Top 10 best things of Vietnam tourism

Although it is only a small country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam was once highly appreciated in the top 20 most beautiful countries in the world and was also visited by many international tourists. It can be seen that Vietnam’s natural landscapes, landscapes, landscapes, green coasts, pearl islands, rich culinary world… are great advantages for the tourism industry. Let’s join Vinlove to list the 10 best things in Vietnam tourism.


Son Doong Cave is considered the most beautiful cave in the world with its wonderland-like landscapes after National Geographic’s photos and world-famous videos and reports. Especially in the recent Hollywood movie “Pan and Neverland”, Son Doong appeared in the scene where Pan went to wonderland, it can be seen that the magnificent and spectacular beauty of this cave has made a strong impression. for the whole world.

The huge stalactites, the blue underground river, the smooth white sand, and the fresh underground air make this place more beautiful and attractive. From the giant cave mouths, each stream of light shines down to make the scene more spectacular and impressive. Son Doong Cave is located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, where Quang Binh is already very famous for many beautiful landscapes, the cave currently holds the record for the longest in the world, with the width of the widest area possible. accommodates both Boeing 747s.

Inside Son Doong's magnificent cave system is a diverse ecosystem
Inside Son Doong’s magnificent cave system is a diverse ecosystem

Top 16 most beautiful villages in the world – Cua Van fishing village

Cua Van fishing village, also known as Van Gia, has been listed by the travel website in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world with pristine and poetic beauty next to mysterious high mountains. The voting criteria of this website are: ancient, traditional beauty, and impressive natural beauty, the good thing is that Van gate has all these 3 elements.

The experience that visitors like most when coming to this beautiful fishing village is rowing a boat to visit the village in the middle of the enchanting Ha Long river. In the middle of Ha Long sea and sky, tall rocky mountains appear, floating at the foot of the mountain is a small traditional fishing village.

In addition to sightseeing boating, visitors can participate in fishing experiences, pull nets with the people here, feel the life of fishermen and enjoy the salty taste of the sea.

Fishing village seen from above
The fishing village seen from above

Top 10 best food cities in Asia – Hanoi city

At the beginning of this year, a famous travel site named Skyscanner listed a list of 5 cities with the best cuisine in Asia, including Hanoi, Bangkok, Taipei, Fukuoka, Penang, in which Hanoi ranked first. Firstly. With the famous Hanoi noodle soup, the capital of Vietnam deserves to be at the top of this list because it is loved by many international tourists.

Besides, dishes such as vermicelli, crab spring rolls, nuggets, tea, vermicelli with shrimp paste, … are equally delicious, helping to contribute to creating a delicious culinary “world” on the old streets. Hanoi.

Bun cha Hanoi
Bun cha Hanoi

Top 10 most beautiful bays in the world – Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay used to be “popular” in 2011 when officially entered the list of 7 new natural wonders of the world organized by New7Wonders, then this place continues to hold the top position in the beautiful natural landscapes. and impressive in the world. Along with Son Doong and Trang An caves, Ha Long Bay appeared in the Hollywood blockbuster “Pan and the Neverland” with the “title” of being a wonderland.

The beauty of Ha Long sea ​​and sky is certainly worthy of dreamland, a dreamland for many people who love to travel and explore. Ha Long Bay is the most beautiful bay in Vietnam and also a beautiful bay with a high position in the world. Thousands of magnificent stone islands, great caves located on the blue sea and diverse ecosystems,…the precious things that are bestowed by nature have helped Ha Long become the most attractive destination in the country. Vietnam.

Ha Long is as beautiful as a picture
Ha Long is as beautiful as a picture

Top 20 most beautiful countries in the world

With famous landscapes such as Ha Long Bay, Trang An landscape, Hoi An ancient town, Lang Co bay, Cua Dai beach, Phu Yen disc rapids, Mu Cang Chai terraced fields,… and many more. Another attractive tourist destination, Vietnam has been voted by readers of Rough Guides as one of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world . Although ranked 20th in the list, it is still a pleasure when Vietnam joins with famous countries and territories such as Scotland, Canada, Italy, England, Indonesia, South Africa, Iceland, Mexico, India, etc. ..

However, along with the high appreciation, there are also comments and suggestions for Vietnam’s tourism industry in terms of facilities, tourism culture, tourism market, … so that our country can improve and have services. Better yet, promote home tourism. Wouldn’t it be great for a country to both reach the top of the world’s most beautiful countries and be highly appreciated in the ranking of consciousness, civilization, and tourist culture? Therefore, as a backpacker, a travel lover, like to explore, we also need to be conscious in our journeys to avoid bad reviews in the world rankings.

Central Coast of Vietnam
Central Coast of Vietnam

Top 10 most popular destinations in Asia – Hoi An

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine – a famous American magazine has an annual survey that is considered the most prestigious survey of the global travel industry. In 2013, in a survey of the most favorite destinations in Asia, Vietnam’s Hoi An jumped to second place after Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto. This year, on the travel section of the famous website Boredpanda, Hoi An also appeared under the photo series ” 15 photos that make you want to go to Hoi An immediately ” by Réhahn – a French photographer famous for his beautiful and colorful pictures. Beautiful photos on the journey to discover Vietnam.

Hoi An ancient town is located in Quang Nam province, located near the tourist city of Da Nang – the ideal tourist destination of Vietnam. With the ancient architecture in each neighborhood, the traditional beauty and the beautiful culture of the people here, Hoi An exudes a poetic, charming and attractive look. After visiting Hoi An ancient town , you can go to Da Nang to travel and visit “the most livable city in Vietnam” and experience the famous ” fairy place” Ba Na Hills.

Hoi An
Hoi An

The most diverse street food in the world – Saigon

Saigon street food always attracts international tourists with unique and delicious dishes, so Saigon street food is considered the most diverse and rich in the world. During measurement, the bread Sai Gon has been “storming” on the forums culinary tourism, with special materials and suitable for every taste, when I got to Sai Gon , tourists always ask about dishes This is interesting first of all.

If bread is suitable for breakfast, Saigon’s dinner is filled with knocking noodles, knocking noodles along the streets, rich broth taste and strong aroma of bones, beef balls, wontons, etc. A really delicious bowl of noodles. Besides, familiar rustic dishes such as mixed rice paper, grilled rice paper, crab soup, tea, mango salad, grilled squid, … have created a world of extremely diverse street food for the land. Bustling Saigon. Unlike Hanoi with lemon tea, Saigon has delicious and passionate iced milk coffee on each street that attracts exotic international tourists.

Saigon fish noodle soup
Saigon fish noodle soup

The most attractive new tourist destination on the planet – Da Nang

On TripAdvisor, a famous international travel website in 2014 announced the list of 10 most attractive new places on the planet, and Da Nang of Vietnam was ranked first , and received a lot of love and feedback. positive feedback with the most votes from visitors. In addition, CNN reported that this beautiful coastal city is famous for its ancient and unique temples, peaceful and beautiful beaches, clean environment and extremely high altitude tourist area Ba Na Hills. interesting.

If anyone has ever been to Da Nang , experienced travel with quality services, enjoyed nature with wonderful scenery, would be satisfied with this rating. Da Nang deserves to be the most attractive new tourist destination on the planet not only in 2014 but if maintained, Da Nang can still participate in many other big rankings.

Bana hill
Bana hill

Top 25 most attractive ethnographic museums in Asia – Museum of Ethnology

Also in 2014 on the Advisor page, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology was ranked 4th in the top 25 most attractive museums in Asia. Since its construction, this museum has met strict international standards for quality. Along with high votes from international visitors and positive feedback, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology quickly entered the top of the most attractive museums in Asia, and attracted more and more international visitors. in Hanoi

By faithfully recreating the cultures and traditions, especially the unique traditional houses, the museum has aroused the interest of visitors to visit passionately and impressively conveys the cultural beauty. Vietnam for foreigners. The characteristics of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam create richness and diversity of information sources in the museum.

Museum of Ethnography
Museum of Ethnography

Top 10 most beautiful scenes in the world – Terraced fields

The world is full of mysteries and mysteries, especially colorful natural landscapes and strange shapes, appealing to human eyes that when looking at us, we will immediately be attracted. Along with the unique and famous natural landscapes of the world, Vietnam’s terraced fields have entered the top 10 world beauty spots voted by the Telegraph. Ranked 6th, Vietnam’s terraced fields with charming and beautiful “curves” in the northern high mountains have really attracted international visitors.


With the above points, from the natural landscape to the system of tourism services and the rich culinary world, Vietnam deserves to be an ideal tourist destination in Asia in 2020. With such advantages of attracting international tourists, it is hoped that Vietnam’s tourism will soon achieve great achievements and have many more attractions in the world. Let’s hit the road now and discover the beauty of your country!

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