Check-in the Ganh Den lighthouse, live virtual with the exclusive beauty of Phu Yen ‘deep’

Coming to Ganh Den lighthouse, you will fully enjoy the beautiful and peaceful scenery of the sea in Phu Yen, where the lighthouse stands proudly under the sun to welcome the abundant sea breezes and beautiful scenery. heart. 

Someone once said that when coming to Phu Yen, you have to go to the rapids and whenever people mention the land of yellow flowers and green grass, people will immediately think of Ghenh Da Dia, but remember that Phu Yen also has a Ghenh Den. enchantingly beautiful, where there is a towering lighthouse with wild and idyllic natural scenery as it has been for ages. Ganh Den Lighthouse is becoming a check-in and extremely attractive “exclusive” place that is loved by travelers, if you are a virtual believer, this place will certainly not let you down. disappointed by the super deep check-in corners. 

Ganh Den lighthouse

Ganh Den Lighthouse is a beautiful destination that is being fascinated by travel enthusiasts of Phu Yen. Photo:@cuongkhii

Locating lighthouse in Phu Yen Ganh Den 

Ganh Den lighthouse was officially built-in 2002, located in An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district, 30km north of Tuy Hoa city center, this destination is located right next to Da Dia Reef Guests can combine visits to both locations. 

Ganh Den lighthouse tourism

The site is located 30km north of Tuy Hoa. Photo:@dinhminh15

Ganh Den Lighthouse is located not too far from the city center, however, it is located on a rocky mountain range on the coast and is quite far from residential areas, so few people know about it and still retain its wild beauty. The most convenient way to check in this place from Tuy Hoa city is to go along the coastal road wrapped in the O Loan lagoon and towards Da Dia Reef.

In addition, you can move in the other direction, from the center of Tuy Hoa, go in the direction of Chi Thanh town in Tuy An district, then turn through the asphalt road connecting National Highway 1 with Da Dia scenic spot. From here, you turn left and follow a small road for another 700m to reach Ganh Den lighthouse. 

How to get to Ganh Den lighthouse?

You can follow many roads to get to Ganh Den lighthouse. Photo:@nhu.nhong

Previously, the Ganh Den lighthouse area was called by the locals with another name, Ganh Da Den. The reason for this name is because here is formed by a very characteristic black rock layer. Later, when the lighthouse was built here, people began to change its name to Ganh Den. The wake light indicates the light of the lighthouse. The name is special but also very simple, showing the sincerity and simplicity of the local people. 

How to get to Ganh Den lighthouse?

This place is named after its geological feature. Photo:@kino.doan

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Admire the wild and charming beauty of Ganh Den 

Ganh Den lighthouse area is located on an area of ​​about 1km along the coast with enchanting scenery. The space here is created from light pink rocks arranged randomly like a beautiful painting. This place is not as widely known as Da Dia Reef, so it still retains the wild and liberal beauty of nature. The lighthouse is located prominently on the unspoiled cliff with red and white colors that adorn the natural picture here with a peaceful and unique appearance.

How to get to Ganh Den lighthouse?

The pale pink rocks are very prominent at Ganh Den. Photo:@max.nng

Ganh Den lighthouse beauty

The scenery is beautiful and impressive. Photo:@dungdnp

Ganh Den Lighthouse is located in the middle of the sea and sky, whose main task is to navigate the activities of ships when entering and leaving the waters of Vung Hello and Xuan Dai Bay of Phu Yen. Ganh Den lighthouse has a height of 10m, is 22m above sea level and the light from this lighthouse can be lighted within 17 nautical miles. Although not possessing an ancient look like other famous ancient lighthouses, the Ganh Den lighthouse has its own beauty and is one of the 79 lighthouses that make tourists most fascinated in Vietnam. 

Ganh Den lighthouse height

The lighthouse is 10 meters high with 2 red and white colors. Photo:@dulichdoday24

Ganh Den lighthouse beauty

This place has many beautiful check-in corners. Photo:@hong_nhuntt.

From Ganh Den lighthouse, you can see the peaceful sky on the coast of Phu Yen with poetic and lyrical beauty with the high sky, turquoise sea, majestic cliffs, and friendly appearance. of thousands of fishermen who are hard at work on the sea of ​​their homeland. The area at the foot of this lighthouse has many beautiful check-in points or convenient areas for you to enjoy the scenery, organize picnic activities, picnic, and fish.

Ganh Den lighthouse beauty

Around the lighthouse are rocky beaches with beautiful views. Photo:@bluewebkq

Ganh Den Lighthouse is the most beautiful at dawn, dusk, and in the dark night, the moment of dawn and wildness when the sunlight reflects on the surrounding rocks creating a beautiful orange-pink color. Night falls is the time when the lighthouse lights up together with the shimmering light where the boats come back to create an enchanting and peaceful scene. 

Sunset at Ganh Den lighthouse

Sunset at Ganh Den lighthouse is enchantingly beautiful. Photo:@dungdong139

Discover attractive destinations on the check-in palace with Ganh Den lighthouse 

On the way to check-in the lighthouse in Ganh Den , you can combine to check-in other attractive tourist attractions of Phu Yen nearby to enjoy a complete journey. 

The place near Ganh Den lighthouse and also extremely famous is the defining image of Phu Yen which is Ganh Da Dia. Ganh Da Dia is only 15 minutes away from Ganh Den lighthouse, so you can walk easily. The stacked rocks facing the sea at Da Dia Reef are a beauty that impresses anyone. 

Ghenh Den is near Ganh Den lighthouse

Ganh Da Dai is a 15-minute walk from Ganh Den lighthouse. Photo: @dieumy911

Mang Lang Church is also a place located on the discovery route with Ganh Den lighthouse . This church not only possesses classical Gothic architecture with meticulous pattern lines, impressive mossy appearance but also houses the first national language catechism book of Vietnam. This is also a beautiful virtual living place that fascinates travelers when coming to Phu Yen. 

Mang Lang Church is also on the check-in palace of Ganh Den lighthouse

Mang Lang Church is also on the check-in palace of Ganh Den lighthouse. Photo:@halla__aa

Ganh Den Lighthouse in Phu Yen is still a new destination for traveling believers, but the unspoiled beauty of this place is gradually attracting tourists to come to admire and check-in. If you have the opportunity to come to Phu Yen, do not miss the opportunity to explore this wonderful destination. 

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