3 most beautiful ‘dinosaur spines’ in the North

If you are someone who likes to conquer and explore the beautiful scenery of the North, you must once in your life check in the 3 most beautiful dinosaur spines in the North: Ta Xua, Binh Lieu, and Mau Son. 

“Dinosaur spine” is a familiar name given by backpackers to some famous tourist destinations in the North.

Ta Xua, Binh Lieu, and Mau Son are destinations that attract tourists because of their natural beauty. The unique name of these places comes from the terrain of the craggy trails on the top of the mountain.

Beautiful scenery in Binh Lieu

In addition to the poetic bay scenery, Quang Ninh also possesses majestic mountains and forests. Prominent among them is Binh Lieu, where the road goes straight through the hills. This road is known as the “Little Great Wall of Vietnam version”. The distance from Binh Lieu town to here is about 13 km, quite easy for motorbike tourists to explore.

October-November is the most beautiful time to conquer the “dinosaur spine” of Binh Lieu. You will walk on the field of white reed grass amidst the majestic and unspoiled mountain scenery. Milestone 1035 is the most favorite check-in place for young people at this place.

Song Lung Frame Long Anh 1Song Lung Frame Long Anh 2
Visitors can zoom in on the vast and airy Binh Lieu mountains and forests. Photo: lnh.thuy, halo.vietnam.

Ta Xua cloud hunting place

Ta Xua is a mountain peak located between Son La and Yen Bai. This place is a familiar destination for travel enthusiasts in their journey to discover the North. From Bac Yen town (Son La), you move about 15 km to the “dinosaur spine” on the top of Ta Xua. The road to the top of the mountain is quite dangerous, requiring a firm steering wheel.

Coming here, you will see a small trail on the top of the mountain more than 2,800 m high. Both sides are steep slopes. The shape of this trail resembles the spine of a dinosaur. The end of the trail is where visitors stop to enjoy the vast natural space of mountains and clouds.

Song Lung Frame Long Anh 3
On clear days, if you are lucky, you can also admire the spectacular sea of ​​clouds. Photo: Nga.nguyen.nga, Tuyeteirlys.

The road on the top of the mountain in Mau Son

Another “dinosaur spine” is the winding trail on the top of Cha Mountain located about 45 km northeast of Lang Son city. This place belongs to Mau Son commune, Loc Binh district, Lang Son province. The distance to travel to explore this place, you have to go through zigzag and dangerous passes.

Those who are new to the terrain can take a long time. In return, when you reach your destination, you will enjoy the fresh air, immerse yourself in the poetic nature with green grass, a peaceful village in the middle of a pristine forest.

In the winter, the temperature sometimes drops to minus zero, visitors will admire the frost and snow covered the path.

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Coming to Mau Son, visitors can walk on the top of the mountain, camp overnight and hunt clouds in the early morning. Photo: Lethuan119, thumaimia, rodjenkinson, cong.ke.