Top 5 picnic places in Hanoi that are “hot” in the tourism community

Hanoi not only has crowded streets or skyscrapers but also has countless peaceful corners of trees and heaven for you to have memorable camping trips. Here are the top favorite picnic places in Hanoi that you should not miss.

1. Red river rock beach – the most famous picnic spot in Hanoi

Red river rock beach has long been famous as the most attractive virtual living spot in Ha Thanh with countless gardens of daisies, sunflowers, yellow mustard… But few people know that this place is also the ideal picnic coordinates in Hanoi, which is loved by the experienced team. 

Accordingly, going away from the flower-growing area a little bit, you will be greeted by a flat green lawn stretching vastly along with a vast field of white reed grass like a dreamy fairyland, which is great to build. tent camping or carpet opening a small party with friends.Red river rock beach - picnic place in Hanoi Picnic here is the best (Photo @kellytynhu)

Especially now, when coming to this picnic spot in Hanoi , you can also be immersed in impressive acoustic music concerts, enjoy delicious diverse dishes and sip cool cocktails under the shimmering space. light, make sure to chill and forget sadness.Red River rock beach - a picnic place in Hanoi that is "hot" in the tourism communityChill at the Red River rock at night (Photo @xiao_meimei283)

  • Address: At the end of lane 264 Au Co, in Nhat Tan ward, Tay Ho district, about 2km from the center of the capital.
  • Ticket price: 50,000 VND / person

2. The lawn at the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge – a picnic place that is causing a ‘fever’ in Hanoi

The lawn at the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge or the middle of Vinh Tuy is a large alluvial ground with green grass stretching endlessly, the ideal view overlooking the immense Red River, waves and especially fresh air. , cool, peaceful as if forgotten amidst the noisy life of a prosperous city has “fascinated” many people who come here to camp, picnic and picnic in the afternoons or weekends.Vinh Tuy Bridge - a famous picnic spot in HanoiLarge and peaceful space ideal for picnic (Photo @nghi.phuongnp)

Moreover, due to the spacious and airy space with no obstacles, when coming to this picnic place in Hanoi , you can not only easily choose a prime location for camping, eating but also comfortable. Laughing, running, and jumping and participating in interesting entertainment activities such as skydiving, terrain umbrellas, flying drones and fishing…more.

Revealing, in the afternoon from 16:30 to 17:30 will be the most ideal time to have a picnic here because then the space is not only cooler and more pleasant, but the sunset is red. Brightly dyed the river surface and the sky, it also paints a beautiful background for virtual living 1001 pictures.grass at the foot of Vinh Tuy bridge - 1 of 5 hot-hit picnic places in HanoiSunset is the most beautiful moment here (Photo @h.quynh.nga)

  • Address: on the banks of the Red River, between Tuong Duong Bridge and Vinh Tuy Bridge, in Vinh Tuy Ward, connecting Long Bien District and Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

3. Yen So Park – a picnic place in Hanoi that has never cooled down

One of the famous picnic spots in Hanoi that no one does not knows is Yen So Park. This place impresses with the spacious campus covered with a green color of trees, flowers and a vast lake that makes the air always fresh and cool, so it is likened to the “green lung of the capital”.Yen So Park - a picnic place in Hanoi that is 'hot' Yen So Park is immersed in green (Photo @monisheree)

Not as a natural destination like the Red River rock beach or Vinh Tuy bridge foot, Yen So the park was built for the purpose of entertainment, so in addition to picnics and camping, you can also participate in many interesting games. Other flavors such as cycling around the lake, walking on the boat, and exploring the mysterious labyrinth garden…

As a picnic coordinate in Hanoi is so famous, the number of people coming here every day is quite crowded and it can be a bit noisy, but you can rest assured that its airy atmosphere is enough to make you not have a single day. Feeling a little stuffy and can comfortably lie on the grass looking at the sky or immersed in a good book.Yen So Park - a famous picnic spot in HanoiThe space is large enough for you to enjoy the freshness (Photo @cao_thi_dao)

  • Address: on Ring Road 3 near Phap Van – Cau Gie traffic mountain, in Yen So ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.
  • Opening hours: from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

4. Dong Mo tourist area – memorable picnic place in Ha Thanh

Located far from the lavish city, Dong Mo tourist area always welcomes visitors with the most peaceful, fresh and cool look of the vast forests, rolling hills and vast clear lakes. Therefore, this is a great place for you to camp and organize a memorable picnic with friends.Dong Mo - a picnic place in Hanoi should go toThis place is very fresh and cool (Photo FB Mai Hien)

The attraction of this picnic place in Hanoi is also in the relatively empty space, so you can freely eat, dance, laugh and talk with your friends and take virtual photos at 7749 corners without fear of encountering the goods. .

Revealing, this place has a rental service for camping equipment such as tents, grills, tables, chairs, … everything is complete and the price is extremely affordable so you don’t have to carry a lot of things to go anywhere. . Dong Mo tourist area - 1 of 5 picnic places in Hanoi worth visitingThe service here is very complete and comfortable (Photo Fb My Duyen)

  • Address: located in the tourist complex of Vietnam Ethnic Culture Village, in Son Tay town, Ba Vi district, about 50km from Hanoi city center.
  • Ticket price: 50,000 VND / person.

5. Ham Lon Mountain – the ideal picnic spot in Hanoi for backpackers

For teams who love to move, Ham Lon mountain is probably no longer a strange picnic place in Hanoi, because it has a very poetic scenery with mountains, rivers and pine forests as beautiful as Da Lat. Anyone who comes here doesn’t want to leave.Ham Lon mountain - a picnic place in Hanoi that is 'hot' Ham Lon Mountain is extremely ideal for camping (Photo @ngvncuong)

Coming here, you will not only enjoy rare moments of peace after the stressful pressures of life, enjoy a very fresh and pure atmosphere, but also enjoy endurance training thanks to climbing activities, which will definitely be unforgettable memories for viewing.Ham Lon mountain - a hot-hit picnic spot in HanoiThe peaceful scene shows me and me (Photo @lanbiene)

  • Note: Like Dong Mo, Ham Lon mountain also has camping equipment and grill for rent so you don’t need to bring it bulky, however, wind up in case the temperature drops in the evening and mosquito spray. To protect your health is something that you must not forget during a picnic.
  • Address: Soc Son district, about 40km from Hanoi city center

There is no need to “carry your backpack out of the capital” because even at the picnic places in Hanoi , it is enough for you to have memorable moments of relaxation!

Photo: Internet