Two hot pot dishes never get bored when coming to Da Lat

The cold weather of Da Lat makes hot dishes even more delicious, in which beef hotpot and chicken hotpot with é leaves make an impression on many diners.

Chicken hot pot with leaves

E leaves are known as a unique spice of Phu Yen. In the land of Nou, é leaves are eaten raw, seasoned with soup, rolled in salads, pounded with salt or cooked in sour soup, dipped in chicken hotpot. When eaten raw, the leaves have a slightly sour taste, but when dipping in hot pot, the taste is fleshy, the tip of the tongue.

2 hot pot dishes never get bored when coming to Da Lat
The hot pot is full of chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, each serving usually has an extra bowl of meat and mushrooms for guests. Photo: @hyunie93/Instagram

Chicken leaf é hot pot can be considered as a dish not to be missed when coming to the city of thousands of flowers. There are many shops selling é leaf chicken hotpot, the method and taste are not too different, depending on the location you choose, the most famous are Tao Ngo or 668… Depending on the number of guests, from 200,000 VND to 400,000 VND/pot with sliced ​​chicken, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, fresh vermicelli, and a plate of fresh basil leaves, add a cup of spicy chili salt or lemon pepper salt. to dip the chicken. It looks simple at first, but once you try it, you will see how impressive it is.

Enjoying é leaf chicken hotpot is quite simple, wait for the hotpot to boil, then add fresh é leaves, eat wherever you go, and don’t forget to slurp the hot, sweet broth from chicken, fresh mushrooms, spicy chili, steam. the sourness of bamboo shoots. Delicious tender chicken, sweet mushrooms, crispy bamboo shoots, and the lightness of é leaves impress diners, almost rubbing in the cold of the night sky in Da Lat.

Beef hotpot

This is also a favorite dish of diners when coming to Da Lat. Each hot pot costs from 200,000 VND, is sold in many places, each place is a way of processing and adding a variety of vegetables, but in general, it still retains the sweetness of the stewed broth from fragrant beef bones that have been lightly grilled over the fire.

2 hot pot dishes that you never get bored with when you come to Da Lat - 2
Da Lat’s fresh vegetables are served with hot beef hot pot as a perfect combination. Photo: @kamza9x/Instagram

The beef hot pot comes in the form of lean meat, tendons, tails, or chains, accompanied by beautiful square-cut pieces of young tofu. The beef at the restaurant is cooked soft, thickly cut, big, chew firmly, and feel the sweet aroma of each fiber, not dry. The meat is even more delicious when cooked hot, dipped with a rich dipping sauce made from Chao and satay.

A delicious beef hotpot cannot be without the green vegetables of Da Lat, with broccoli, cabbage, spinach, Centella Asiatica, and washed fresh young fenugreek. Wait for the hot pot water to boil, add the egg noodles to the pot to cook, the golden, soft noodles are picked up in a bowl, add broth, some vegetables, tofu, and then slurp under the cold night of Da Lat, but the heart is warm. completely pressured.