Young photographer hunts for ‘Green Da Lat’

The sun rays through the green pine trees, the mist covered in the flooded forest brings a peaceful picture through the lens of the 9x camera.

Nguyen Ngoc Ga (also known as Ga Ga), born in 1996, is from Quang Ngai but has moved to Da Lat since childhood. In 2017, during a camping experience with a group of friends at Thien Phuc Duc hill, ward 7, which is known as the “mecca of hunting clouds” of Da Lat, Ngoc Ga was impressed with the scene of pine hills submerged in the sea of ​​mist. blind.

Because she loved the beauty of Da Lat so much, Ngoc Ga began to collect money to buy cameras and play photos. Currently, Ngoc Ga works as an auto repair technician, sometimes wandering around the mountain town and suburbs to hunt for photos and save beautiful moments.

Golden sunshine on the area of ​​Cu hill and a golf course next to Xuan Huong lake, with a view in the distance, is Da Lat Pedagogical College.

In two years of tinkering with photos throughout the mountain town, Ngoc Ga feels that Da Lat has fewer and fewer “green areas” when many buildings, restaurants, and hotels are built, and the city becomes more crowded.

A herd of gallant horses grazes among the rays of the sun through the green pine trees at Than Tho Lake. This is a tourist attraction located in the middle of the wild pine forest, associated with the sad love story of “two grave pine hills”, about 6 km from the center of Da Lat, along the road Quang Trung – Xuan Huong lake.

One of the ideal places to hunt for dew in Da Lat is in the flooded forest of Tuyen Lam Lake. This is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, about 7 km from the city center in the direction of National Highway 20 to Prenn Pass.

The young photographer shared, capturing the moment of a new day on Tuyen Tam lake brings an interesting feeling, a corner of the forest appears as beautiful as a dream thanks to the early morning sunlight shining through the foliage. This is also the only flooded forest in Da Lat.

Rays of sunlight pass through pine trees along Highway 20, a section of Da Loc church, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat.

Dawn on pine forest and greenhouses in Tuy Son village, Xuan Tho commune. Ngoc Ga said that if you want to have a good photo, you have to wake up early at dawn, taking pictures until 7 am is ideal.

Golden sunshine like pouring honey at the area of ​​Suoi Vang dam (or Ankroet dam), surrounded by pine forest in Lac Duong district, about 15 km from Da Lat.

This self-spill dam built of split stone is 97 m long, 10 m high, is an indispensable attraction in the journey to discover Dan Kia – Suoi Vang valley.

White clouds float on pine hills in Da Sar, Lac Duong district, about 20 km from Da Lat.

“People everywhere choose Da Lat as a place to visit, relax and enjoy the fresh, cold air. But now Da Lat is losing its green areas, from the illegal exploitation of forest resources, and the cold in the plateau is also losing its specificity. When the city became crowded, I chose to go further to the suburbs to photograph the white misty plateau,” Ngoc Ga said.

Fanciful grassy hills in the mist in Da Nhim, Lac Duong, about 40 km east of Da Lat.

Vegetable garden in Xuan Tho commune in a morning full of dew and rays of light shining through the pine trees.

In addition to losing green space, Da Lat is deserted this summer and the tourism industry is affected by Covid-19. As of the morning of July 31, Lam Dong province had 47 Covid-19 patients in 8 districts and cities. All gateways to the center of Da Lat city are locked and strictly controlled. There are no leisurely pedestrians, no hawkers in public places, and no tourist convoys running around Da Lat. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Nguyen Ngoc Ga