‘Stunned’ by the enchanting beauty of Ninh Thuan coral island

The enchanting green mossy cliffs, the gentle and clear sunlight in the early morning, the charm of the sea at Ninh Thuan Atoll Island certainly make visitors irresistible and have to pack their backpacks and go. !

Locating coral island Ninh Thuan 

Ninh Thuan Coral Island is a place that is often confused with Hang Rai because it is located next to each other and possesses similar beauty. However, here is wild and not as famous. Introducing Ninh Thuan Coral Island Coral Island is located next to Hang Rai 

Ninh Thuan Coral Island has located about 60km from Phan Rang city, near Nui Chua National Park . When coming to this national park, visitors will see on one side is Hang Rai and right next to it is Coral Island. On Coral Island, there are many sharp and jagged pieces of coral stone, drawing a very ghostly, mysterious and charming scene. Introducing Ninh Thuan Coral Island (Photo: maiho301)

Move to Ninh Thuan coral island 

Starting from the city. From Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a plane, train or bus to reach Phan Rang. From here, take a bus or rent a motorbike to Vinh Hy Bay, about 55km from Phan Rang. Go another 6km to reach Nui Chua National Park. Here, you will reach Ninh Thuan coral island . Move to Ninh Thuan Coral Island Riding a motorbike will make you more active 

The scene is full of ghosts in Ninh Thuan coral island

Ninh Thuan Atoll has a different geological structure compared to other islands in our country. Other islands will usually have rocks below, forests, soil and sand on top, but Coral Island does not have those. Instead, it is the adhesion of many moss-covered rocky outcrops. They are not smooth, smooth, but very undulating and jagged. Overall, this island is like a rough rocky shore in the middle of the ocean, lying firmly in front of the waves. Geological structure in Ninh Thuan coral island Coral Island has a special geological structure 

At low tide, the water on the island’s surface will recede to reveal rocky outcrops covered with green moss. When the sun shines on, those rocks under the deep blue sky suddenly become magical and mysterious. This is also the time when you can pull out the camera to work. Geological structure in Ninh Thuan coral island This is truly a masterpiece of nature 

The most impressive thing in Ninh Thuan coral island is that there are small pools of water interspersed with rocks. In those puddles, there are many species of fish and marine life. Here, visitors can swim and admire the world under the ocean. Geological structure in Ninh Thuan coral island The puddles lie intertwined with the rocks

Interesting experience in Ninh Thuan coral island 

Not only has the special terrain structure, but the journey to set foot on the coral island of Ninh Thuan is also very interesting. To get here, you can cross the tall rocky mountains or you can swim through the shallow coral area. Both of these ways have dangers because moss clings to rocks a lot, causing slips and falls. Take pictures in Ninh Thuan coral island You can cling to the big rocks to get to the island 

If you are female and are afraid to move on difficult terrain, you can choose to climb large rocks. This way of moving is more convenient and faster. And if you love adventure, don’t mind difficulties, have a lot of experience in backpacking, you can choose to wade through puddles to reach the island. Although more challenging, the scenery on this road is more romantic and beautiful. Virtual living on coral island Ninh Thuan (Photo: maiho301)

According to Ninh Thuan travel experience , the best time to explore and visit Coral Island is in the morning. At that time, the sun was not hot, the air was fresh, and the seawater receded. That will make it easy for visitors to travel on the island to enjoy the scenery, take pictures comfortably and comfortably. If you want to dive and see the coral, wait until it is sunny, then the coral reefs under the ocean will be displayed more clearly. Explore Ninh Thuan Coral Island (Photo: hi_iamtratit)

Attractions near Ninh Thuan Coral Island 

Rai Cave 

Rai Cave is a very famous tourist destination and is located right next to the coral island of Ninh Thuan. This place owns a very majestic, enchanting scenery and has a rare terrain of water pouring on the sea. Hang Rai - tourist attraction near coral island Ninh Thuan (Photo: cuongkhii)

What impresses visitors when coming to Hang Rai is the unique and fanciful natural scenery. The stones of all shapes are stacked on top of each other to create many beautiful caves. Half of Hang Rai is a high-horned mountain range, that yellow rock mass makes nature so mysterious. Hang Rai - tourist attraction near coral island Ninh Thuan Yellow stone blocks (Photo: bichphuongbae)

Thai An Vineyard 

The most attractive thing in Thai An Ninh Thuan vineyard is probably seeing with your own eyes and being immersed in the sweet aroma with tens of thousands of bunches of grapes. Coming here, visitors will be able to hold, touch and cherish the beautiful bunches of grapes and then release their figure to live a beautiful virtual life. Thai An Vineyard - tourist destination near coral island Ninh Thuan (Photo: hueandsuntravels)

Not only that, Thai An vineyard is like a maze with many straight and perpendicular paths. Blocking those paths are rows of trees supporting a large vine. Lost in this maze, you will not be able to determine where the exit or entrance is due to being obscured by the heavy bunches of grapes. Thai An Vineyard - tourist destination near coral island Ninh Thuan The paths in the vineyard are like a maze 

Are all these things in Ninh Thuan coral island enough to make you excited and looking forward? Let’s plan a trip to Ninh Thuan  and explore!

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