Take a look at the most unique and unique festivals in Can Tho

Coming to the festivals in Can Tho, you not only learn about the unique culture of Tay Do but also participate in many interesting and entertaining activities. So what are the festivals in Can Tho and when do you know how to organize them? Let’s find the answer through the following article.

The most famous festivals in Can Tho

Here is a list of traditional festivals in Can Tho attracting tourists to visit today, you can refer to:

1. Can Tho Ong Pagoda Festival

– Venue: 32 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu, Can Tho

– Organization time: 7/7 lunar calendar

The most famous festival in Can Tho must be the Ong Pagoda festival held in Ninh Kieu, attracting a large number of visitors. Ong Pagoda, also known as Quan Trieu Hoi Quan of Chinese people, was recognized as a national historical and cultural relic in 1993. Ong Pagoda Festival is held on Vu Lan festival 7/7 lunar calendar, in the lunar calendar. within 2-3 days. During the festival days, there are many special activities such as building cemeteries, volunteering, building schools… 

On the full moon day of every month, Ong Pagoda also organizes a ceremony to worship the gods and the day of Quan Chau, Thien Hau Thanh Mau, Ong Bon, etc. On these days of worship, people prepare offerings and fruit cakes to worship. at the temple.  Festivals in Can Tho - Can Tho Temple FestivalOng Can Tho Pagoda Festival with many special activities

2. Binh Thuy communal house worshiping festival

– Location: Le Hong Phong Street, Binh Thuy Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho

– Time: 15/1 lunar calendar

This is a special festival in Can Tho that is held on the full moon day of the 12th lunar month to give thanks and worship the fields after a bountiful year. In particular, the Ky Yen Ha Dien festival is held on the 15th day of the 4th lunar month to worship the land at the beginning of a new crop of the year. The festival is organized with activities related to the agricultural production of the people of Can Tho. During the days of the Binh Thuy communal house worshiping festival, many interesting entertainment activities will take place such as: Boi singing, Cai Luong singing, boat racing, wrestling, tug of war, tuong performance… Festivals in Can Tho - Binh Thuy Family Worshiping FestivalBinh Thuy communal house worshiping festival

3. Southern folk cake festival

– Location: Can Tho Trade and Investment Promotion Center and Exhibition Fair, 108 Le Loi, Tan An Ward, Ninh Kieu District, City. Can Tho 

– Time: April every year

Referring to the festivals in Can Tho that attract visitors, it is impossible to ignore the Southern folk cake festival. Coming to this famous festival, visitors will enjoy many famous delicious cakes of Southern cuisine. During the festival days, there are many stalls selling regional specialties, folk cakes and promoting tourism. The most prominent is the cake offering ceremony at Than Tan An communal house and the cake-making contest. In addition, when coming to Can Tho cake festival, visitors can also enjoy folk music, art performances, folk games…Festivals in Can Tho - Southern folk cake festivalThe Southern Folk Cake Festival attracts a large number of visitors

4. Tan Loc Fruit Festival

– Location: Thot Not District, Can Tho City 

– Time: Doan Ngo New Year (May 5th of the lunar calendar)

Next, is the Tan Loc fruit festival held annually in Thot Not (Can Tho) attracting visitors to participate. Coming to Tan Loc Fruit Festival, visitors will admire all kinds of regional specialties, enjoy food and participate in the fun. The highlight of the festival is the art decoration contest, exhibition, and display of products of Can Tho. Along with that, there are fun and sports activities such as Taekwondo competitions, dragon lion tournament, regional cuisine… Festivals in Can Tho - Tan Loc Fruit FestivalThe famous Tan Loc Fruit Festival in Can Tho

5. Can Tho Lantern Festival

– Location: Ninh Kieu Wharf Pedestrian Bridge, Can Tho

– Time: November, December every year

Hoa Lantern is a famous festival in Can Tho attracting a large number of visitors with its spectacular light space. Can Tho Lantern Festival is held at Ninh Kieu pedestrian bridge with a giant lantern model and is extremely splendidly decorated. Especially the lotus flower model decorated with splendid LED lights attracts visitors to live virtual. Besides, the festival also has activities such as releasing lanterns, performing arts, folk games, don ca tai tu, food… Festivals in Can Tho -Can Tho Lantern FestivalCan Tho Lantern Festival has an extremely grand scale

6. Ok Om Bok . Festival 

– Location: Can Tho

– March 13, 14 and 15 of the lunar calendar 

Ok Om Bok, also known as Cholchonam Thomay, is one of the famous Khmer festivals in Can Tho . The festival is held within 3 days from the 13th to the 15th of the third lunar month and is considered the Khmer New Year. The festival is meant to give thanks to the Moon God for helping people have a bountiful harvest. During the Cholchonam Thomay festival, many interesting activities take place such as: releasing sky lanterns, water lights, boat racing… Festivals in Can Tho - Ok Om Bok . Festival Unique Ok Om Bok Festival in Can Tho

7. Feast of Lady Thien Hau

– Location: Many locations in Can Tho

– Time: 23/3 of the lunar calendar every year

The Chinese people believe that gods like her have blessed people with a full and prosperous life. Every year, Ba Thien Hau festival held on the 23rd day of the third lunar month attracts a large number of visitors. On the days of the festival, the people of the Chinese community living in Can Tho together clean up and bathe her with pomelo leaves with the meaning of cleansing away all bad luck in the past year. Festivals in Can Tho - Ba Thien Hau ceremonyThe special Ba Thien Hau ceremony of the Chinese people in Can Tho

Above are the most unique and famous festivals in Can Tho that attract a large number of visitors. Hopefully, it will help you understand the time and place of the organization to choose for yourself the most unique festivals when you have the opportunity to come to the country of white rice and clear water. Besides, you can refer to Can Tho’s travel experience

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