Wildlife ‘time of separation’ in Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Every day, more than 10 tons of food are delivered, dozens of staff and experts, veterinarians are on duty “3 on the spot” to take care of more than 4,500 wild animals, ensuring a safe distance.

The largest conservation park in Asia, Vinpearl Safari in Phu Quoc is home to more than 4,500 individuals of 200 species from around the world. Among them are many rare species such as Bengal tiger, lion, chimpanzee, rhinoceros, Arabian straight-horned antelope, bear, hippo…

Early in the morning, rare rhinos with massive bodies ran, causing a commotion in a corner of Vinpearl Safari’s semi-wild campus. The most naughty are 7 baby rhino brothers who were born here for more than 2 years. This is also a rare record of rhinos in any zoo in the world.

After being satisfied with mother’s milk and special diets, the rhino brothers Coffee, Hakuna Matata, Winnie, Ura, Milk, Bibo, Baby Seven started “eating weaning” with grass and entertaining at the shops. mud puddle in the yard of the house. Two “siblings” Coffee and Hakuna Matata more than two years old have the appearance of adult youth, the body is equivalent to the parents. Particularly “third sister” Winnie is passionate about bulldozing, mud bathing …

The most special and caring family is the “fourth brother” Ura of the rhino’s mother. When she was born, Ura was not as strong as the previous three siblings due to being born prematurely. But with the support of the zoo staff, after the difficult first 30 minutes of her life, Ura was able to breastfeed and after two days began to run and jump into the herd. And when the mother of two young rhinos – Milk and Bibo was not ready to raise their children, Ura agreed to share her breast milk for the babies. This is also a rare case that the baby rhinos were born early, and were not breastfed and cared for by their biological mothers to join the herd. Thanks to this special relationship, the three brothers Ura – Milk – Bibo show their attachment to each other every day.

Nearby, the kings of the forest were sharing a territory to hunt for food hidden throughout the forest. When correctly sniffing and locating the target, the king of the jungle lifted his massive body into the air and grabbed exactly the delicious bait hanging on the rope. Meanwhile, lions enjoy hunting delicious meals hidden in the bushes.

Both the lion and the bengal tiger have mated and produced multiple litters in the suitable habitat of Vinpearl Safari.

In contrast to the “massive” rhinoceros, the Bengal tiger and the majestic lion are the flamingos that have just woken up by the green lake with the shade of trees. Today, the flamingos’ breakfast is shrimp and crab mixed with corn kernels. The zoo’s loveliest birds are delighted with dishes such as spirulina, nuts and, of course, crustaceans. Carotenoid coloring in this food is broken down into molecules carrying pink and orange pigments, creating the brilliant plumage of precious birds.

Animals at Vinpearl Safari are arranged in each separate area, designed to suit the behavior and simulate the natural living environment of each species. These are barns simulating savanna with full swamps in the living area of ​​rhinoceroses, green forest canopy of tigers, lions … or cleverly arranged food areas suitable for special characteristics. counting each species of giraffe, Mandrill, orangutan…

In the middle of the quarantine season, in addition to ensuring food sources and disease prevention conditions so that each individual is healthy, care workers and wild friends have more time to bond with each other. After each meal, whenever the zookeepers were still nearby, the giraffes would swoop down and rub their heads and cheeks to… ask for more snacks of carrots, ripe bananas… Rhinoceros loves to lie down. long for caregivers to scratch their stomachs, prick their ears to listen, and then get up and run after the herd.

The close bond with the staff of Vinpearl Safari since birth has made the young animals of the species more friendly. The staff taking care of the young animals have memories such as a baby rhino weighing several hundred kilograms constantly following their feet to ask for milk, or a lion asking to be carried, resting their head, resting their feet… when they are sleepy.

In order to ensure epidemic prevention regulations, 100% of Vinpearl Safari’s employees live on-site. The zoo’s working day always starts at 7 am to prepare about 10 tons of food and care for more than 4,500 individuals of 200 animal species officially residing here.

In the afternoon, herds of zebras, antelopes, deer … run to find grass on the green slope. Flocks of tiny otters quickly come ashore – into the water to find prey and forge endurance… In the distance, the sound of birds chirping, gibbons singing and even the roar of tigers showing off the lord’s voice… bring the vibrant sounds of wild area. The animals at Vinpearl Safari are always maintained in the best health and condition with a rich and happy spiritual life every day.

Photo: Vin Group