Lang Son tourism visit Nong Luc Bac Son communal house more than 100 years old with unique stilt house architecture

Bac Son tourism not only attracts tourists with beautiful scenery but also has famous historical sites. In which, the Nong Luc Bac Son communal house is famous for its unique architecture and is associated with the historical story of the nation. 

Address of Nong Luc Bac Son Communal House 

Where is Nong Luc Bac Son Communal House? Nong Luc communal house is located in Hung Vu commune, Bac Son district, about 90km from the city center. This is an ancient communal house in Lang Son that was ranked as a national historical relic in 1962. Nong Luc communal house attracts tourists every time they come to Lang with unique architecture and is considered a “red address” in Lang Paint. 
Bac Son Nong Luc family - where?Nong Luc Bac Son Communal House is a tourist attraction

Nong Luc communal house is about 87km from Lang Son center, to reach this place you need to move to Lang Son. Depending on the departure location, you should choose the appropriate means of transport. From Hanoi, you can take a bus from My Dinh, Gia Lam, Luong Yen bus stations or take a motorbike to Lang Son. From Lang Son center, you follow the National Highway 1B for about 2 hours to reach Nong Luc communal house.
Bac Son Nong Luc family - travelHow to move to Nong Luc Bac Son communal house

Admire the unique architecture of Nong Luc communal house

The highlight of Nong Luc Bac Son communal house is the unique combination between the architecture of the stilt houses of the Tay people and the Northern Delta. The communal house was built in 1924 under the Nguyen Dynasty, located on the top of a hill with more than 100 years old. When it comes to communal houses, they are often associated with images of communal houses, banyan trees, and wells. But coming to Nong Luc communal house, visitors will have a completely different experience. It is a harmonious combination between the stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group and the traditional Northern Delta. In front of the communal house, there are 2 big banyan trees at the entrance, surrounded by green grass. The entire construction area of ​​the Nong Luc communal house is 180m2. 
Bac Son Nong Luc family - architectureOutside view of Nong Luc communal house

In the grassy area of ​​Nong Luc communal house, there are signposts to help visitors easily understand the way around when visiting. The floor of Nong Luc communal house is made from wooden planks, 0.7m high, and is enclosed around it. This is the place to worship the village’s royal citadel who has had merit in governing and helping the people in Cao Son village. 
Nong Luc Bac Son family - unique architectureAdmire the unique architecture of Nong Luc communal house

If the communal house architecture is typical with the curved roof, the Nong Luc Bac Son communal house was built with the yin and yang tile roofs of the Tay people. This type of tile helps to drain well, ventilate and has plenty of air space. The base of the communal house is made from soil typical of the Tay culture but has the architecture of the Northern Delta. The main area of ​​the communal house is north of the ladder to facilitate movement. 
Bac Son Nong Luc family - visitInside of Nong Luc communal house relic

Nong Luc communal house was built from 6 rows of porch columns, 1 row of military columns, and 2 rows of female columns linked together. Along with that are the typical motifs of the Nguyen Dynasty, with patterns of golden bamboo, four spirits, Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet… Therefore, the whole view of the communal house bears the imprint of the motif of two dragons adorning the moon. In it, the roof is carved by sacred animals and the bottom is carved with tigers. 
Nong Luc Bac Son family - attractive destinationArchitecture bold Muong people

Nong Luc communal house in Lang is associated with a historical story

Nong Luc communal house in Lang not only has a unique architecture but also is associated with a historical story. Specifically, on September 2, 1940, party members after escaping from the prison of the colonial regime moved to Nong Luc communal house for meetings. The meeting was held with the purpose of choosing an opportunity to conduct an uprising to fight against the French colonialists to liberate Mo Nhai fort.
Bac Son Nong Luc family - famous relicNong Luc communal house in Lang is associated with the war of the nation

In addition, Nong Luc communal house is also associated with the event that on the evening of September 27, 1940, a meeting took place to make a decision to establish an uprising steering committee. It can be seen that these are major events marking an important meaning for the uprising for the national liberation of the Bac Son people. 
Nong Luc Bac Son communal house - historical placeNong Luc Communal House is an attractive destination in Lang Son

Popular places to visit in Bac Son

Visiting Bac Son Nong Luc Communal House , you can combine visiting other famous places located in Bac Son relic cluster. Among them are must-see attractions such as: 

– Mo Jasmine Fort: It is a base built by the French when coming to Bac Son with a large area, surrounded by a system of solid fences. Mo Jasmine fort was the place where the uprising took place in 1940, causing the French colonialists to flee from Bac Son. Currently, at Mo Jasmine station, a monument to the victory of the Bac Son uprising is built to attract tourists. 
Bac Son Nong Luc family - Mo Jasmine garrisonMo Jasmine Fort

– Sa Khao Mountain: Surrounded by Po Ne and Sa Khao mountains, it was the place to nurture our cadres in the struggle against the French colonialists. Currently, in Sa Khao, there are still traces of earth and restored with a bamboo house that attracts tourists to visit. 

– Na Kheo Hill: The famous relic in Bac Son has a total area of ​​4,463m2 located on a hill and surrounded by forests. Na Khe Hill used to be built by the French colonialists to build a long and solid fence system. 
Bac Son Nong Luc family - Na Kheo hillNa Khe Hill

– Po Tat: It is a remnant of the Bac Son uprising with a width of 15,798m2, surrounded by bamboo bushes and fruit trees. 

Nong Luc Communal House in Bac Son is a famous place to visit that you should not miss when you have the opportunity to visit Lang Son . With unique architecture and national historical significance, Nong Luc communal house promises to be a destination that brings many interesting experiences for your trip. Let’s “pocket” Lang Son’s travel experience to gain more useful knowledge for the upcoming trip. 

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