Find peace at East Sea Park Da Nang

In the heart of the coastal city of Da Nang, the image of thousands of pigeons flying in the blue sky and then swooping down on the yard near the coast of My Khe has made a strong impression on tourists when visiting the park. East Sea.

About East Sea Park

East Sea Park is located on Vo Nguyen Giap street – a beautiful coastal road in Da Nang, about 8kmfrom Linh Ung Pagoda . With a location near the center, near My Khe beach, Pham Van Dong beach, this place becomes the focus of many tourist activities of the city. Introducing East Sea Park (Photo: ttknga)

The park has a direct view of the Hoang Sa archipelago and the East Sea, so people named it East Sea Park as a way to express national pride and affirm the country’s sovereignty. In addition, this tourist destination is also known by many other names such as “Love Park”, “peace park”, “festival park”. About East Sea Park From the park you can look directly to the East Sea (Photo: miadatv)

In particular, East Sea Park is a completely free amusement park , people coming here can freely camp and picnic without paying any fee. Introducing East Sea Park This attraction is free of charge

Move to East Sea Park

From Da Nang airport, you move along Nguyen Van Linh street, pass Pham Van Dong, turn left on Vo Nguyen Giap for a short distance to reach the destination. Travel distance is more than 6km. With that distance, people have many choices of means of transport. 

You can rent a motorbike yourself, this vehicle is very suitable for traveling and exploring the city. If you go in a large group, you can rent a self-drive car, this way helps you avoid inclement weather but the cost will be more expensive. If you do not like to ride a motorbike, you can choose to take a taxi. Of course, the cost is somewhat expensive, but according to Da Nang travel experience , there are many cheap taxi companies for you to choose from. Move to East Sea ParkMotorcycles are the choice of many young people 

What’s attractive about East Sea Park in Da Nang? 

One of the attractions that many tourists come to East Sea Park is the pigeons that spread their wings in the sky. Here, you will admire thousands of pigeons flying in the air and then sometimes swooping down to eat and play, creating an extremely peaceful and gentle scene in the heart of the city. What's interesting about East Sea Park?The park is located next to the charming beach 

When the birds land in the yard, visitors can sit down to spread food and play with the gentle doves to find a sense of relaxation and peace of mind. This is definitely an experience that many people will not be able to ignore when coming to East Sea Park . The best time to take pictures with the birds is in the early morning or late afternoon. At this time, the birds gathered in the park with the largest number of individuals will help you to have romantic and wonderful photos. What's interesting about East Sea Park?(Photo: sunpinkkk)

Not only dubbed the land of peace, but locals also liken East Sea Park to a “love park” because of its very romantic and poetic setting, creating a strong attraction for couples. The rows of green coconut trees swaying in the wind by the charming seaside and the white sands are tinted with sunshine,… All draw a poetic natural space that attracts couples to go on dates and enjoy the scenery. Wedding photography to mark their 100 years of happiness. What's interesting about East Sea Park?This place is also known as Love Park What's interesting about East Sea Park?Couples choose this as a place to take wedding photos 

From the park, you can look far away to see fishing boats, oil tankers floating on the sea. Looking to the northeast, in Son Tra peninsula you can see the tallest statue of Quan Am Buddha in our country. What's interesting about East Sea Park?The scenery is amazing 

East Sea Park is the venue for many food festivals, festivals, cultural events, exhibitions and many teambuilding activities, game shows and sports activities such as kayaking, surfing, paragliding, etc. … The facilities at the park are also being improved day by day to better serve tourists. What's interesting about East Sea Park?(Photo: minpika)

Delicious dishes to try at East Sea Park


Surely when you come to East Sea Park , you cannot ignore seafood dishes. The seafood here is commented by many visitors as fresh and delicious. You can enjoy crab, shrimp, squid, fish,…What to eat when coming to East Sea parkFresh seafood

Quang noodles

Quang noodle is one of the famous specialties of Da Nang, so don’t forget to enjoy this dish when coming to East Sea Park . There are many types of noodles for visitors to choose from such as beef noodles, frog noodles, chicken noodles, shrimp noodles,…What to eat when coming to East Sea parkQuang Noodles Danang (Photo: food.adventure.fuk)

If you are traveling to Da Nang and want to see pigeons, then go to East Sea Park . The image of thousands of pigeons flying in the air will make your soul feel lighter and more peaceful. 

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