Hanoi in the time of changing seasons

Autumn hits the alley of Hanoi with falling yellow leaves, the faint smell of milk flowers, the streets are few people and vehicles pass by because of social distancing.

The Hanoi Opera House reflected on the standing water after the sudden autumn rain on the morning of August 28. The theater is located in the August Revolution Square, the center of Hanoi, at the intersection of 5 streets Le Thanh Tong, Trang Tien, Tong Dan, Phan Chu Trinh, and Ly Thai To.

The photo is part of the Hanoi autumn photography series taken in August by Hanoi-based photographer Giang Trinh (born in 1983).

In the early autumn of Sword Lake, taken on August 22, the trees around the lake began to change color, bringing a feeling of lightness and romance.

Yellow leaves fall on the street on August 22 at the area of ​​Hoa Phong tower, Dinh Tien Hoang street in front of the Hanoi Post Office. Hoa Phong Tower is an ancient relic of Bao An Pagoda, a large temple built-in 1842 in Hanoi.

Mr. Giang Trinh said that during Hanoi’s distance to fight the epidemic, outside of work hours, taking advantage of the little time when on the way from home to the office, he recorded the moment of Hanoi in the weather in the morning. collect. The series of photos is a source of encouragement for everyone to have more motivation to overcome the pandemic together.

Phan Dinh Phung can be said to be the most beautiful and romantic street in Hanoi, with rows of shady old trees. This is the road to save many memories of many generations of students, as well as the “virtual living” place for many people. However, nowadays, the road is always empty.

The crossroads of Lan Ong – Hang Duong streets, is the center of Hanoi’s old quarter, with old houses in the early August sunshine. During the distance, the street is deserted, but it is this emptiness that makes the street. like being rested, peaceful.

Sad autumn afternoon on Ly Thuong Kiet Street, one of the central streets of Hanoi deserted due to Covid-19.

Mr. Giang Trinh said that in the photo taken on August 22, the street is so empty that it feels like from the beginning of the street on Le Thanh Tong’s side, you can see the end of the street on Le Duan’s side, something that would be difficult on a normal day because of crowded traffic.

Cua Bac Church in an autumn afternoon with golden sunshine and blue sky. This is an architectural and religious work with bold French architecture, creating more points in the urban space of Hanoi.

Clusters of milk flowers bloom on Quan Thanh Street, the street stretching from Hang Dau – Hang Than to the beginning of Thanh Nien Street, sporadic flowers bloom and emit fragrance on August 26.

After hot summer days, Hanoi is sometimes cooled by the first rains of the season that bring cool air. The image on Hai Ba Trung Street when the city lights up.

If every year near the Mid-Autumn Festival, the streets of Hanoi are adorned with decorative lights everywhere, especially in the Hang Ma quarter, this year the Mid-Autumn Festival atmosphere almost does not appear because the city is still in the middle of nowhere. social distancing days. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Giang Trinh