Come to Lam Dong to visit Ka Don church – Churu’s soul in the middle of Don Duong mountains

Nestled in the middle of a small pine forest of an ethnic village in the mountainous district of Don Duong, Ka Don church is like a communal house for everyone with a space connecting with nature without Gothic architecture, no dome. or the towering bell tower. This is also a place to keep cultural values ​​​​for many generations of the Churu people. 

Ka Don Church in Lam Dong is not a familiar name on the travel map of many people, but it is one of the most unique architectural works in this highland. Not possessing a grandiose appearance with classic European design lines often seen in churches elsewhere, Ka Don church has a simple appearance, bold Churu culture, and harmony with nature. The beautiful nature of the Don Duong mountain forest.

Ka Don church

Ka Don Church is a unique architectural work in Don Duong district, Lam Dong province. Photo: @hoangvanpham

Discover Ka Don church “peaceful roof” of the children of Churu 

Ka Don Church is located in Krang Go 2 village, Ko Don commune, Don Duong district, Lam Dong province,40km from the center of Da Lat city. Although not on a popular tourist route, this architectural work still attracts tourists who love to explore unique cultural and architectural values. 

Ka Don church

The church is located 40km from the center of Da Lat city. Photo: FB/Ka Don parish

The church was built from the idea of ​​Ka Don parish priest, Father Joseph Nguyen Duc Ngoc, and designed by famous architects Vu Thi Thu Huong and Nguyen Tuan Dung in the spirit of simplicity. colorful, less decorative, bold natural beauty, modest, immersed in nature and bold unique Churu culture of this land. After more than 4 years of construction, Ka Don church was officially completed in July 2014 and has won many architectural awards such as the European Holy Architecture Award in 201, the second prize of the Holy Kingdom Architecture Competition. Economic 2016 published in Pavia, Italy. 

Ka Don church tour

The building is becoming a tourist attraction. Photo:@erosjr2810

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Simple architecture and bold local colors 

The first feeling when visiting Ka Don church of most tourists is peace, from the outside you will go to a small green path leading to the church. The church is hidden behind a green pine forest, the surrounding space is completely open, not surrounded by fences or solid iron gates so that anyone can visit when they want to. In particular, not possessing a majestic and splendid appearance like most ordinary churches, Ka Don church is a low construction with very simple and simple lines. 

ARCHITECTURE of Ka Don church

The church has an open space completely unconstrained by reinforced concrete. Photo:@vtarch99

The roof of the church is inspired by the stylized Central Highlands communal house with a simple but still very impressive design. The main building material of the church is locally available pine wood and red tile roof, pine wood is used in all internal structures of the church, from walls, ceilings, partitions to tables and chairs. 

roof of Ka Don church

The red tiled roof is inspired by the communal roof. Photo: FB/Ka Don parish

roof of Ka Don church

Large porch with doors that are always open. Photo:@rrxxmmkgd

The unique construction style with small parallel pine slats creates close and airy spaces to make the most of natural light. That’s why in the main hall of Ka Don church you will not see any darkness, but instead, a bright atmosphere. The space of the main hall is decorated very simply, the doors are always wide open, bringing a feeling of lightness and comfort in harmony with nature, completely different from the closed space of the West. 

roof of Ka Don church

The interior space of the church. of Ka Don worshipThe design is simple yet sophisticated yet intimate. Photo: FB/Ka Don parishthe main shrine of Ka DonThe interior decoration is also not fussy but minimalistic. Photo:@bi_ardilScenery at Ka Don worshipA peaceful corner to the end at Ka Don church. Photo:@trinhhoaitri

Churu Museum with unique cultural features 

Visiting Ka Don Church, in addition to seeing the unique architecture, enjoying the peaceful space between the Don Duong mountains and forests, you also have the opportunity to learn about the unique indigenous culture at the Churu museum, where the collection is displayed. Collecting items about Churu culture and people of Father Joseph Nguyen Duc Ngoc during his time in charge of the parish.Museum at Ka Don TempleThe exhibition area is like a miniature museum of typical artifacts of Churu culture. Photo: Ha Duc Tri

This miniature museum space has many sets of artifacts representing the life and wild culture of the Churu people once, such as stone instruments, jars, gongs, t’rung, wine bottles, cups, etc. Weapons sets for self-defense and hunting… These items are relics of a past time, a symbol of history and culture, although now they may not exist in life anymore, they are still symbols. Vivid image imbued with mountains and forests and the soul of the people of the Central Highlands. Museum at Ka Don TempleAncient stone instruments of the Churu people. Photo: VnexpressMuseum at Ka Don TempleUnique gong display corner. Photo: Duc Tri

Traveling to Lam Dong, if you have the opportunity, you should visit Ka Don church to see the unique beauty of this architectural work. Simplicity, simplicity and a spiritual space blended with the peaceful, tranquil beauty of the Don Duong mountains will surely bring you moments of lightness and relaxation. 

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