to enjoy many traditional dishes of the Central people such as Quang noodles, molded cakes, vermicelli, nam cakes, beo cakes, filter cakes, … What to eat when coming to Suoi Luong Da Nang Que market food court

Ticket price to visit Luong Suoi Da Nang

Adults: 50k/ticket/pax (including insurance and free parking)

Children (from 6 to 12 years old, height from 1m – 1m3): 20k/ticket/pax 

Overnight parking ticket: 5k/ticket (car from 30k/car – 50k/car)

Note: Children under 1m tall will have free admission. Ticket price to visit Luong Suoi Da Nang The ticket price here is not too expensive

Note when coming to Luong Stream tourist area in Da Nang 

To have a safe, fun and complete trip in Luong Stream Da Nang , you should pocket some of the following notes: 

Prepare necessary items such as power banks, bathing suits, cameras, towels, … 

You should not bring a grill or box speaker because the surcharge cost is quite high. Notes when coming to Luong Suoi Da Nang Bring some extra supplies!

Do not hesitate any longer without traveling to Da Nang  right this summer to discover the enchanting tourist area of Luong Stream . 

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