Traveling to Tien Hue stream – a wild landscape at the foot of Hai Van mountain

Nestled in the canopy of the primeval forest at the foot of Hai Van mountain, Tien Hue stream is an attractive destination for tourists thanks to its wild and poetic scenery with green streams and vast green trees.

Tien stream Hue is one of the “green” tourist destinations literally of the ancient capital because of its beautiful scenery with majestic primeval forests and cool streams. When traveling to Hue, in addition to ancient destinations with a deep and time-colored appearance such as the Citadel, Imperial Citadel, Minh Mang Tomb…, green destinations such as Fairy Stream are an attractive choice for you to take advantage of. Enjoy moments of relaxation, leisure, breathe the fresh air of the mountains. 

Tien Hue stream tourism

Fairy Stream in Hue is an attractive destination for nature enthusiasts. Photo: Le Phuong Tung.

Locating Tien Hue stream – a beautiful destination of the ancient capital 

Suoi Tien is located in Loc Thuy commune, Phu Loc district, 50km south of Hue city center. This beautiful stream located at the foot of Hai Van mountain is also one of the outstanding landscapes of Central Vietnam. 

Tien Hue stream tourism

The stream is located 30km south of Hue city center. Photo: CARD

To come to Tien Hue stream , from the city center, you move in the direction to Da Nang, when you reach Phuoc Tuong tunnel area, 500 meters away, you turn right and move another 5km, you will reach Thuy Yen reservoir. This lake possesses impressive beauty that is likened to the “little Ha Long bay” of Hue.

How to get to Tien Hue stream?

You can travel by any means, if you want to travel and enjoy the scenery, you can go by motorbike. Photo:@newlifehomestay

From this lake, you move to the waiting area to wait for the boat to transfer, when crossing Thuy Yen lake with a travel time of about 5 minutes, you will admire the wonderful scenery of Tien stream hidden in the wild space. of the mountains and forests.  

Traveling to Tien Hue stream, how to move?

It takes about 5 minutes to travel across the lake. Photo: @ngominhtri

Return to the Fairy Stream in Hue and immerse yourself in the fresh paradise 

According to local people, the origin of the name Tien Hue stream is derived from a tree that grows on the rocky slopes along the stream, in the blooming season, the scene here will be like the hair of fairies falling down. stream for a walk, that’s why people named this stream Fairy Stream. 

Beautiful scenery of Tien Hue stream

Suoi Tien seen from above. Photo: VnExpress

The scenery of Tien stream is very poetic with clear blue water, verdant trees growing along the stream along large rocks scattered. The water here is clear, you can see the bottom, from the shore you can watch the schools of bluefish swimming very vividly. 

Beautiful scenery of Tien Hue stream

The spring water is so clear you can see the bottom. Photo:@kahugray_

The poetic scenery of the stream is not only adorned with clear water but also by the red-leaf yams growing in between the immense green. Coming to Tien Hue stream, you will be immersed in the wild scenery of the mountains and forests, breathe in the fresh air and immerse yourself in the cool water to let go of your worries and enjoy relaxing moments, watching the whole nature. carelessly wild. 

See the scenery of Tien Hue stream

The unspoiled scenery makes the devotees fall in love. Photo: Le Phuong Tung

See the scenery of Tien Hue stream

This is the favorite place to avoid the heat of young people. Photo:@baor

Bathing in Tien Hue stream

Stream bathing is a great experience when coming to Fairy Stream. Photo:@smoke_mm.

With the advantage of beautiful natural scenery, tourism services in Suoi Tien Hue are also very developed, the Tien stream system here is invested, the complex design includes a lake for yachts, a fresh cool stream, a wharf. boats, waiting houses, central food stalls, motels, and spring beaches. 

Tien Hue stream travel experience you should know 

Because it has been put into tourism operation, the services at Tien Stream have been very developed, there are a number of fee-based services including the cost of transporting guests through the marina and transporting by boat across the stream with the price of VND1. 30,000 VND / person, insurance is 5000 VND / person. The cost of keeping motorbikes is 2000 VND/time, the car is 12,000 VND/time. 

Experience traveling to Tien Hue stream

Tourism services in the Tien Hue stream are also quite developed. Photo: @__quochuy__

At Tien Hue stream, the catering service for tourists is very developed, here you can enjoy many attractive specialties such as stream eels, geckos, grilled chicken, filter cake, salamanders, mountain frogs… Available for sale but can change according to the season to be assured you should still inquire before enjoying, the average price is around 100,000 VND / dish. 

Eating and drinking at Tien Hue stream

At Fairy Stream, you can enjoy many attractive dishes. Photo:@trang.dao.383

Spring tourism in Tien Hue, the most interesting experience is taking a cool bath, so prepare clothes to change, sunscreen as well as an insect repellent for convenient exploration and sightseeing. If you don’t know how to swim, you can rent a life jacket or float to comfortably float around. 

RENT a life jacket at Tien Hue stream

You can rent life jackets for swimming. Photo:@-kiimo_n9

Suoi Tien Hue will be a great stopover to make your journey memorable when traveling in the dreamland of Hue. If you love destinations with unspoiled beauty with cool nature, please put this place on the list of destinations for your upcoming trip. 

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