Overwhelmed by a new North Island of Phu Quoc waiting for visitors

Recently, the entertainment channel Amazing Vietnam has just posted a short clip titled “Phu Quoc Today” attracting hundreds of thousands of views and interactions.

The image of these splendid castles in the midst of the green space of the forest and the sea belongs to the super complex of Phu Quoc United Center. “Remember Phu Quoc, Oh! Phu Quoc is here?” “Too beautiful, so excellent”, “Thought it was Europe, will definitely come”… are the constant exclamations expressed by domestic and foreign tourists.

With the entire scene taken by flycam technique from above, the clip captures a poetic corner of the North Pearl island with the focus on classical architectural buildings in the VinWonders amusement park campus belonging to the super complex. Asia’s leading entertainment and resort – Phu Quoc United Center just opened in April 2021.

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Nearly 700 comments and exchanges are below, most of them are overwhelmed by the beauty of Phu Quoc today and will definitely be dating again.

Reader Thao Giang left a comment: “So beautiful! Dream of going here” and excitedly tagged his close friends. Not only evokes nostalgia for domestic tourists, but the clip also attracts many foreign tourists’ accounts to comment and introduce them to friends.

Through this very short clip, viewers have seen the “change of skin” of Phu Quoc in the afternoon sun until the lights sparkle.

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At the end of the clip is a very impressive fanciful image revealing the famous multimedia water music show shown to visitors every night at the Fire Phoenix square of VinWonders theme park.

In fact, this is only a part of the 1000 ha of the Phu Quoc United Center super complex.

Stepping through the gate of the castle with that classic European architecture, visitors really enter the world of a thousand and one joys and discover extremely new things that can only be found here. It is more than 100 leading modern games in the world, where visitors can unleash their energy with the world’s fastest roller coaster “Rage of Zeus”; Challenge all limits with “Typhoon World” at Asia’s largest water park. Young people can take part in the challenge of conquering 52 levels of simulation “Thunder God Challenge” or zipline through the forest like a genuine Tarzan… The world of fairy tales is extremely lively like Alice in Wonderland. or Aladdin rescues the princess in the mysterious Persian Oasis; ancient Egypt valley;

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Also belonging to Phu Quoc United Center, the city that never sleeps Grand World will be a place every visitor cannot miss with a unique series of day and night experiences. This place owns splendid and magnificent architecture, bustling and trendy commercial streets, vibrant party space, and bustling entertainment centers of Venice, Shanghai shopping street, Market. Phu Quoc Grand World night…

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The heart of nightlife converges at the Grand World night market area and a pedestrian street stretching between rows of shops, busy shophouses, and trendy pubs. 138 stalls stretching from Indochina to the Mediterranean always provide a space to experience local and international culture and cuisine. The chain of fashion stores, accessories, souvenirs, specialties of the three regions, traditional products … brightly lit is a shopping paradise not to be missed. And the endless culinary journey from the famous Kien Xay Noodles, Ham Ninh Seafood World, Phu Quoc Beef, or Saigon Hub Market seafood world at Night Zone 68 up to 2,000 m2 wide… is one of the difficult attractions. forced for nocturnal believers.

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During the trip to Phu Quoc United Center, visitors will also be overwhelmed with the works recognized as Vietnamese records. These are the largest Bamboo House – Bamboo Legend, Teddy Bear Museum – the first Teddy Bear exhibition area, a real-life art program using modern 3D performance technology to reproduce the most traditional historical sites “Tinh Tinh”. flowers of Vietnam”, the largest multimedia landscape art program on the water inspired by the European cultural quintessence “Colors of Venice” and a diverse Super complex with various types of entertainment and leisure. has the largest area.

Along with that is the 5-star experience chain that has made the name of Vietnam’s leading tourism brand Vinpearl for many years: Classy vacations in spacious sea-view villas and rooms, luxurious events majestic and majestic on the beach of Bai Dai, were the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam.

Surely, nature-loving tourists will really find a true “green paradise” on the North Island. Those are the beaches stretching freely connected with the wonderful primeval forest. In addition, Asia’s leading semi-wild animal care and conservation park Vinpearl Safari is nurturing more than 200 species of animals from all over the world. Visitors can stroll for hours to discover the behavior of each species or see first-hand the Bengal tiger lord ruling his domain among the wild jungle, meeting African lions in the grasslands, and other species Lovely funny animals: rhinoceros, zebra, giraffe… are leisurely walking in the area recreating the majestic savanna steppe. All create a vibrant and vibrant appearance for the unspoiled northern island.

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It can be seen that the presence of Asia’s leading mega-populations such as Phu Quoc United Center has contributed to creating a “new shirt” for the pearl island, promising a boom in post-pandemic tourism. This has been recognized by the prestigious Time Magazine when honoring Phu Quoc as one of the “100 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2021”.

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