Traveling to Vung Tau for 1 day, where is the most beautiful place to go? Suggest a complete discovery schedule

Traveling to Vung Tau for 1 day, where is the most beautiful and ideal place to go? With a 1-day schedule to explore the beautiful scenery in the coastal city of Vung Tau, you will be confused to find the right destination. Don’t worry, soon Vinlove will suggest you a 1-day Vung Tau travel itinerary to explore the most beautiful and wonderful destinations.

Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour?

Where to go on Vung Tau 1 day tour? Vung Tau is one of the “hot” tourist destinations in the Southeast region, with many famous attractions. So, with a 1-day itinerary to explore the beautiful scenery of Vung Tau, you can refer to the suggestions for the most ideal destinations below: 

1. Famous beaches in Vung Tau

Vung Tau tourism is famous for its beautiful sea paradise, so it would be a big mistake to ignore these beautiful beaches. However, with Vung Tau 1 day tour schedule, you can explore 1 or 2 beaches. But if you want to combine visiting other places in Vung Tau, you should only go to one beach. The most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau you can refer to are:

– Front Beach Vung Tau: Also known as Tam Duong beach, is located between Big Mountain and Small Mountain. This beach is famous for its semi-raw shape, located right in the city center, very convenient to travel. Coming to Vung Tau Front Beach, visitors can relax, enjoy the sunset and take a walk. Front Beach Vung Tau attracts visitors with strong waves, clear blue sea and charming scenery. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Front BeachSwimming in the famous Bai Truoc beach in Vung Tau. Photo: @vh.chiin

– Back Beach Vung Tau: Contrary to the beauty of Front BeachVung Tau Back Beach is more romantic and peaceful. If you are looking for a beach paradise to relax and unwind in, you should choose Back Beach. 

– Long Hai Beach: What attracts tourists when coming to Long Hai beach is wild beauty, the water is very clean and clear. Long Hai beach is suitable for relaxation and enjoying the fresh air. In particular, when coming to Long Hai beach on Tet holiday, you will admire the beautiful cherry blossom season.    Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Long Hai beachLong Hai beach paradise is ideal for relaxation. Photo: chudu24

2. Statue of King Christ

– Address: Thuy Van Street, Ward 2, City. Vung Tau

Where to go on Vung Tau 1 day tour? The Statue of King Christ is a very famous place to visit in Vung Tau that every visitor wants to come first. Located on a Small mountain, the 32m high statue of King Christ is considered a symbol of Vung Tau tourism. On the way to visit the statue of God, you will be able to admire the beautiful natural scenery of flowers and leaves. In particular, when standing on the top of the statue, visitors can admire the beautiful panorama of the coastal city of Vung Tau. Therefore, you should not miss this beautiful and famous sightseeing spot when you only have 1 day to visit Vung Tau. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Statue of GodCheck-in the statue of Christ the King. Photo: dieukhacquangcanh

3. Nghinh Phong Cape

– Address: No. 1 Ha Long Street, Vung Tau City

Traveling Vung Tau for 1 day, you can explore Nghinh Phong Cape, famous for its beautiful and peaceful scenery. Nghinh Phong Cape is a place to catch the wind with three vast and vast seas. Visiting this famous place in Vung Tau, visitors will enjoy the relaxing fresh atmosphere and check-in the heaven gate with excellent shooting angles. Nghinh Phong Cape is also a favorite camping site for many young people when coming to Vung Tau, so if you have time, you should experience it once. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Nghinh Phong capeHeaven’s Gate at Nghinh Phong Cape attracts young people to live virtual. Photo: @viekabyy

4. Suoi Nghe sheep hill

– Address: Suoi Nghe commune, Chau Duc district, Vung Tau

Suoi Nghe sheep hill is the next answer if you still don’t know where to go in Vung Tau 1 day trip . Suoi Nghe sheep field is a large area for sheep grazing with 3 flocks of about 500 sheep. Visiting Suoi Nghe sheep field, you will be delighted to have fun and caress the lovely sheep here. This famous sheep field is also a virtual living paradise that many couples take wedding photos or check-in with super beautiful angles as a souvenir. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Suoi Nghe sheep fieldEnjoy playing at Suoi Nghe Sheep Hill. Photo: tripzone

5. Green Rock Lake

– Address: Near the slopes of Dinh mountain, Tan Thanh district, Vung Tau

Exploring Vung Tau for 1 day, you should not miss Da Xanh lake – a super “hot” destination for sightseeing and virtual living that is loved by young people today. Green Stone Lake is green all year round, the water is calm and the surrounding lush tropical forests are as beautiful as a fairyland. The peaceful Da Xanh lake is decorated with wooden bridges and canoes for visitors to visit and swim out in the middle of the lake to enjoy the scenery. In particular, the swings at Da Xanh lake are ideal props to check-in super beautiful photos. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Da Xanh LakeDa Xanh Lake – a beautiful virtual living paradise in Vung Tau. Photo:

Refer to Vung Tau 1 day tour schedule 

Here is a detailed 1-day Vung Tau travel itinerary that you can refer to for your upcoming trip:  


6:30: Have breakfast in Vung Tau, enjoy specialties such as: crab soup, mackerel cake soup, beef, shumai bread… 

7:30: Start the journey to discover the beautiful scenery of Vung Tau in the morning with the first destination being Vung Tau Lighthouse. Standing from the top of the lighthouse, you will admire the beautiful panorama of the sea and take pictures as a souvenir. Vung Tau 1 day tour where to go - Vung Tau lighthouseVisit Vung Tau lighthouse in the morning. Photo: @toanla_alex

9 am: Vung Tau’s upside-down house is the next step in the morning. The house has a unique design with a combination of photography studio, cafe, and sightseeing models. The upside-down house in Vung Tau consists of 7 fully furnished rooms, the special thing is that all are reversed. This is what attracts tourists to visit and choose new background angles. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - upside down houseThe house upside down is what many young people love. Photo: taucaotoc



12h: When you can answer Vung Tau 1 day tour, where to go in the morning, it will be time for you to recharge for the next journey. Lunch in Vung Tau you can enjoy a lot of fresh seafood and specialties here. Some famous delicious eating addresses in Vung Tau you can refer to:

– Thanh Phat Seafood – 334 Tran Phu, Ward 5, Vung Tau City

– Vung Tau Stingray Hotpot – 7 Luom – 37 Nguyen Truong To, Ward 3, Vung Tau City

– Nghiep Ky noodles – 127 Ba Cu, Ward 4, Vung Tau City

– Old Man Cali’s Squid Noodles – 113 Hoang Hoa Tham, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City  Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - seafoodEnjoy fresh Vung Tau seafood



14h: Vung Tau travel experience 1 day , in the afternoon you can choose to swim in the sea to enjoy the relaxing cool water and participate in many attractive entertainment games. The most famous is Back Beach on Thuy Van Street with a long coastline and attracts a large number of tourists.  Vung Tau 1 day tour where to go - swimmingSwimming and relaxing in Vung Tau. Photo: pinterest

Or you can choose many other beautiful beaches in Vung Tau such as: Bai Dau, Doi Nhai beach, Long Hai beach, Ho Tram beach…         

If you don’t want to swim, you can go to Ho May tourist area, which is known as “the fairyland on earth” to admire the beautiful and poetic natural scenery and have fun. Experience the cable car ride, discover attractive games such as: zipline adventure, paintball shooting, electric car racing, pirate boat… Ticket price is 400,000 VND/person package. Where to go in Vung Tau 1 day tour - Ho MayEnjoy playing at Ho May tourist area. Photo: ticotravel

17h: Finish the fun and explore Vung Tau for 1 day and get on the bus to depart. 

So, when you read this far, you must have answered the question of where to go to Vung Tau for a day, right? Hopefully, the information shared above will help you have a trip to discover many interesting experiences in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau. Don’t forget to “pocket” the super complete and detailed Vung Tau travel experience

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