Colorful churches in Nghe An

NGHE AN – With impressive architecture and eye-catching pink, purple, and brown colors, three churches in Nghia Trung commune, Nghia Dan district have attracted visitors a year ago.

With vibrant, eye-catching colors, the purple and pink churches in Nghe An make anyone passing by want to stop and see more.

Nghia Trung countryside (Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province) is home to two Christian works with unique pink and purple tones. While the pink church is a somewhat familiar image to Vietnamese travel lovers, the purple cathedral at Nghia Trung gives visitors a different and more impressive feeling.

Located on a small hill surrounded by a green valley, the purple-painted cathedral exudes majesty. This work is Xuan Yen parish church, belonging to Nghia Thanh parish. Previously, this church had a characteristic gray color. After the process of renovation and remodeling, Xuan Yen Cathedral was inaugurated in early July with a new paint color covering the work.

The church looks like a fairy-tale castle that makes you feel like you’re lost in a magical land. Modern purple color harmonizes and exalts the inherent ancient architectural lines of the building. In terms of color, it is no coincidence that the Xuan Yen sect chose purple tones to put on a new coat for the church. Besides uniqueness and sophistication, purple also shows many other meanings in Christianity

Also located in Nghia Trung commune, not far from Xuan Yen church is the pink church of Nghia Thanh parish. The unique architecture attracts many visitors to check-in when having the opportunity to visit this place.

Besides 2 purple and pink churches, Nghia Thanh parish is continuing to repair and repaint Tan Thanh church with a fancy brown color, equally beautiful.

Manh Son Church in Quynh Luu district has a rather unique architecture with the main yellow color

One of the oldest parishes, established in 1914.

Con Ca parish church (parish of Phu Quy county), located in Nghia Loc commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province. With a size of 57m long, 17m wide; Con Ca church is considered one of the big churches in the Thuan Nghia district.

The new church was built in 2010, with a modern style with a high dome that takes light with sophisticated patterns.

Thuan Nghia  Church of Thuan Nghia parish was built around 1902 and upgraded and restored in 2016. The church has a cathedral with a length of 63m, a width of 22m, twin towers 42m high and 37m high. After 5 years of construction and restoration, with an estimated construction cost of about VND 25 billion, Thuan Nghia church is considered one of the largest churches in Nghe An. Thuan Nghia parish is a parish with a long history of hundreds of years with more than 10,000 inhabitants, proving the strong development and large scale of the parish. Thuan Nghia parish has a good moral tradition that has been forged and crystallized through many trials, ups and downs of the times, the history of the parish is written by faithful witnesses in all the events of the times. , the most prominent being the outstanding son of the Martyr Peter Vu Dang Khoa.

Dong Len Church  was built in 2007. The church has strange and beautiful architecture, in front of the newly built church is a 4m high statue of Jesus King, sitting in the middle of a beautiful rectangular lake. The landscape around the church is very close to nature, giving those who come here a feeling of comfort and peace. On the left side of the church is a 4m high statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, recently completed and also blessed by Bishop Paul on October 25, 2007, the wall surrounding the church campus has a circumference of thousands of meters with a height of more than 2m built solidly. The inside of the church is all painted white to create a space with a gentle style, in the middle is a solemn statue of the cross of Jesus.

Loc Thuy Church is the fifth church built by the Loc Thuy family. The church was built within 5 years and inaugurated in 2000, so far has been 17 years of history. The church has a length of 52m, a width of 20m and the wings of the cross is 27.5m, looking down in the air, the parish church looks like a Latin cross. The church of Loc Thuy parish has bold European architecture, but still retains its own characteristics of Asian culture. In the middle is a 36m high dome that holds a statue of Jesus as king with outstretched arms, supporting the faith life of parishioners through the ages. With a bell tower 51.7m high, the image of the Cross stands out against the blue sky. The statue of Our Lady of the Rosary, patron saint of the parish, is placed on the main door of the church and signifies the protection and tolerance of Our Lady.

Bao Nham is the parish of Bao Nham county, about 40km northwest of the archbishop. Founded in 1887, Bao Nham is one of the earliest established parishes in the diocese. Bao Nham Church was built entirely of stone, with French-style architecture. In addition, the church’s campus also has a unique and unusual construction of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Xuan My Church was newly built and put into use in May 2011. The church looks like a palace, the outside is magnificent. This is the third church in the history of Xuan My parish with more than three years of construction. The size of the church is 49m long, the heart of the church is 20m wide, the wing of the cross is 30m wide, 45m high beside the 48m tower. Xuan My parish currently has 478 families with 2,260 parishioners residing in 4 parishes.

Xa Doai Church is one of the large and ancient churches of the Vinh diocese. The church was built in 1846, first dedicated in 1979 and solemnly dedicated in 2014. The church was designed in European Gothic style, influenced by the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (France). . The outside of the church is not as tall and magnificent as other churches, but it is impressed by the low arch architecture in the front compartment, the cathedral inside the high arch is wide and very airy. Those who love European-style architecture cannot ignore this address.

Each church has its own beauty and architecture. Every parish is warm and welcoming when people visit the church. Come to these magnificent cathedrals once to admire their beauty.

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