Chi Linh tourist village – a virtual living paradise with ‘quality like distilled water’ in Vung Tau

Vung Tau is famous for many beautiful beaches and attractive entertainment areas. Including Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village, a paradise of entertainment, swimming and virtual living that you should not ignore.

Where is Chi Linh tourist village in Vung Tau?

Chi Linh Tourist Village is located at No. 414/27, Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Ward 10. This resort is about 7km from Vung Tau city center. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist area is a favorite destination for many tourists and locals. 

With a location close to the beach, surrounded by hills and fresh natural scenery. Coming to Chi Linh tourist village, you will be able to relax, enjoy the scenery, swim and check-in super beautiful. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village has a total area of ​​15ha, owns a beautiful sea view, ideal for dating, camping and relaxation. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - where?Chi Linh tourist village is an entertainment and camping destination that attracts tourists in Vung Tau

How to move to Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village? 

With a distance close to the center of Vung Tau city, so you can choose many different types of vehicles to Chi Linh tourist area extremely convenient. Departing from Saigon, you go in the direction of National Highway 51C -> Chi Linh intersection -> the fork meets the 18-storey building -> turn left -> go straight to the asphalt road near the sea to reach Chi Linh tourist village . Or you can go in the direction of Do Luong Street -> Ba Thang Hai -> Nguyen Huu Canh -> Chi Linh tourist area. Travel time is about 15 minutes.

Experience going to Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village , if you do not know the way, you can look up information on google maps. Or you can take a taxi or motorbike taxi from Vung Tau city center to the resort. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - moveHow to move to Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village? 

What to play at Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village? 

Exploring Chi Linh tourist village, you will be able to relax on the beach, organize camping, picnic with many interesting activities and enjoy special cuisine. 

Chi Linh beach bathing

The highlight of Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist area is swimming. The beach here is famous for its clean, clear and long sandy beach. The sea water at Chi Linh beach is clear and cool for you to relax and cool off. In particular, at the beach, there is a system of tile-roofed houses located on the hillside and close to the sea for tourists to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the sea. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - swimming in the seaRelaxing Chi Linh beach bath. Photo: @khoa_haanh 

In the evening you can walk around the beach listening to the sound of the waves and relax your soul. Chi Linh beach area in the evening is very crowded and bustling with many interesting fun activities. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - relaxing beach bathBeautiful sea paradise in Chi Linh village. Photo: halotravel  

Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery   

What does Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village have? The landscape at Chi Linh tourist area is as beautiful as a paradise, with beautiful beaches and lyrical nature. Coming to Chi Linh tourist village, you will enjoy memorable moments of relaxation and dispel all the fatigue of life. In particular, Chi Linh tourist village is also the setting of many famous movies such as: White Dollar, Kaleidoscope… Discovering this famous tourist village in Vung Tau, you can also freely check- Print virtual life with pictures like European heaven. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - sightseeingAdmire the beautiful natural scenery. Photo: halotravelChi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - beautiful sceneryTake beautiful virtual photos by Chi Linh beach. Photo: @loungovietnam111

Camping and having fun

One of the experiences that many tourists love when coming to Chi Linh tourist village is organizing fun activities and camping. In the tourist village, there is a poplar forest of about 2 hectares with a valley close to the sea and beautiful hills for camping. The resort provides a full range of equipment to serve the camping needs of visitors. In particular, there is a stage for rent for large groups to organize teambuilding and gala activities. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - campingOrganize camping with many interesting fun activities. Photo: Photo: @ceciliattien 

Food and beverage service at Chi Linh tourist area     

Regarding the accommodation service at Chi Linh tourist area, you can bring tools or rent camping gear. Or you can choose hotels within the tourist village’s premises with full luxury amenities. Room rates in Chi Linh village are considered quite reasonable. All rooms at the resort have a separate space, providing a private space and the most beautiful sea view for visitors. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - accommodationIn Chi Linh village, there are many luxury resort services. Photo: @uyenph__

Dining at Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village, you can choose from restaurants here serving a diverse menu. In particular, the restaurant at the resort has a beautiful view for you to enjoy delicious food while watching the sea. The menu is rich with fresh seafood, Vung Tau specialties. Food prices are considered cheaper than other tourist areas in the area. Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - eating and drinkingEnjoy a variety of fresh seafood at the resort’s restaurant

Famous places near Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village   

If you have time, you can combine visiting famous places near Chi Linh tourist village such as:

– Vung Tau Marina: The famous virtual paradise in Vung Tau with sailing boats with beautiful scenery on Dinh River. Take a walk on the Dinh River to relax and take pictures. Besides, when coming to Vung Tau Marina, you can also enjoy many famous specialties. 
Chi Linh tourist village Vung Tau - Vung Tau MarinaCombined with going to Vung Tau Marina. Photo: vntrip

– Sea Wind tourist area: Located next to Thuy Van street, attracting tourists with beautiful scenery, white sand, blue sea and majestic mountains. Coming to the Sea Wind resort, you will be able to participate in many attractive entertainment games, BBQ parties… 

– Long Cung Resort: The resort has a large space of 4,000m2 surrounded by immense green forests. Coming to Long Cung Resort, you will be able to relax on the beach and enjoy a memorable vacation.Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village - Long Cung ResortParadise resort and virtual life Long Cung Resort. Photo: halotravel

Notes when going to Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village 

Here are the necessary notes that you should not ignore when exploring Chi Linh tourist area to have the most complete trip:

Clothing: First of all, you should choose for yourself loose and comfortable clothes that are convenient to move around. Besides, it is recommended to bring swimwear for swimming and virtual maxi skirt. 

– Personal belongings: Do not forget to bring personal items such as: Camera for virtual living, waterproof bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat…

– Book early: If you plan to go to Chi Linh village on weekends or Tet holidays, you should book 1-2 months in advance for the best price. 

Above is the whole experience of going to Chi Linh Vung Tau tourist village: How to move, play and eat . Hope to help you have the most useful information for a memorable vacation and fun at Chi Linh tourist area. Don’t forget to “pocket” a very useful Vung Tau travel experience .

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