Experience going to Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden to eat fruit and have fun

Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden is famous as one of the most beautiful gardens in Tay Do. Visiting Vam Xang fruit garden, visitors will be able to see with their own eyes all kinds of luxuriant fruits of Western specialties, relax and have fun.

Where is Vam Xang fruit garden in Can Tho? 

Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden is located at Nhon Loc 1 hamlet, Phong Dien town, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city. Vam Xang is one of the eco-tourism areas and gardens that are loved by many tourists whenever they have the opportunity to come to Tay Do. Vam Xang Can Tho is impressive with its close-to-nature design and typical Southern garden ecological area. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - where is the address?Can Tho Vam Xang Fruit Garden is a tourist attraction

You can go to the Vam Xang Can Tho tourist area at any time of the year. However, the ideal period is from January to March or from March to the end of June. This is the most luxuriant and blooming fruit season in the Vam Xang garden. You should also check the weather forecast before you go. Because if you go on a rainy day, it will be very difficult to travel to visit and have fun. In addition, you should also consider going in the early morning or cool afternoon. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - always beautifulShould go in the right fruit season to enjoy fullness

How to move to Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden?

The experience of going to the Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden said that it is about 11.7kmfrom the center of Can Tho to this garden, which is very convenient when traveling in many different ways. First, you need to get to Can Tho by plane, bus or motorbike depending on where you depart.

If starting from Ninh Kieu wharf, you go in the direction of Nguyen Van Cu street -> turn left through Trang Tien bridge -> Ong De bridge -> Rach Ke bridge -> go a bit further to Cao Dai temple. After that, continue to move on the left road near Thanh That, you will reach Vam Xang fruit garden. If you do not know the way, you can just look up google maps and ask the locals.Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - how to get thereHow to move to Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden?

What does Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden have?

Vam Xang fruit garden has a total area of ​​3ha, planted with more than 40 typical fruits of the West. On the way to this resort, you will pass through a small road with many beautiful blooming flowers. At the beginning of the gate of Vam Xang tourist area is a rustic bamboo gate, along with straw dunes and rows of red hibiscus flowers that bring a sense of closeness. When entering the Vam Xang fruit garden, visitors will be overwhelmed with the vast scenery and the meticulous care of the garden owner. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - a scene in the tourist areaNatural scenery at Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden

During the period from May to October, when exploring the Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden, you will admire the bunch of berries laden with fruit growing to the root. There are many famous types of berries in Vam Xang such as: Ha Chau Strawberry, famous for its sweet taste, once and for all, or bon bon oil, which is sweet and sour. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - a luxuriant fruit gardenAdmire and pick fruits of all kinds at Vam Xang. Photo: chudu24

After walking around the resort, you can sit in a canoe and go along the two canals to watch the fruits laden with fruit. Let’s see with our own eyes all kinds of specialty fruits of the West such as: Mangosteen, tangerine, durian, plum, toad, breast milk, queen guava, rambutan, jackfruit, strawberry…. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - all kinds of fruitsThe area of ​​the strawberry garden is full of fruit in the Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden. Photo: thamhiemmekong

Traveling to Vam Xang fruit garden in Can Tho, visitors can also participate in many interesting entertainment games such as slapping ditches to catch fish, fishing, and extremely interesting scrubbing. Team up to organize fun activities, wading in the ditch, catching fish in the mud, slapping water is extremely interesting.Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - sightseeing by canoeTake a canoe through the canals to admire the garden. Photo: chudu24 

With the result of fresh fish in the ditch, you can ask the garden owner to process it into many attractive dishes. At noon, you can hang a hammock under the trees in the garden to enjoy the cool breeze and listen to the birds chirping to forget all the fatigue of life. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - a paradise of fruitsFruit-laden jackfruit garden in Vam Xang. Photo: sanvemaybayCan Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - enjoy entertainmentExperience slapping ditches to catch fish for fun. Photo: cuulonghotel   

In addition, when you come to Vam Xang, you can also enjoy a lot of Southern specialties such as: Hu Tieu, grilled hamsters, soup cakes, hot pot of Linh cotton crazy fish, grilled snakehead fish, coconut worms, hot pot with fish sauce. … The price of the food is very affordable and it is cooked with a strong Western flavor. In the evening, gather together to enjoy a cozy meal and chat with the people here. Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - enjoy specialtiesEnjoy Western specialtiesCan Tho Vam Xang fruit garden - overnight accommodationOvernight at Vam Xang tourist area

Notes when going to the Can Tho Vam Xang fruit garden

To have the most complete fun and discovery trip to Vam Xang Can Tho garden , you should also refer to some notes below:

– Do not arbitrarily pick fruit without the consent of the garden owner.

– Reservations can be made by phone: 0832 74 34 34 – 0942 679 567

– You can buy fruit to take home and need to contact the garden owner in advance. 

– Do not forget to bring a camera to check-in virtual living with the beautiful scenery of the Vam Xang fruit garden.

– If you do not want to eat in the resort, you should bring ready food and drinking water. 

– When you want to stay overnight at the fruit garden, you should contact the garden owner in advance to arrange. 

– If you have time, you should combine visiting other famous fruit gardens in Can Tho such as Uncle Ba Cong Garden, My Khanh fruit garden , 9 Hong fruit garden … 

Above is the whole experience of going to Vam Xang Can Tho fruit garden: Travel, visit and have fun . Hopefully with the above useful information will help you have a happy trip and many memorable memories. Do not forget to “pocket” the extremely complete and detailed Can Tho travel experience . 

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