It’s super fun to form a team to play hard at the amusement parks of District 2 Saigon!

The area of ​​​​District 2 Saigon has many famous amusement parks that attract tourists to visit and “relieve stress” on weekends and Tet holidays. If you still don’t know where to go, you can refer to the famous amusement parks in District 2 Saigon below.

The most famous amusement parks in District 2 Saigon

Let’s take a look at the most popular amusement parks in District 2 Saigon below:

1. Diamond Island amusement park 

– Address: Street 9, Binh Hung Ward, District 2, City. Ho Chi Minh City

– Opening time: 8am – 9pm

Diamond Island amusement park has become a tourist attraction with a quiet atmosphere, completely separate from the bustling city. This amusement park owns a peaceful natural setting ideal for weekend fun and relaxation. District 2 amusement park Saigon - Diamond Island amusement park Diamond Island amusement park has fresh natural space

It is famous for architectural works with modern design, entertainment area and resort. In particular, when you come to the amusement park of Diamond Island, you can also check in to live a beautiful virtual life in the field of reeds. Or fly a kite and admire the beautiful sunset. Saigon District 2 amusement park - Diamond Island amusement park has funLots of interesting games at Diamond Island amusement park 

2. Snow Town Saigon amusement park   

– Address: 3rd floor – 4th floor, The CBD Premium Home building 125 Dong Van Cong, Thanh My Loi, District 2

– Opening time: 10am – 10pm

The famous amusement park in Saigon’s District 2 must mention Snow Town, which is known as the white snow paradise. Snow Town is located in the center of District 2, 400m wide using modern snow-making technology from Japan with many interesting experiences to attract visitors with: Floating house, snow restaurant, mountain climbing… District 2 amusement park Saigon - Snow Town Saigon amusement parkSnow Town Saigon – European snow village. Photo: halotravel

Visiting this European snow village in Saigon, you will admire the scene of snowfall, skiing, snowman making and beautiful virtual life as if you were in the distant West. Especially, if traveling to Saigon on hot sunny days, when you come to Snow Town, you will be able to cool off and dispel all the heat.District 2 amusement park Saigon - Snow Town Saigon amusement park has funLive beautiful virtual life in Snow Town. Photo: Sanstays

3. Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien  

– Address: No. 161 Hanoi Highway, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC

– Opening time: 10am – 9.30pm

What to do in District 2 Saigon? Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien is currently the largest commercial center in Saigon. Coming to Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien, visitors can not only enjoy shopping for famous brands, enjoy food but also enjoy entertainment. District 2 amusement park Saigon - Vincom Mega Mall Thao DienVincom Mega Mall Thao Dien with an attractive ice rink

The playground at Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien is up to 1,200m2 wide, designed with a frozen ground for you to enjoy playing under the guidance of a coach. Besides, when you come to Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien, you can watch movies, swim in the swimming pool and play area for children. Saigon District 2 amusement park - Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien have funHave fun and live virtual at Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien. Photo: rightmoionline

4. Jump Arena trampoline park

– Address: Road No. 9, Binh Hung Ward, District 2, Saigon 

– Opening time: 3pm – 10pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am – 10pm (Saturday and Sunday)

Jump Arena trampoline park is one of the amusement parks in District 2 Saigon that is loved by many tourists today. Coming to Jump Arena, you will be delighted to participate in relaxing games after a tiring working day. Many interesting games that you should not miss such as: Free jump, chase, basketball or handball… District 2 amusement park Saigon - Jump Arena trampoline parkJump Arena trampoline park. Photo:

In particular, if you are a person who loves to experience and explore, you can’t miss climbing cliffs, freestyle climbing cliffs with seat belts, aerial challenges and bungee jumping. In case of going with a large group of people, you can hire a service to organize exciting fun activities at Jump Arena. Saigon District 2 amusement park - Jump Arena trampoline park for funHave fun at the Jump Arena trampoline park. Photo:

5. Family Garden iamkoo

– Address: No. 28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2

– Opening time: 8:30am – 8:00pm

If you are looking for a resort in Thao Dien District 2, then Family Garden is the ideal destination that you should not miss. With a total area of ​​3ha with fresh natural space, Family Garden is chosen by many families to relax on weekends. Amusement Park District 2 Saigon - Family Garden Family Garden attracts families with young children. Photo: iamkoo

Especially, families with young children come to Family Garden for their children to enjoy playing and participating in many experiential activities. Coming to Family Garden, you will experience fishing, growing vegetables, picking vegetables, pouring pancakes, feeding animals… In addition, when you come to Family Garden, you can also enjoy a lot of attractive dishes made from homegrown.District 2 amusement park Saigon - Family Garden playHave fun and live virtual at Family Garden. Photo: iamkoo

6. Sala . Urban Park

– Address: No. 10 Mai Chi Tho, Thu Thiem, District 2, Saigon

– Opening time: 8am – 10pm

Sala urban park is an amusement park in District 2 Saigon, a super beautiful virtual living area that is being checked in by young people today. Sala urban area is located in a large park with an outstanding location along the river and fresh green grass. Coming to Sala Park, you will enjoy memorable moments of relaxation after a tiring working day. Saigon District 2 amusement park - Sala . Urban Park Sala urban park has a beautiful space

In particular, Sala Park is decorated with artificial trees like in Singapore. You will admire the giant calyx with shimmering light. You will be delighted to choose for yourself super beautiful, super quality virtual living corners at Sala Park as a souvenir. Saigon District 2 amusement park - Sala urban park live virtualVirtual living at Sala Park. Photo: toplist

7. Happy Farm at 5Ku Farm  

– Address: No. 1115 Thich Mat The, Thanh My Loi, District 2

– Opening time: 8am – 10pm

Happy Farm at 5Ku Farm is a favorite entertainment area in District 2 for children as well as adults on weekends. 5Ku Farm is known as the “European village” with a fresh natural setting ideal for relaxation. District 2 amusement park Saigon - Happy farm at 5Ku FarmHappy Farm at 5Ku Farm 

Coming to 5Ku Farm, you will experience activities like a real farmer such as: Planting trees, catching ducks, raising fish, feeding animals… 5Ku Farm owns flower beds and flocks of sheep for your comfort. virtual living roof. In particular, at 5Ku Farm, there are riverside huts for visitors to admire, rest and eat. District 2 amusement park Saigon - Happy farm at 5Ku Farm live virtual5Ku Farm virtual paradise in Saigon. Photo: vntrip

Above is a list of famous and popular Saigon District 2 amusement parks . Hopefully, it will help you choose for yourself the most ideal place to enjoy and relax with family and friends. You can also refer to: Saigon travel experience for the upcoming trip. 

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