Crossing the forest, crossing streams to conquer Ta Gu Waterfall, Khanh Hoa

Crossing the pass road, vast rice fields, you will reach Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa – where the clouds spread, the water rumbles like a fairyland. The unspoiled beauty of this place is enough to make people forget all the chaos in life.

About Ta Gu Waterfall Khanh Hoa 

If you are a nature lover, want to escape from the chaos of life, Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa is the ideal destination. The waterfall is located in Son Hiep commune, Khanh Son district, Khanh Hoa. The scenery here is surrounded by majestic mountains, but in the middle of that vast space, the waterfall still flows smoothly, giving visitors a very pleasant feeling. About Ta Gu Waterfall Khanh Hoa(Photo: haingocbuijoy)About Ta Gu Waterfall Khanh HoaTa Gu Waterfall Khanh Hoa 

Ta Gu Waterfall is about 40m high, standing on both sides of the wall like ivory, water from above pours into the lake below with an area of ​​​​nearly 200m. The water in the lake is calm and peaceful, embracing the cool white water, creating a charming landscape that many tourists must admire. At that time, you thought that you were lost in some fairyland, where there was no longer the troubles of life. About Ta Gu Waterfall Khanh Hoa (Photo: maroon_mak)Ta Gu Waterfall Khanh Hoa(Photo: kate.nikolaychuk)

Move to Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa 

From Nha Trang city, go straight to O Hop town in Khanh Son district, go to the center of Son Hiep commune along the provincial road 9. Here, you will walk about 200m to reach Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa . The road to the waterfall is not too long, but there are difficulties, there are some sections where visitors have to cling to rock holes and tree roots to reach the foot of the waterfall. Move to Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa (Photo: Trunglee)

The ideal time to explore Ta Gu waterfall 

Choosing to admire the Ta Gu waterfall in the dry season or the rainy season has its own imprint. However, according to Khanh Hoa tourism experience, Ta Gu waterfall is most beautiful in the rainy season, when the water rises higher, the waterfall flows down to be truly eye-catching, but you should note that in the rainy season, the journey to conquer the waterfall also more difficult. The ideal time to go to Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa In the rainy season, the waterfall becomes more beautiful (Photo: kat_usha_)

Legend of Ta Gu waterfall Khanh Hoa 

According to local people, in the past, there were many large python species at Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa and they often crawled here to find food when the dry season came. When he saw the baby elephant lost his mother, the python rushed forward, struggling to swallow the baby elephant. That fight was very tense, tense and in the end, both fell into the abyss. When the mother elephant found the baby elephant lying dead in the abyss, she was very sad, crying day and night and then turning to stone, the two rows of tears turned into a waterfall-like today. Standing from below, looking up, Ta Gu waterfall is empty like an ivory that stabs straight into the blue sky, so this place is also called Ivory waterfall. Legend of Ta Gu waterfall Khanh Hoa(Photo: _mer.__ree)

In addition, there is another story that tells that because the natural scenery here is so beautiful, the flowers blooming all year round have lured the fairy from the sky to come down to play in the world and forget about the time. return time. When he remembered, the door to heaven was closed, causing the fairy to stay on earth forever. Because she missed the fairy palace so much, she fell on the side of a high cliff, her hair fell down next to the rocky shore, forming a waterfall flowing day and night. Legend of Ta Gu waterfall Khanh HoaThe waterfall flows like the soft hair of a fairy

Exciting experience at Ta Gu Waterfall

The attraction of Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa is not only in its impressive beauty but also in the journey through the forest and stream on the way to the waterfall. You will have to hang on to the roots to go. The road to the foot of the waterfall is quite short but not easy. When getting of the car, you have to be near the cliff about 10m deep, you will have to go very carefully to climb down. Continue on the 200m rocky road to the stream bank. There is a clear freshwater lake here. The water pouring down from the waterfall is surrounded by many large rocks, blocking it to form a small lake. The longer the water flows, the deeper the lake becomes. Guests will have to climb over large and small rocks, cross many slippery streams. Journey to conquer Ta Gu waterfall Khanh Hoa(photo: lizapanurova)Journey to conquer Ta Gu waterfall Khanh HoaThe journey to the waterfall is short, but there are many challenges 

But that arduous journey is nothing when reaching the waterfall. It is an overwhelming feeling of “extreme” when seeing a steep cliff, opposite it is a picturesque waterfall that is rushing water. It is an indescribable feeling of joy when being crossed from one cliff to another. All the fatigue in life suddenly disappears. Journey to conquer Ta Gu waterfall Khanh HoaThe waterfall is far away 

Up to the area above, looking further away is the scenery of rolling green mountains and forests, blending with deep blue clouds. At that time, we suddenly felt like children again, but we were not alone in the vast sky. Explore Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh HoaThe flowing waterfall is so charming (Photo: _mackap)Journey to conquer Ta Gu waterfall Khanh HoaHumans are so small compared to nature 

Experience when exploring Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa

  • You should leave from 5 am to be able to admire the beauty of Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa and return when it is dark, it is very dangerous to travel. 
  • To ensure safety and be more active during the trip, please bring protective gear, water tent, food, insect repellent. 
  • Because this place is still wild, there are no restaurants, motels or eateries for visitors to choose from. So you will have to prepare your own food and drinks. 
  • When going to the waterfall, pack important items with you because they can easily get wet during the journey. 

What to eat when coming to Ta Gu waterfall in Khanh Hoa?Remember to prepare your own food

Ta Gu Waterfall, Khanh Hoa, has a majestic and wild beauty, but it is not noisy, screaming but somewhat discreet and quiet like a gentle girl. With this tourist destination, Khanh Hoa certainly gives visitors an exciting and extremely satisfying adventure. 

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