Experience going to Ca Mau international eco-tourism area to relieve stress at the weekend

Ca Mau international eco-tourism area is a destination that attracts tourists on weekends and Tet holidays. This place is known as “miniature Ca Mau” in the heart of the South. Visiting this famous ecological area in Ca Mau, you will enjoy the fresh air and have fun dispelling all the fatigue of daily life.

Address of Ca Mau international eco-tourism area

Where is Ca Mau international eco-tourism area? Ca Mau Ecological Zone is located in Thanh Phu, Cai Nuoc, Ca Mau. This place is impressive with a unique model typical of the Southwest region. Coming to the Ca Mau ecological area, you will discover the typical cultural space of the Southern region and have many interesting experiences. 

You can go to Ca Mau international eco-zone at any time of the year. However, before going, you should check the weather forecast in advance to avoid going on rainy days that will affect your entertainment and sightseeing activities. 

– Opening time: 8am – 9pm      

– Ticket price: 70,000 VND – 100,000 VND     
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - where?Ca Mau international eco-tourism area attracts visitors with its fresh natural scenery

How to move to Ca Mau international eco-zone?

Experience going to Ca Mau international eco-tourism area to get here first you need to take a plane, bus or motorbike to Ca Mau. For those who are far away like Hanoi or the northern provinces, it is most convenient to go by plane to Ca Mau airport. Ticket price fluctuates about 2 million VND/time. As for those in neighboring provinces, you should go by bus or motorbike to Ca Mau. 

From the center of Ca Mau, you can go by car or motorbike in the direction of the city center monument -> go along Hung Vuong Street -> about 7km from National Highway 1A about 20 minutes to reach this eco-tourism area. . If you are not familiar with the way, you can take a taxi, motorbike taxi or take the initiative to ride a motorbike by looking up google maps.
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - travelMotorbike trip to Ca Mau international eco-tourism area

Ca Mau international eco-tourism area – ‘miniature Ca Mau’ in the heart of the South  

What does Ca Mau international eco-tourism area have? With an impressive 20ha area with a unique design between modern and traditional. The sightseeing areas of the resort are arranged according to each theme such as Uncle Ba Phi Village, culinary village, central square, recreational fishing area, craft village… with convenient resort services. useful. 
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - spaceCa Mau international eco-tourism area – “miniature Ca Mau” in the heart of the South 

The most attractive thing to visitors when coming to the Ca Mau international ecological area is the cultural space of Ca Mau and the South. The first destination when coming to this eco-zone is Uncle Ba Phi village to learn stories about daily life associated with the Southern river region. Continue the journey of discovery with the craft village to learn the traditional features that were once very famous in Dat Mui.
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - natural sceneryRustic natural scenery at Ca Mau ecological area

The journey to discover “miniature Ca Mau” at Ca Mau international eco-tourism area, next must mention the re-enacted field with typical rice farming in the Mekong Delta. You will learn the scene of wet rice cultivation, care, and harvesting with many interesting activities. Besides, you can also participate in many attractive entertainment games such as: three-leaf rowing, recreational fishing and folk entertainment activities… 
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - have funLots of exciting entertainment activities. Photo: tripzone

At Ca Mau eco-tourism area, there is also a unique floating stage that is rarely found anywhere in the West. This is a place to display precious intangible objects in the Southern region, the most prominent of which is the singing of Don Ca Tai Tu. 
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - entertainmentEnjoy participating in folk games at the Ca Mau ecological area. Photo: trip zone

In addition, at the Ca Mau ecological area , there is a fishing lake for visitors to relax with cool natural scenery and fish. In particular, you will enjoy your fruits in lunch and many delicious Southern specialties. 
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - swimming poolRelax at the swimming pool in Ca Mau eco-zone
Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - specialtyEnjoy Southern specialties

Combine visiting famous ecological zones in Ca Mau

Besides exploring Ca Mau international eco-tourism area, you can combine visiting other famous ecological zones in Dat Mui that are loved by many tourists such as:

– U Minh Ha National Forest: U Minh Ha is famous for its rich flora and fauna such as gladiolus, melaleuca, reeds, and submerged fauna. Coming to U Minh Ha garden, you can also admire the beautiful panorama from the forest tower and experience catching fish and enjoying the rustic dishes here.Ca Mau - U Minh Ha international eco-tourism areaU Minh Ha National Forest

– Ca Mau Cape National Park (in the communes of Dat Mui, Vien An, Lam Hai, Dat Moi in Nam Can and Ngoc Hien districts): This place attracts tourists with its diverse ecosystem and rare flora and fauna. You can rent a boat to explore Ca Mau Cape National Park to learn the natural beauty here. In addition, in Ca Mau National Park, there are many services and types of eco-tourism to attract visitors.

– Bird sanctuaries in Ca Mau: Land of Dat Mui is famous for many bird yards attracting tourists to visit such as: Ngoc Hien bird sanctuary, Dam Doi bird sanctuary, Ca Mau bird sanctuary, Lam Vien bird sanctuary… inhabited by many precious birds and animals typical of the mangroves. Ca Mau international eco-tourism area - bird sanctuaryDiscover famous bird sanctuaries in Ca Mau

– Forestry of 184 and Nam Can mangrove forest (Cha La Hamlet, Tam Giang Commune, Nam Can District): This place attracts tourists with its wild beauty and many interesting fun activities at the SFE. Including going through the mangrove forest or canoeing deep inside the forest to explore the mangrove ecosystem. In addition, when coming to Nam Can mangrove forest, you can also enjoy many special dishes such as Vong, shrimp, crab, pineapple fish, seabass … 

Hopefully, the experiences of going to the Ca Mau international eco-tourism area detailed above will help you have an interesting experience trip. Besides, you can “pocket” more Ca Mau travel experiences to have useful information in the upcoming discovery journey. 

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