Interesting: A hospital in Ho Chi Minh City has many statues of Saints

We invite you to come to a hospital where there are many Catholic saints, this is also a sacred place of prayer, a fulcrum for patients in desperate times to overcome dangerous times. It can be said that this is the hospital with the most Catholic saints in Vietnam.

It is Thu Duc area general hospital, located in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City. Catholics also call it the Holy Hospital, because the hospital has many statues of saints.

In the past, this is the monastery of the Redemptorist Fathers and Brothers to train the vocation of the order, so there are many relics of a Catholic religious order, although there have been slight changes over time.

Right in front of the emergency gate of Thu Duc General Hospital, people can easily see the very beautiful statue of Our Lady still quietly sitting through the events, the statue has a height of nearly 2m, the statue of Our Lady is lovingly held and loved by God. Although the monument is not very spacious and clean, every day there are lilies, chrysanthemums, incense, prayers, and prayers that are received by the patients here regardless of religion. offered to Our Lady for grace and thanksgiving.

Going deep into the hospital, there are many statues of Catholic saints, invite you to follow the five cakes inside the hospital.