Visit the town of D’ran Lam Dong – the land of peace on the plateau

Not as gorgeous and colorful as Da Lat or dreamy like B’Lao, D’ran town brings the peaceful and wild beauty of immense mountains with rustic wooden houses, poetic rose gardens, and beautiful gardens. The cool breeze gives travelers a feeling of peace until the end when they stop. 

Traveling to Lam Dong, people often remember a lot about Da Lat, the beautiful dreamland of the windy highland. However, Lam Dong not only has Da Lat or Bao Loc which are very familiar with the footsteps of travelers, but this land also hides peaceful and lovely small towns like D’ran, which is hidden by Da lake. Nhim with charming beauty, full of life. Coming to D’ran town, visitors seem to be lost in a magical world, this mountain pass town brings romantic nostalgia and a feeling of peace. D'ran town tourD’ran, a beautiful town nestled in the middle of a beautiful plateau. Photo: @hoangngocthaouyen

Discover the town of D’ran on the back of the beautiful pass in Lam Dong 

D’ran town is located in Don Duong district, Lam Dong province, 40km from the center of Da Lat city, located between two long passes, Ngoan Muc and D’ran, so it is also known as the town on the back. Pass, D’ran town is also one of the gateways leading the way to the dreamland of Da Lat. 

the town of D'ran

The town is 40km from the center of Da Lat, in Don Duong district. Photo:@lqt.0904.

Right from the first “meeting” you will be mesmerized by this small town and bewildered by its peaceful beauty and nature full of life with colorful and charming arrays. No need to set foot in D’ran, the view of the town from the gateway pass is already a charming feng shui picture with a small town lying peacefully beside Da Nhim lake. feel loved and infatuated. 

D'ran town tour

The townscape from above is like a colorful picture. Photo:@idinhlieuqb

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Called a town, but D’ran does not have a noisy appearance, crowded with people and cars, the road to the town has a flat asphalt section, but there are also rustic winding roads that create a feeling of very close and friendly. In the town of D’ran Lam Dong,  you will see the green pine trees reaching out to catch the sun, the cool green gardens, the immense tea hills in the distance and the romantic rose gardens when the fruit ripens every day. return rate.

D'ran town tour

The road in the town is sparsely populated, with no noisy car horns. Photo:@ledangkhoa.ldk

D'ran Town House

The house looks nostalgic. Photo:@ledangkhoa.ldk

The atmosphere in D’ran town will always make you feel fresh, cool and like being immersed in a fairy-tale space that is both poetic and close. If traveling in D’ran on the right day of the season, you will admire a beautiful picture of the countryside with ripe fruits from persimmons, bananas, pineapples, tangerines to passion fruit or lush vegetable gardens. immense spread.  

 the beautiful town of D'ran

Lush green vegetable garden. Photo:@huytatu

 the beautiful town of D'ran

Bright yellow cabbage bed. Photo:@trang.chang90

D’ran town also has lovely small wooden houses nestled in the hills or ancient villas with bold French architecture from ancient times, schools with walls that have been stained with time. , all these images seem to make the flow of emotions in us become strange.

 the beautiful town of D'ran

Small wooden house nestled on the hillside. Photo:@isabellavo182

 The beautiful town of D'ran in the pink season

Persimmon season is ripe when the fruit is laden with branches. Photo:@nghi.phuongnp_

If traveling at the end of the year when wild sunflowers bloom, D’ran town will turn into a true fairyland with flowers fluttering in the cold weather or the whole road filled with sparkling yellow. Under the surprisingly beautiful sunlight will make you even more infatuated. You will also be able to return to yourself to welcome magical emotions in the cool, soothing atmosphere of rainy days or wander on small roads to enjoy the cool breeze or Sudden rains.

 The beautiful town of D'ran with wild sunflowers

Wild sunflowers bloom brilliantly at the end of the year in D’ran. Photo:@thaisonngn

In D’ran town you will not feel like a traveler because the people are very friendly and enthusiastic. You will feel like a son from far away with warm greetings and stories of humanity. The population in the town of D’ran is very modest and almost everyone knows each other. If you have time, you can ask to stay at the people’s house to experience the simple, everyday life and enjoy the slow and peaceful pace of life here. 

How to get to D’ran town for first time explorers 

In D’ran town, tourism services are not developed as much as Da Lat, everything here is still very wild, so it is very suitable for those who are passionate about exploring and want to see the peaceful appearance of a small town. on the plateau. You can get to D’ran town in many ways. If you go from Da Lat, you can go to Dran in the direction of Trai Mat, cross Cau Dat, cross Dran pass and reach the town. The road from Da Lat to D’ran town is considered the most beautiful of the suburban roads of the city. 

 The beautiful town of D'ran with wild sunflowers

You can come to D’ran by many different routes. Photo:@flowers_ontheroad

If you come to D’ran from Ho Chi Minh City, you go in the direction of Highway 20, to the Finom junction, you will have to go to town. In addition, from Ho Chi Minh City, you can also fly to Lien Khuong and then take a taxi to D’ran. 

If you go from Phan Rang city, you can drive in the direction of Ngoan Muc pass, one of the 2 passes close to D’ran town , this road allows you to see the wonderful natural picture with the winding road. poetic dreamscapes have entered poetry. 

 The beautiful town of D'ran

Come to D’ran to find yourself a priceless peaceful space. Photo:@tanyadtt

Coming to D’ran town, your heart will vibrate with every beat when you see the quiet, peaceful and beautiful streets, roofs, fields, or ancient architectures. D’ran is still peaceful even after hundreds of years and retains the magical beauty enough to make us fall in love and remember how many times we have visited. 

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