Check-in super beautiful virtual living at Moc mountain resort – Moc Chau

Moc mountain tourist area is located at an altitude of more than 1000m above sea level. Located at Moc Chau Farm, the Moc mountain tourist area is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Son La with charming mountain beauty.

Where is Moc mountain tourist area?

Moc mountain tourist area is located in Phieng Luong commune, Moc Chau district, Son La province. From Hanoi, it will take you about 4 hours to travel for a distance of more than 180km.

From the city center, move in the direction of De La Thanh and Tran Duy Hung, enter Trung Hoa underpass to go straight to TDC08 (Hanoi – Hoa Binh Expressway). Go straight about 30km to Hoa Lac highway junction, turn left onto Hoa Lac – Hoa Binh road. Continue going straight for more than 20km to Highway 6, passing Hoa Binh city.

From here, you just need to move straight along Highway 6 to Son La, entering Moc Chau. The road is a bit far, but be patient and pay attention to the sign on the right of the road to know if you have arrived in Moc Chau. At Moc Chau, you still continue to follow Highway 6 to Hoang Quoc Viet intersection and then turn left and ask for directions to the Moc mountain tourist area, you have already arrived. the way to Moc mountain tourist areaYou can go by car or motorbike. But traveling by motorbike will be much more interesting

Places to eat in Moc mountain tourist area

1. Ecological zone

Coming to the Moc mountain tourist area , you must definitely explore the diverse and unique ecological system. Experience the feeling of climbing each step up the mountain and enjoy the cool air here. Many beautiful flowers grow along the path for you to check in. The typical flowers are wild orchids, five-color flowers.Stone gate to Moc mountain tourist areaStone gate to Moc mountain tourist areaMoc mountain tourist areaPhoto: @01_ccognoabMoc mountain tourist areaPhoto: @anhngoc.00

A dreamy waterfall is waiting for you to discover right in the middle of the mountain. The bridges, the green lawns like to paint a beautiful and fresh nature picture.Waterfall in Moc mountain tourist areaPhoto: @keobonbon_2297Waterfall in Moc mountain tourist areaWaterfall area at Moc mountain tourist area

In addition, along the way to the top of Moc mountain is also adorned with extremely unique architectural works such as a giant lotus hand made from stone, a wooden boat in the clouds, a butterfly garden… attractive stop for you to unleash your virtual life pose. Let’s take a look at the “million-like” photos below.The way to the lotus hand in Moc mountain tourist areaThe way to the lotus hand in Moc mountain resortMoc mountain lotus handCheck – print the hand of the lotus flower in Moc mountainMoc mountain lotus handAnd another angle is also super beautifulDetailed map of each attraction in Moc mountain tourist areaDetailed map of each attraction in Moc mountain tourist arearattan boat in Moc mountain tourist areaThis is the cloud boat arearattan boat in Moc mountain tourist areaWedding photography here is super beautiful

You are thinking that taking pictures here is too beautiful, there is no need to go to the top of the tiny mountain, right? It’s okay. The top of the mountain is even more beautiful. On the top of the mountain, there is a large flat area with green grass. From here you can see the whole beautiful Moc Chau Farm.the way to the top of Moc mountainThe way to the top of Moc mountainMoc mountain peakBlue sky, white clouds, do you love the sun or do you love me?

The distant mountains, green tea hills, dairy farms, vegetable gardens, roofs and even homestays with unique architecture are all wrapped up insight. The feeling of breathing fresh air on the plateau mixed with sunshine, wind and clouds will give you an experience you will never forget.Moc mountain peakMoc Chau Farm encapsulated in sight

Besides the natural scenery and super-beautiful check-in points, Moc mountain resort also owns an extremely diverse flora and fauna system. In particular, the most unique must mention the rock snail (terrestrial snail). This snail often appears on the edges of rocky mountains to feed after rains. Thai people often catch snails and process them into many delicious dishes. If anyone here is a fan of snails, raise your hand!nhatmai1310ueb-minPhoto: @nhatmai1310ueb

2. Khu coffe house

After hours of climbing and tiring photography, you will need some coffee to regain energy. At Nui Moc tourist area, there are 2 cafes, one at the top and one at the foot of the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, visitors can enjoy coffee, flower tea or sticky rice yogurt – a specialty of Moc Chau.Cafe in Moc mountain tourist areaA cup of coffee and a delicious beef jerky

But drinking coffee at the top of the mountain is the best. The shop is built on one side like a mountain, one side facing the immense Farm Town. The restaurant is decorated in a rustic and simple style according to the house architecture of the highland ethnic people. The main material is wood, creating a very wild and unique feature. The entrance to the shop must go through the lake with special round stone pillars, along with the bright, green colors of the trees, flowers and plants around the shop, making the space more romantic and impressive. Inside the shop, the cloths, brocade bags and items of the ethnic people hanging on the wall are very interesting.Cafe in Moc mountain tourist areaSmall corner of Moc mountain cafe

It will only take you about 5 minutes to climb through the stone steps, and a poetic scene of Moc Chau will appear before your eyes. There is nothing more wonderful than sipping a cup of hot coffee, watching the beautiful natural scenery and breathing in this cool air.Cafe in Moc mountain tourist areaA very chill space

3. Homestay area, restaurant

Moc mountain tourist areas cannot lack a rich system of homestays and restaurants. The homestay here has the style of the Thai people, unique and interesting. All are made of wood, wooden stairs, wooden swings, wooden floors, etc. Surrounded by colorful flowers. Above the porch is also decorated with unique hanging potted plants. Every corner of the homestay has the beautiful background for virtual living.


Photo: @nuimochousehomestay in Moc mountain tourist areaHomestay is so beautiful, can’t say it

Visitors can stay overnight here for only about 100,000 VND and can choose a bed from 1-2 people. You can book rooms that are located close to each other or booked in separate male and female zones. Oh, forget, from the outside, the homestay looks simple, but inside, there is nothing missing. Warm blankets and soft mattresses and breakfast included.homestay in Moc mountain tourist areaEvery corner of the homestay is super nice check-in points

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homestay in Moc mountain tourist areaExperience living in harmony with nature

And you don’t have to go far to find food. The restaurant at the foot of Moc mountain offers all kinds of Moc Chau specialties such as salmon, veal, stream fish, grilled chicken, grilled fish, … for you to enjoy. Great isn’t it?Moc mountain resort restaurantDon’t forget to enjoy the famous dishes of Moc ChauMoc mountain resort restaurantEspecially, there is a super fun, super attractive campfire

And this is the best part about staying overnight at Moc mountain resort . At the homestay, there is also a campfire at night and invites the performance team of indigenous boys and girls to perform. This is a great opportunity for everyone to have cultural exchanges, dance and sing by the flickering fire. Do not forget to take a sip of can wine and enjoy the cultural performances that captivate tourists from far away.

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