Traveling to Vung Bau beach, Phu Quoc explores the mysterious island in the heart of the pearl island

Vung Bau beach is still a strange name to many tourists, it owns a wild and lyrical beauty. Traveling to Vung Bau beach, you will enjoy relaxing moments, scuba diving to see corals and many interesting entertainment activities. 

Locating the coordinates of Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc

Where is Vung Bau Beach in Phu Quoc? Vung Bau beach is located in the northwest area of Phu Quoc island , about 20km from the center of Duong Dong town. Coming to Vung Bau, visitors will be immersed in the clear blue sea, golden sand and wild beauty. 

You can travel to Vung Bau beach, Phu Quoc at any time of the year. It has a cool, fresh climate with cool breezes blowing from the sea. However, if you plan to explore this beautiful beach, you should also check the weather forecast before going to avoid storms that affect the tour. Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - where?Vung Bau Beach Phu Quoc attracts tourists with its wild beauty

How to get to Vung Bau beach? 

Experience going to Vung Bau beach , to get here you first need to go to Duong Dong town, Phu Quoc. Then refer to the instructions below:     

Cross Cua Can Bridge -> see the intersection, turn left and go all the way -> turn right about 500m, you will see a concrete bridge -> move across the bridge to the fork, turn left -> go straight to reach the beach Vung Bau. The road to Vung Bau is red soil and few people pass by, but cars and motorbikes can still go.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - travelHow to get to Vung Bau beach? 

Where to stay when traveling to Vung Bau beach?

Traveling to Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc, where should you stay? Although the service has not been developed as strongly as other beaches in Phu Quoc, but when coming to Vung Bau, you can still choose for yourself 2-star and 3-star standard resorts. In particular, there are a number of resorts located near the sea that are convenient for walking and sightseeing such as: Mai Phuong Resort, Gold Sand Beach, Vung Bau Resort, …

Note, if you plan to go to Vung Bau on weekends or Tet holidays, you should book a room early about 1-2 weeks before going. Because at this time, the number of visitors to Vung Bau is quite crowded, it will not be possible to avoid the situation of running out of rooms or high prices.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - hotelResort in Vung Bau beach 

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Discover the sea paradise of Vung Bau Phu Quoc 

What is Vung Bau Beach in Phu Quoc? Enjoy the beautiful scenery, relax, take a cool bath, scuba dive to see the coral, watch the sea birds, watch the romantic sunset… Those are interesting experiences that you should not miss when exploring Vung Bau beach. 

Go to the beach   

Vung Bau has a characteristic gentle coastline, so it is considered very safe for people who cannot swim or young children. In particular, at Vung Bau beach, there are many groves of peach and poplar trees planted to provide shade for visitors to walk and relax.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - swimmingSwimming and relaxing at Vung Bau beach. Photo: tinybb   

Coming to Vung Bau beach, the first experience that you should not miss is to immerse yourself in relaxation with cool water to dispel all the fatigue of life. When swimming in Vung Bau, you will see images of conch, starfish or sea urchin crawling on the sand. Especially, from Vung Bau beach, you can swim to Mong Tay island at the southernmost point of Vung Bau with many interesting activities. Then lie in the sun to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and take a walk along the beach.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - take a walkTake a walk along the beach to admire the beautiful scenery of Vung Bau beach


One of the interesting experiences when exploring Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc is renting a kayak at the resorts to freely explore the beautiful scenery. If you do not have enough swimming strength, you can go by kayak to reach Mong Tay island near Vung Bau. For those of you who have not experienced kayaking, it is best to hire a guide to ensure safety during the move. 
  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - kayakingExperience the exciting kayaking activity. Photo: ivivu

Snorkeling to see corals, squid fishing tour   

Vung Bau beach area owns many beautiful coral reefs, so you can book a scuba diving tour for about 700,000 VND/person. Immerse yourself in the ocean to admire all kinds of corals, schools of fish swimming around and enjoy a memorable trip. Besides, the resorts in Vung Bau also have fishing tours and night squid fishing when visitors have demand. At night, you will be floating on the boat to go squid fishing, fishing and enjoying your own achievements.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - scuba divingSnorkeling to see corals in Vung Bau beach. Photo: Sinhcafe

Watch the romantic sunset 

With the advantage of being located along the west side of Phu Quoc Island, Vung Bau is known as one of the most beautiful places to watch the sunset in the pearl island. Walking along the beach to admire the sun is receding in the distance, looming is the image of fishing boats. In particular, you cannot ignore the virtual living angles as a souvenir for the trip.  Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - watch the sunsetWatch the beautiful and romantic sunset

What to eat when coming to Vung Bau beach?

Catering services at Vung Bau beach have not yet been invested and developed strongly. Therefore, you can choose services at resorts or restaurants on the coast. The menu is mainly seafood dishes such as: shrimp, crab, snail, squid, surface, urchin, … The price of a meal fluctuates around 100,000 VND/person. If you want to enjoy a BBQ party, the price is about 250,000 VND / person.      Vung Bau beach Phu Quoc - diningEnjoy all kinds of seafood

Notes when traveling to Vung Bau Phu Quoc beach 

Traveling to Vung Bau beach, you should also refer to some important notes below: 

– Bring beach gear, bathing suits, sunscreen, waterproof bags, hats… 

– You can bring snacks and drinks, because the service in Vung Bau has not developed well. 

– You can bring fresh or dried seafood from Vung Bau as a gift. 

– Can combine to explore more famous beaches in Phu Quoc such as: Ong Lang beach, Truong beach, Khem beach, Sao beach, Dai beach, Rach Vem beach, Vong beach… 

Hopefully, the above sharing of experiences going to Vung Bau beach in Phu Quoc will help make your trip more complete. Don’t forget to “pocket” your Phu Quoc travel experience to get more useful information. 

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