Golden Stream Lake (Ankroet Lake): Tranquility Beauty in Dalat

Like the 2nd love cup of Da Lat, Ankroet Lake is a destination that fascinates people because of its charming lyrical wild features, the scenery here is as beautiful as a picture that makes any heart love beauty. must also be shaken and shaken. 

Da Lat has long been a destination that attracts tourists by its fairy-tale-like poetic beauty with a series of dreamlike natural landscapes. Not only famous for its shimmering flower gardens, tea hills, and green pine forests but the highland country also has check-in points that captivate people, one of which isAnkroet Lake Da Lat. Tourism makes many people fall in love with its beauty just like a painting of water or a wonderful place to stay in the world. 

 Check-in Ankroet Lake Dalat

Ankroet Lake is likened to the second great love cup of Da Lat. Photo:@anhungmongmo

Explore Ankroet Lake Da Lat – a clear, picture-like green paradise 

Ankroet Lake is located at the foot of Langbiang Mountain in the Dan Kia-Suoi Vang complex. This wonderful place was formed from the underground water of Langbiang peak flowing down, creating a wonderful scene in the world that made many people flutter. Lying deep in the middle of the majestic thousands, over hundreds of years, Ankroet Lake Da Lat still retains its pristine and enchanting wild beauty.Traveling to Ankroet Lake Dalat Beautiful lake in the middle of the deep blue ocean. Photo:@maichii__

Here you will have to fall in love with the endless green color of the lake along with the majestic mountain scenery. The rugged, craggy cliffs, the beautiful waterfall flowing through layers of natural rock and then rolling into the lake bed also give the landscape its own beauty.Traveling to Ankroet Lake Dalat Beauty makes anyone super happy. Photo:@-phthoa.d.

Ankroet Lake Da Lat is likened to a giant mirror in the midst of immense mountains and forests, the lake’s clear blue water is like a miniature love cup, a place that seems to be reserved only for the fairy world. That large mirror possesses a magnificent and splendid beauty, where the reflections of the craggy cliffs and green trees are reflected. The scenery here is so beautiful and peaceful that people want to immerse themselves in order to “escape” from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The space of Ankroet lake in Dalat Enchanting peaceful space. Photo:@tranchau.lupham

Experience at Ankroet Lake Dalat

Being able to set foot in a wonderful natural landscape such as  Ankroet Lake in Da Lat will surely make travel enthusiasts feel excited. Coming to this tourist destination, you will be immersed in the beauty of the immense nature, watching the lake bed as beautiful as the loving cup with blue watercolor in the same immense scenery of thousands with unspoiled charm. forced. The space of Ankroet lake in Dalat Seeing the beautiful scenery is something that will leave you spellbound. Photo:@s7evenluong

Besides enjoying the wonderful natural beauty of this place, definitely checking in virtual living will be an indispensable experience. The wild, peaceful and poetic scenery with the clear lake, the majestic clouds will be the ideal background for you to bring back memorable photos. The space of Ankroet lake in Dalat Do not forget to check-in live virtual. Photo:@lpnn__

Coming to Ankroet Lake in Da Lat , do not forget to visit the first hydroelectric plant of Da Lat, an impressive architectural work built during the French colonial period. This work is a perfect combination of the stone architecture of the west of France and the factory architecture that prevailed in the 20th century. The space of Ankroet lake in Dalat An extreme check-in corner at the first hydropower plant in Da Lat near Ankroet Lake. Photo:@haitrieu.511

Ankroet Lake  is completely a natural destination, untouched by human hands, so the scenery here is extremely ideal for camping and picnics with friends. Coming to this place to chat, eat, watch the beautiful nature or have a deep sleep in the vastness of thousands of people will surely be an unforgettable experience.

Directions and notes to know when checking-in Lake Ankroet 

Da Lat’s Ankroet Lake is located quite far from the center, on the way to Ankroet hydroelectric dam, it is close to Suoi Vang Lake, so from the city center, follow the direction of Suoi Vang Lake to the beginning of Ankroet Street and then move to Suoi Vang KDL. A few kilometers right at the junction area, you will see an area with red barriers on both sides. From here, you continue to go straight through Thao Nguyen Quan for about 500m and look to the left, you will see the sign “no duty exemption” and the road leading to Ankroet lake. Follow this road for about 2km to reach Ankroet Lake Dalat. The way to Ankroet Lake Dalat The road to Ankroet Lake Dalat is not too difficult. Photo:@di.xmini

You should note that the road to the hydropower area is quite “difficult” because it is narrow and steep, so drive slowly and carefully. The area leading down to the lake also has many slippery rocks and moss, so move slowly, grip firmly and choose shoes with high grip to ensure safety. MOVING TO Ankroet Lake Da Lat The path down to the lake will be a bit steep. Photo:@banhkhotsiunhun

Another check-in experience at Ankroet Lake that you should pay attention to is to choose sunny days to visit because in the rainy season the roads will be very slippery and difficult to move. 

Ankroet Lake Da Lat  has a very wild nature and is completely undeveloped in terms of tourism, so when you come here, prepare enough food and water, especially if you want to picnic and camp with friends. It is absolutely not recommended to swim in the lake because the water level here is relatively deep and prone to reefs and sharp, so it will be dangerous., When taking check-in photos, please pay attention to choose safe areas and pay attention to the terrain to avoid slipping. Especially or always remember the mantra “take only photos and leave nothing but footprints” to preserve the landscape for this beautiful destination. Explore Ankroet Lake Dalat The beauty of this place will make you fall in love. Photo:@guynbb

The foggy city is always the dreamland of any traveler and Ankroet Da Lat lake is one of the drawings that make the natural picture in this place more shimmering and poetic. If you have the opportunity, stop at this beautiful lake to feel the wild beauty and peace in the middle of the thousands and keep in your heart the beautiful and poetic images of this place. 

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