The hobby of playing with persimmon branches laden with fruit in the Mid-Autumn Festival

HANOI – In the days of separation, when it is not possible to buy Mid-Autumn decorations, many Hanoi families invite each other to “bring autumn into the house” with fruit-laden persimmon branches, gradually turning from green to yellow.

This hobby has been around for a few years. This year, due to the two-month separation, many people have to stay at home, so they have more time to take care of their living space, and persimmon branches are especially popular. Some people revealed that they like to display persimmon branches as a fancy decoration that can be eaten when ripe.

As the owner of a pottery workshop in Ha Dong district, Tran Thi Dinh always has flowers and leaves in her house. For three years now, every autumn, she has planted a rose branch. This year’s moon season, she bought a branch weighing more than ten kilograms with a very pleasing shape. The house has many different styles of vases and she chose a brown vase without texture to highlight the shape of the fruit.

“This persimmon branch, I bought 500,000 VND, got more than 60 fruits, equivalent to nearly ten kilograms of fresh persimmons. After playing for 20 days, the fruit was ripe to eat there, so it was very economical,” said Ms. Dinh.

Covid-19 caused many families to cut spending, Dinh herself also cut down on toys for her children on this occasion. On Tet, her family members only have moon cakes, fruits, and rose branches. “The whole family sat down to watch the tree happily. My children looked at the pink branches and imagined the Hoi An lantern street on the full moon day of every month”, Ms. Dinh said.

Persimmon vase with green, yellow, and red berries by Nguyen Thanh Huyen, 28, from Ha Dong, attracted more than 600 comments in a social media post.

Huyen said, there were many people asking where to buy, even ordinary gardeners who only sell fruit said that they will now sell rose branches to meet everyone’s needs.

“I used to be very impressed with the colorful pots of winter peaches, persimmons, or imported cherry apples, but the price is very expensive. I suddenly thought why not use Vietnamese fruits and agricultural products to beautify the house. I and the rose branch is one of the best choices”, Thanh Huyen shared.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2021, Quynh Trang’s family in Nam Tu Liem district, placed a ripe persimmon vase next to a pomelo lamp and homemade red and green paper lanterns. The whole family feels idyllic but warm in the midst of the epidemic.

This year’s pink season, Ms. Nguyen Thu Huong in Dong Da district has plugged in twice. About 120,000 VND per bunch, she can plug in two large vases and one small one, which is as cheap as buying flowers every day. “The persimmon vase lasts a long time. The feeling of looking at the vase changes every day and waiting for the fruit to ripen is definitely preferable to eating persimmons sold by people, but it is not safe,” she shared.

Nguyen Thu Trang’s hometown is Son La, which is currently the largest fruit tree area in the North, in which there are very high-yielding fruits such as longan, mango, persimmon.

Son La has many varieties such as crispy persimmons, pickled persimmons, egg persimmons, red persimmons in August, persimmon persimmons… Each has its own beauty, of which the longest-lasting is the small, very wrong, long-moving persimmon. less shedding. Ms. Trang likes to put persimmon eggs the most because the fruit is big and berry, the color changes from green, to ripe yellow, ripe orange and then red ripe.

In the days of displaying pink vases in the house, husband and children go back and forth to watch. “The most favorite thing is to wait until the red fruit comes down to eat, feeling like picking persimmons from the tree, sweet and cool,” said Ms. Trang, from Dai Mo, Nam Tu Liem district.

As a business owner, for a few years now, Ms. Trang has also sold more agricultural products from her hometown. About three weeks ago, on average, she sold 50 to more than 100 bouquets of roses each day, each from 120,000 to 200,000 VND.

“The cutting of persimmon or apple tree branches for sale is an outlet for Son La’s fruit trees. But there is not much to cut because the tree will still grow next year. Currently, there are many customers, but I have to beg for the next season,” said Ms. Trang.

As a decorator, Ms. Le Thi Tuoi in Linh Dam, Hoang Mai district said that in the past ten days, the demand for her bamboo decor has increased, partly because customers buy to decorate the vases. Pink branches for Mid-Autumn Festival. “The children in the apartment I live in also put ripe persimmons in the lanterns, put candles in the middle and give them to each other,” said Tuoi.

With a few decorative items that don’t cost too much, Ms. Hong from Ha Dong has created a special corner in the house for her children during the moon season.

The secret to playing persimmon is to choose the wrong and even fruit branches, so buy green branches to play for a long time. When planting, the leaves should be pruned, exposing the fruit and branches, keeping the nutrients for the branches to stay fresh for a long time. If you want to be more beautiful, you can decorate the fallen fruit, especially put pink vases next to the Mid-Autumn lantern, the square and round cake is very suitable.

Besides flower arrangement, fruit arrangement is a trend that attracts many families. However, the fruit seasons in Vietnam such as persimmons and apples are usually within a month. Some people said they were sorry that they could only play 2 times and the season was over. Some people feel disappointed because of the distance situation, the high shipping fee, so they can’t have a pink vase to play Mid-Autumn Festival.

“Seeing the sisters displaying ripe roses feels warm and affluent during the reunion festival. I also want to bring that feeling to my children, but if I order twice, it will run out or don’t ship because it’s far away. Next year I will pay attention. bought from the beginning of the season,” said Ms. Bich Ngan, from Dong Ngac, Bac Tu Liem.

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