Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao – a famous sacred place and pray for love

Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao is a tourist attraction with a pure and sacred space. In particular, Ba Phi Yen Temple is also a famous address to pray for love, loved by many people when coming to Con Dao .

Where is Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao? 

Ba Phi Yen Temple, also known as An Son Temple, is located in An Hai village, Con Dao district, Vung Tau province. This is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations and attracts tourists every time they come to Con Dao. Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao is about 2km from the town center. 
 Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - where?Ba Phi Yen Temple is also known as An Son Temple

Phi Yen was originally the concubine of King Nguyen Anh, loved by the people with her virtue and loyalty. After her death, the people of Con Dao built a shrine in the majestic and large campus to commemorate her. Phi Yen’s death ceremony is held on the 18th and 19th of the 10th lunar month, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world. In particular, on the days of the ceremony, many young people buy gifts to pray for luck. Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - Madam Phi Yen festivalPhi Yen Festival is held in the 10th month of the lunar calendar every year

How to go to Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao 

Experience going to Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao , to get to this sacred place you first need to get to Con Dao town by plane or train. As follows: 

– Airplane: For those in Hanoi/Can Tho/Da Nang/Saigon area, you can take a plane to Con Dao airport for about 600,000 VND – 2,600,000 VND/time.

– Train: Or you can take a train from Vung Tau or Soc Trang to Con Dao. Travel time is about 3.5 – 4 hours. 

From the center of Con Dao town to Ba Phi Yen temple is quite close, only 2km, so you can go by motorbike taxi or taxi very conveniently. Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - how to get thereHow to go to Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao

Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao – a sacred place to pray for love

First, you also need to learn a few things about the legend of the Ba Phi Yen temple. In 1873, when the Tay Son army failed, King Nguyen Anh and his family fled to Con Dao. Because she prevented the king from asking for help from the French, she was suspected of colluding with the Tay Son army and had the army captured and guillotined. After that, she was asked by the court to forgive her death and imprisoned on a deserted island in Con Lon. Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - visitPure natural scenery around Ba Temple

Phi Yen was liberated by the people living on the island and built a house for her next to her son’s grave. In October 1875, the people of An Hai village held a vegetarian sacrifice ceremony and took her to participate in the festival. On that very day, a butcher sneaked into her room with the intention of groping but was caught in time. In order to keep her identity intact, Phi Yen committed suicide that very night. Every year on the 18th day of the 10th lunar month, the people of An Hai village hold a solemn celebration of her death anniversary. If you come to An Son Temple on the right occasion to celebrate her death anniversary, visitors will be able to participate in many unique cultural activities. Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - Ba templeBa Phi Yen Temple is a sacred place in Con Dao

For a long time, the Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao has become a famous place to pray for many tourists. Many people believe that, while she was alive, she was famous for being a virtuous, faithful person and was buried in Con Dao, so she was very sacred. To pray at Ba Phi Yen’s temple, you need to prepare all the gifts and show your respect to be supported by her. You can order the ceremony at the temple gate area, there are stalls selling on both sides of the road to the temple. When going to Ba Temple, you should dress in historical clothes and avoid making noise. Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao - sacred placeThe famous sacred place and pray for fate in Con Dao

Not only a place to pray for a sacred fate, but Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao is also a place to visit and organize cultural activities on special occasions. Currently, Ba Phi Yen Temple has become a destination for tourists to learn about the history and folklore features.Ba Phi Yen Temple in Con Dao - Legendary steleBeer introducing Ba Phi Yen Temple

Notes when going to Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao

Visiting Mrs. Phi Yen’s temple, you should also understand some of the following notes: 

– See the weather forecast before you go to avoid affecting your trip. It is best to go on sunny and cool days for a complete tour. 

– Comply with regulations and procedures when celebrating at Ba Temple.

– Avoid joking and swearing when visiting Ba Phi Yen temple. 

– If you have time, you can combine visiting other famous spiritual places in Con Dao such as: Tomb of Sau at Hang Duong Cemetery , Monument to Martyrs of Hang Duong Cemetery, Mieu Cau Cai (Prince Cai) ), Co Van Temple on Hon Cau, Nui Mot Pagoda, Hang Keo Cemetery, Nam Co Temple… 

– You can book a tour of Con Dao to get a detailed introduction to Ba Phi Yen Temple. 

If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful green pearl island, once go to Ba Phi Yen temple in Con Dao to visit, pray for grace and learn about the unique cultural and historical features. In addition, you can also “pocket” Con Dao travel experience to have useful information for your upcoming trip. 

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