Strange with grilled durian in Dak Lak

Durian fruit falls to the charcoal grill for about 15 minutes, the shell automatically separates, revealing the warm, hot yellow zone and sweet aroma.

From mid-August, Dak Lak enters the durian harvest, mainly Ri6 and Dona durian. On this occasion, people use durian to process many delicious dishes, including a strange variation of baking the whole fruit on a charcoal stove.

Nguyen Ha My, 27 years old, shared on the Love Kitchen group about the dish she just made at home after being introduced by many people. Accordingly, her garden in Dak Lak has fertile basalt red soil, growing all kinds of trees such as durian, mangosteen, jackfruit, avocado, sapodilla. At the time of harvest, I took the durians that fell under the tree and baked them. “Old, self-falling durian is inherently very sweet when baked, the sweetness increases, even more, has a fatty taste and aroma similar to baked sweet potatoes, very strange to eat,” she shared.

Strange with grilled durian in Dak Lak
The first time Ha My made a grilled durian dish and succeeded. Photo: Ha My

Grilled durian, the dish has a strange name, but if you try it once, you will be impressed forever. How to make this dish is also simple, easy to do, if you like to be in harmony with nature, you can choose a small, airtight corner in the garden and then arrange some bricks for the kitchen, find dry firewood available from rotten branches for firewood. then the kitchen group was on fire.

At this time, bring the old durian fruit, strong aroma, slightly yellowed green skin on the stove, the burning fire gradually penetrates through the prickly thorns, radiating heat into each fiber inside the fruit, the outer skin also gradually turned to smoky black. When grilling, you must carefully watch the fire, rotate the fruit so that the meat inside is cooked evenly. About 15-20 minutes, durian fruit also begins to appear cracks running along the body. The strong aroma spreads and mingles with the smell of smoke, the smell of burning coal, signaling that the dish is almost finished.

Strange with grilled durian in Dak Lak - 1
Smoke hangs on the outside of the cracked durian shell. Photo: Ha My

Do not bake, want to peel durian must use a knife and also quite difficult. When cooked, durian skin is less difficult for people to eat. The griller just needs to gently pull the shell with his hand, each yellow durian will appear with smoke rising up, unbearably fragrant.

Before enjoying each sweet durian, the best way is to hold the yellow flesh of the nursery to your nose and take a deep breath to feel the true essence of durian. The smell of durian at this time is no longer too intense but has softened, fragrantly, and seductively, and the flesh is greasy, hot, and soft as if it is about to melt. Hot dishes right on the woodstove, the smell of charcoal, the smell of smoke mixed with the aroma of durian makes anyone who eats it will remember forever.

Strange with grilled durian in Dak Lak - 2
The golden yellow durian is hot, greasy, and is commented to taste like a baked sweet potato. Photo: Ha My

After being baked, durian can also be combined to make the buttercream, which is equally delicious. The cold, fatty buttercream combined with the sweet, hot durian and a little bit of pureed coconut on top, is a delicious and easy-to-make refreshment. If you don’t like to bake the whole fruit, you can separate each durian and then wrap it in foil, it only takes 6-10 minutes to have a delicious durian to sip at home.