Traveling to Tay Ninh at night, what is the most fun and bustling play?

Traveling to Tay Ninh at night is also an interesting experience to discover the beauty and cuisine of the “holy land”. Please refer to the suggestions for the most fun and bustling winter night outing places in Tay Ninh below for your upcoming trip.

Traveling to Tay Ninh at night, where should I go? 

What’s in Tay Ninh at night? Depending on your preferences, you have many different choices when exploring Tay Ninh at night. For example: Shopping and playing at the mall, watching movies, camping, eating, coffee… 

1. Visit Tay Ninh night market 

The first destination to discover Tay Ninh at night, which is loved by many tourists, is the night market. The market operates from 16:00 to 23:45 at night. Tay Ninh night market is located next to Tay Ninh canal, ideal for playing, sightseeing, and participating in many attractive nightlife activities. The market is always crowded with visitors, especially on weekends. 
 Tay Ninh night tour - Tay Ninh night marketThe Tay Ninh night market is crowded and bustling

Coming to Tay Ninh night market, you will be able to choose all kinds of items from jewelry, to clothes, souvenirs to give as gifts… Especially, the night market also attracts visitors with food stalls. selling all kinds of Tay Ninh specialties. Along with many fun activities on the street, attracting visitors until late at night. So, if you are looking for a place to hang out in Tay Ninh at night, you definitely cannot ignore this famous night market. Tay Ninh tourism at night - Tay Ninh night market eating and drinkingFood heaven at Tay Ninh night market

2. Camping on Ba Den mountain  

Ba Den Mountain is a famous tourist destination in Tay Ninh, especially at night, it has an extremely quiet atmosphere ideal for sightseeing. If you want to find a tourist destination in Tay Ninh at night to camp and organize fun activities, then come to Ba Den Mountain. The whole group together trekking Ba Den mountain to enjoy the cold weather and romantic mountain scenery. From the top of Ba Den mountain, you will admire the panoramic view of Tay Ninh city with beautiful shimmering lights. Tay Ninh tourism at night - camping on Ba Den mountainCamping at Ba Den mountain. Photo: FB. Fairy Tail

In addition, you can organize teambuilding activities on the top of Ba Den mountain such as making campfires, grilling food and singing together all night. Then stay overnight at Ba Den mountain to feel the natural beauty here. Tay Ninh tourism at night - camping on Ba Den mountain, eating and drinkingEnjoy barbecue and eat at Ba Den mountain

3. Vincom Tay Ninh Shopping Center   

What is there at night in Tay Ninh? Vincom Tay Ninh Shopping Center is a complex that focuses on many shopping, entertainment and culinary services. Coming to Vincom Tay Ninh, you will be free to shop for all kinds of items from high-end to affordable such as: cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, bags, clothes… Along with many fun activities Entertainment for all audiences from adults and children. At Vincom Tay Ninh, there are also special food areas such as KFC, grilled hot pot buffet, milk tea, coffee … Tay Ninh tourism at night - VincomHave fun at Vincom Tay Ninh and shop

In particular, on the 4th floor of Vincom Tay Ninh commercial center, there is also a modern CGV cinema that attracts visitors with attractive 3D, 4D and 5D movies. Vincom is also a famous dating place chosen by many couples in Tay Ninh.Tay Ninh tourism at night - Vincom has funHave fun skating at entertainment at Vincom Tay Ninh. Photo: vincom

4. Discover Tay Ninh cuisine 

Traveling to Tay Ninh at night beside the entertainment places, going to the night market above you cannot ignore famous culinary paradises such as: 

– Nightlife neighborhoods: The period from 16:00 onwards in Hoa Thanh park area (Pham Van Dong street, Hoa Thanh) is always noisy and bustling. This is a famous nightlife street that attracts many families and young people. Coming to this food street, you will discover up to 40 sidewalk stalls with many famous delicacies such as: Banh Chung, noodle soup, mixed rice paper, fried chicken, sushi, potato shakes…Tay Ninh tourism at night - food courtExplore Tay Ninh food streets at night

The food stalls in the night street are all processed by locals and there is no “hacking” of tourists. In addition, you can fill your stomach with dishes of fried rice, chicken wings, grilled chicken feet, quail eggs and a variety of drinks of peach tea, lemon tea, soy milk.  

– Dong Que Restaurant: If you are traveling with your family and want to enjoy a quiet and rustic space to enjoy rustic dishes, you can go to Dong Que restaurant. With rustic decoration, bold countryside and many rustic dishes, you will surely be satisfied when coming to the famous Dong Que restaurant in Tay Ninh. 

– Enjoying Nam Sanh heifer: Exploring Tay Ninh at night, you should not miss the famous specialty of Nam Sanh heifer. Nam Sanh Restaurant owns a system of restaurants across the country and is loved by many diners. You will enjoy pink red beef, delicious and firm. Many delicious dishes from heifers such as: Steamed, grilled, fried, fried… Tay Ninh tourism at night - Nam Sanh heifersEnjoy the specialty of Nam Sanh heifers

5. Relax at cafes in Tay Ninh

Tay Ninh tourist destination at night attracts visitors to enjoy delicious drinks, relax and admire the beautiful scenery, not to mention the cafes. Tay Ninh is famous for many beautiful cafes you can refer to such as: 

– Sen Da Coffee (No. 45 Trung Nu Vuong Street): Impressive shop with beautiful view, fresh natural space and unique drinks. In the evening you can go to Sen Da Coffee to relax, enjoy delicious drinks and enjoy the view. Tay Ninh tourism at night - Sen Da Coffee cafeSen Da Coffee is a place to relax and enjoy beautiful scenery in Tay Ninh at night

– Sundaes Coffee House (150 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street): The next famous cafe in Tay Ninh that you should not miss is Sundaes Coffee House with beautiful views, spacious space and reasonable prices. The bar serves a variety of drinks and special music shows at night.Tay Ninh tourism at night - Sundaes Coffee HouseEnjoy a drink at Sundaes Coffee House

That is the suggestion of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations in Tay Ninh at night . Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose your favorite destination in Tay Ninh. In addition, you can refer to: Detailed Tay Ninh travel experience .

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