Traveling to Hong Ngai Son La village to visit the homeland of the A Phu couple

A Phu couple is one of the classic literary works of writer To Hoai. Surely everyone knows that the story takes place in the Northwest, but few people know exactly where the A Phu couple’s hometown is? Let’s take a trip to Hong Ngai Son La village to discover this secret.

Introduction to the version of Hong Ong Son La

Hong Ngai is a small village in Bac Yen town, Bac Yen district, Son La province . Nestled deep in the mountains and forests of the Northwest, about 103 km from the center of the province, Hong Ngai is like a shy mountain girl with simple and wild beauty. This is the home of the Mong ethnic group with 71 unique walled roofs that are still original.

Hong Ngai Son La Village is the perfect choice for those who are passionate about traveling and want to find a wild, unspoiled natural place. The golden terraced fields, the vast green forests and the clear blue sky are what you can find here.Son La Red EditionSon La Red Edition


Road to Hong Ngai village

Hong Ngai village is about 200km from Hanoi. From the city center, go towards Trung Hoa, through Trung Hoa underpass to CT08. Continue to cross the intersection of Hoa Lac Expressway and go all the way to DT87. At the end of DT87 street, turn left to enter DT87A street, cross Dong Quang bridge to Trung Thinh street.

Continue going straight for about 5km, to the Veterans Association of Thanh Thuy District, turn right at the 4 intersections. Continue going straight to the intersection with Road 316, then turn left and go straight to the junction of Thanh Son bus station. Turn left along Highway 32.

Go straight on Highway 32 to the junction (with Anh Yen chicken restaurant), then turn left onto Highway 32B. Continue going straight to Highway 37 to Bac Yen Gas Station, then turn left and ask for directions to Hong Ngai village. From here the road will be quite difficult. You will need to hire a guide to enter the village or ask for directions continuously.

the way to Hong Ngai village

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The story of Hong Ong Son La

The name Hong Ngai originates from the name of a god according to ancient legends. Accordingly, in the past, the ethnic people here worked in the fields and lived in peace and happiness. Suddenly, one day, the cold wind rushed back, causing the fields to freeze. The thatched cottages can’t even resist the severe cold. Many people in the village died of hunger and cold.

The cry for help reached the sky. Giang (Heaven) immediately sent the god Hong Ngai to help and teach people to build houses made of solid red earth to fight the cold. After the difficulties passed, the god also flew back to heaven. To commemorate the great merit, the people named the village after the god , Hong Ngai village .


What’s attractive about Hong Ngai Son La?

Beautiful wild nature

Hong Ngai Son La village  is really different from other tourist attractions. This place will not have super beautiful virtual check-in points. There are no ethnic dress rental services for professional photography. There are no elaborately built homestays. All that Hong Ngai has, it is a wild and magical natural space.the sky in Hong NgaiPhoto: Phongkimphoto

To get to Hong Ngai, you will have to climb through the winding, winding hill roads. In the distance, the roof of the report of the Mong people gradually appeared in the fog-covered. This is a unique traditional architecture that has been handed down for generations. Over hundreds of years, although the walls have been covered with moss, these houses still stand between heaven and earth, enduring the same time.Reporter in Hong Ngai villagePhoto: rain9x1

Wandering along the trails in the village, you will admire the cornfields, ripe rice fields. The terraced fields are lined up in regular rows creating perfect curves.When_Alek_2Photo: Quan_Alek

In the early morning, you can also hunt clouds in the high mountains. The feeling of breathing in the cool fresh air, surrounded by white clouds is really great. From the top of the mountain, looking out into the distance, Hong Ngai is like a picture of a beautiful landscape.Cloud hunting in Hong NgaiPhoto: p.tuannCloud hunting in Hong NgaiPhoto: Quan_AlekCloud hunting in Hong NgaiPhoto: Quan_Alek

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Visit A ​​Phu Cave

A Phu Cave is a famous tourist destination of Hong Ngai village. In 1961, filmmakers went all the way up here to set the scene for the movie A Phu Couple. In it, there is a scene where a couple hides in a ravine to avoid the eyes and ears of Thong Ly’s henchmen. The ravine with its natural and unspoiled beauty was later named “A Phu Cave” and attracted many tourists to visit and explore.A Phu Cave is a famous tourist destination of Hong NgaiA Phu Cave is a famous tourist destination of Hong Ngai

Discover the culture of ethnic groups

Hong Ngai Son La village is home to three ethnic groups, the Mong, the Dao, and the Ha Nhi. In which the Mong people make up the majority. Thanks to this cultural diversity, there are many interesting customs and festivals here. You can spend time staying at local people’s houses and discover the unique culture in Hong Ngai.Grocery store in Hong NgaiThere are also full grocery stores at Hong Ngaichildren in Hong Ong Son LaPhoto: Quan_Alek

And don’t forget to enjoy the unique cuisine that you will surely hear for the first time such as: Ta Xoi tea, Lam rice, grilled wild boar, Pa pinh top (grilled fish), cornbread,… Around August September is the season of apples and cats in the Northwest, the fragrance flies all over the mountains. You can take advantage of the small bags of apples to give as gifts, soak in syrup, soak in wine or make extremely delicious apple cider vinegar. Northwest highland specialties are not available applePhoto: Quan_Alex

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