Top delicious Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi for sweet lovers

If you crave some sweetness of Hanoi’s autumn day, take a walk around the city to enjoy all the delicious Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi below!

Sweet Soup is a long-standing dish in Vietnamese culinary culture. Vietnamese Sweet Soup has many different types, can be enjoyed hot or cold, and unlike savory dishes, Sweet Soup processing is quite simple but no less delicate, requiring meticulousness in the selection of ingredients and processing. Besides, there are also many kinds of Sweet Soup from all over the world imported into Vietnam and modified to suit the taste. We eat Sweet Soup as a dessert, in the hot season, we eat cold Sweet Soup, while enjoying Sweet Soup, while sipping cool pieces of shaved ice. When it rained, everyone gathered to eat hot Sweet Soup.Delicious tea shop in HanoiDelicious Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi

Sweet Soup in Hanoi is very diverse and has many dishes, be it traditional Sweet Soup dishes, or new Sweet Soup dishes that have only appeared in recent years, all kinds and flavors… let’s take a walk around to find them. Good Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi !

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Top delicious Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi

1. Minci mango Sweet Soup

As a famous Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi located on Nguyen Truong To street, this shop is famous for mango Sweet Soup and caramel Sweet Soup dishes but also has many other novelty dishes such as young coconut jelly sticky rice, afternoon Sweet Soup, Khuc Bach Sweet Soup , sad Sweet Soup, Thai Sweet Soup… The shop is located at the corner of Nguyen Truong To – Hang Than street, so it’s easy to find.Minci mango tea - Delicious tea shop in HanoiMinci mango Sweet Soup

Minci mango Sweet Soup shop sells from 12:30 to 10 pm and is usually crowded in the evening, this is also a place where you can enjoy Sweet Soup with friends in a fairly large space.

2. Cho Gao Bitter Sweet Soup Shop

Cho Gao is famous as a gathering place for many young people in the inner city of Hanoi, so you will easily find a place to eat Sweet Soup. Dang Sweet Soup shop is located right on the street of Gao market with a special traditional taste of Sweet Soup including black jelly, served with condensed milk and coconut milk.Cho Gao Bitter Tea Shop - Delicious tea shop in HanoiCho Gao Bitter Sweet Soup Shop

In addition, the shop also has custard Sweet Soup, avocado Sweet Soup or lemon Sweet Soup to sip and chat with friends. Walking around the old town in the evening, you can sit on the sidewalk to chat with friends while enjoying the cool Sweet Soupa here.

3. Mrs. Thin’s sticky rice with Sweet Soup

Ba Thin’s sticky rice is a  delicious Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi with a long tradition. This shop has traditional Sweet Soup dishes such as green bean Sweet Soup, black bean Sweet Soup, com, sticky rice, lotus seed Sweet Soup… Hanoi standard. There are two types of Sweet Soup here: summer Sweet Soup and winter Sweet Soup, and winter Sweet Soup has sticky rice.Mrs. Thin's sticky rice - Delicious tea shop in HanoiMrs. Thin’s sticky rice with Sweet Soup

The shop is located at 1 Bat Dan, in the old town, so it has a modest area. This perennial Sweet Soup shop is chosen by many tourists to enjoy authentic Hanoi Sweet Soup. The Sweet Soup shop is quite cheap, only 10-15k.

4. Xoan Sweet Soup – Hang Paper

If you want to find a good Sweet Soup shop in the old town in Hanoi , you should not miss the Xoan Sweet Soup shop at the beginning of Hang Giay. 

Although the space is a bit tight, this shop is one of the famous Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi. Coming here, you can enjoy attractive Sweet Soup dishes such as: durian Sweet Soup, pomegranate seed dew Sweet Soup, Thai durian Sweet Soup, vanilla ice cream, coconut cream oval Sweet Soup, … In addition to delicious and attractive Sweet Soup dishes, the shop There are also snacks and coconut ice cream that are equally delicious.Xoan Tea - Hang Giay - Delicious tea shop in HanoiXoan Sweet Soup – Hang Paper

5. Mixed Sweet Soup 117 Doi Can

Like a  delicious Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi located right on Doi Can food street, this is a Sweet Soup shop that meets the criteria of delicious and cheap, and very crowded. Here you can choose from many different types of Sweet Soup, which are very diverse and rich, such as mixed Sweet Soup, durian Sweet Soup, Khuc Bach Sweet Soup…

If you come here in the evening, it is very crowded and there are no seats, there are also many other snack shops around that are enough to fill your stomach all day. Mixed tea 117 Doi Can - Delicious tea shop in Hanoi Mixed Sweet Soup 117 Doi Can

6. Huong Hai Sweet Soup

This Sweet Soup shop is located at 93 Hang Bac street, is one of the delicious Sweet Soup shops in Hanoi famous for its crowds. The shop is famous for lotus Sweet Soup dishes such as coconut lotus Sweet Soup, longan lotus Sweet Soup, lotus Sweet Soup, lotus green Sweet Soup… Although customers come to eat Sweet Soup must sit on the street, it is very crowded, especially on the last days. There is a pedestrian street.Huong Hai Tea - Delicious tea shop in HanoiHuong Hai Sweet Soup

7. Thai coconut Sweet Soup shop – Nguyen Phong Sac

This delicious Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi has been a familiar place for people for decades. Thai Sweet Soup here is cooked by the owner according to the standard recipe of the land of the Golden Temple, but with a little clever variation to better suit the culinary taste of Vietnamese people. The owner had the opportunity to enjoy Thai Sweet Soup and learned how to cook Thai style for the main dish of the shop. Thai coconut tea shop - Nguyen Phong Sac - Delicious tea shop in HanoiThai coconut Sweet Soup shop – Nguyen Phong Sac

In addition to Thai Sweet Soup, the shop also serves other types of Sweet Soup such as durian Sweet Soup, Thai pomelo Sweet Soup, Thai fruit Sweet Soup … or ice cream, fruit smoothies at reasonable prices. The shop is located at 25 Nguyen Phong Sac Street, Cau Giay District.

8. Four seasons Sweet Soup – Hang Can

This delicious Sweet Soup shop in Hanoi at 4 Hang Can, is also very famous and is located in a prime location in the old town. The shop’s Sweet Soup dishes are many, but perhaps the most delicious is the boat cake and the green slush that is very tasty with coconut milk.Four seasons tea - Hang Can - delicious tea shop in HanoiFour Seasons Sweet Soup – Hang Can

In addition, the menu of the restaurant changes according to the season, in the summer the restaurant serves coconut longan Sweet Soup, green bean Sweet Soup, black bean Sweet Soup, pearl jelly, … In the winter, the restaurant will serve Mrs. Drift Sweet Soup,… The specialty of the shop is that the taste of traditional Sweet Soup is very delicious but a bit sweet.

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