Explore the Mo Ma Stream tourist area in Lang Son

Mo Ma Stream tourist area is located in Hoan Trung village, Chien Thang commune, Bac Son district, Lang Son province. Only 24km from the center of Bac Son town, this place is one of the attractive eco-tourism destinations not to be missed by nature lovers.

Introduction to Suoi Mo Mam eco-tourism area

Mo Ma’s eco-tourism area is a combination between the beauty of the masterpiece of nature and the efforts of human renovation. Previously, this area was just a wild tourist destination with Keng Tao stream (Mo Mam stream) as the highlight. Realizing the potential of tourism development here, people have joined hands to create a modern eco-tourism area. Starting construction in early 2017, only 4 months later, Mo Ma changed skin to become an attractive destination and officially opened to welcome guests on the occasion of April 30 – May 1.Panoramic view of Mo Ma stream tourist area from abovePanoramic view of Mo Ma stream tourist area from above

With a large area of ​​up to 10,000 m2, the Mo Ma tourist area is divided into many entertainment and service areas. Including: parking lot, service counter, bathing spring area, bathing pool, amusement park, restaurant with a capacity of nearly 200 guests, and many rest areas, drinking tables covered with extremely unique leaves. unique. All make up a “unique” eco-tourism area in Lang.Welcome gate of Mo Ma stream tourist areaWelcome gate of Mo Ma stream tourist area

Directions to Mo Ma Stream

About 180km from Hanoi city center, you can move to Mo Ma stream tourist area by bus or by motorbike.


Traveling by motorbike to the Mo Ma stream tourist area is a very interesting experience that you should not miss. I recommend you choose this option if you go with a lot of people. Starting from Hanoi, you move in the direction of Nhat Tan Bridge > Vo Nguyen Giap > Highway 18B > Hanoi Expressway > Thai Nguyen City > Bac Son Town. From Bac Son town, ask the people here for directions to the Mo Ma stream tourist area (about 25km away).


You should take the bus route Hanoi – Lang Son from Gia Lam or My Dinh bus station to Lang Son. There are trips every day to these wharves. Please specify your destination and the driver will take you to the nearest resort. The average fare is about 100-150k / way depending on the vehicle. To Lang Son, you can rent a motorbike at the hotel to move or simply take a motorbike taxi (Remember to haggle so as not to be slashed).Mo Ma stream tourist areaYou can travel by motorbike or bus

Interesting things at Mo Ma stream resort

The fun comes from the name

Mo Ma Stream! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? You must be wondering about this interesting name. 

Originally, this place was called Keng Tao, named after an old stream. Then in the area, a group of Quang Ninh people migrated to Lang Son to produce and trade fish sauce. During a business trip, they stopped and rested to drink water at this stream. Seeing that the spring water was clear and sweet, they decided to dump all the remaining fish sauce to get a bucket of spring water and carry it back to the village to use. The strong smell of fish sauce from this stream flows and spreads everywhere, making a large area immersed in the smell of fish sauce. Since then, people here call this stream Mo Ma stream.Mo Ma StreamThe name Mo Ma stream originates from an old story

Fun spots inside Mo Ma tourist area

Keng Tao Stream (Mo Mam) is the soul of Mo Ma tourist area . No matter where you go, you will see the murmuring stream flowing in each ravine. The clear and cool water will be a unique highlight that you cannot find anywhere. You can immerse yourself in the cool water or take a boat tour around.Mo Ma StreamPhoto: @subcaoMo Ma StreamPhoto: @subcao

Across the stream is the unique red Love Bridge decorated with countless umbrellas like the seven colors of the rainbow. This is the most popular check-in point here. You can freely watch the stream from above and create a virtual life pose.Love bridge in Mo Ma stream tourist areaLove bridge in Mo Ma stream tourist area

Keng Tao cave is also an extremely interesting discovery point. This is the upstream area of ​​the Mo Ma stream with a cave length of more than 400m. Inside the cave is a natural stalactite system consisting of two floors of water caves and dry caves, skylights and a rich flora ecosystem.Keng Tao cave, Mo Ma stream tourist areaKeng Tao cave entranceKeng Tao cave, Mo Ma stream tourist areaThe beauty inside Keng Tao cave

Besides, at Mo Ma stream tourist area, there are many lovely and chill corners. In the middle of the stream is a very unique sprinkler system. Along the way, you will always see rows of cool green trees and colorful forest flowers and countless beautifully decorated miniatures. Let’s have a look:Mo mam stream tourist areaFlower pots are decorated along the pathMo mam stream tourist areaThe bridge is decorated with colorful pinwheels

Mo mam stream tourist areaWhat a beautiful gate

Mo mam stream tourist area

Mo mam stream tourist areaThe toilet and changing room areas are cute tooMo mam stream tourist areaAnother gate in the shape of a purple heart

After interesting moments of sightseeing and discovery, you can stop to rest and drink water at leaf huts right by the stream. In particular, here also serves specialties of the mountains and forests of Lang, such as roasted chicken, braised chicken with turmeric ginger, grilled meat of all kinds, … The dining area of ​​the stream Mo Mam tourist areaHungry right? Let’s enjoy Lang’s specialties right away

Mo Ma stream travel experience 

Please wear shoes with good adhesion.. Because you will have to walk a lot and go through slippery stone paths when crossing the stream. 

Remember to bring a swimsuit, a folded life jacket to struggle in the cool water. In addition, at the Mo Ma stream resort, there are also swimwear and life jackets for rent if you do not want to bring too much luggage.

Don’t forget to bring insect spray, because there are many forests here. Mo mam stream tourist areaCheck-in by the unique fountain

The climate in Lang Son is usually cool all year round. Summer is not too hot. So you can visit the Mo Ma stream tourist area at any time. However, from July to October will be the time when Lang Son is the most beautiful. On the way, you will admire the scenery of vast golden ripe rice fields. From February to April, the time of Tet, flowers bloom. You can watch wildflowers and participate in traditional folk festivals.

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