Around the beautiful islands in Phu Yen watching the blue sea and sunshine

Traveling to a coastal country like Phu Yen, beautiful islands will always be a great choice, what’s more, ideal than being immersed in the clear blue water amidst the heavenly scenery “under the shade of swaying coconut”?

Phu Yen not only has yellow flowers and green grass, but this country is also one of the beautiful sea paradises of Central Vietnam with a coastline of 189km with many beautiful islands. Traveling to the beautiful islands in Phu Yenis an attractive choice for believers to move to enjoy the wild and charming beauty of this coastal country. The islands of Phu Yen are becoming more and more famous and attractive because the scenery still has enchanting pristine features. 

 beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Phu Yen is a paradise of beautiful islands. Photo:@khin

Discover the most famous list of beautiful islands in Phu Yen 

1. Hon Yen 

This is the beautiful island in Phu Yen that is most known for its beautiful scenery. Hon Yen is only 30km from the center of Tuy Hoa city in the northeast direction, the scenery here still retains the wild look with casuarina groves, cactus, or eagle trees towering with sunshine and wind.

 Hon Yen beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Hon Yen is famous as a favorite check-in point for young people. Photo: @maingngocchan

Hon Yen is considered the hottest check-in place in Phu Yen because it has magical coral reefs growing right on land, you don’t need to take a boat to the middle of the sea to admire the scenery. To see terrestrial corals in Hon Yen, you should go in the first or middle days of the lunar month, when you bake down you will admire the overwhelmingly beautiful one-of-a-kind scenery.

 Hon Yen beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Beautiful shallow coral in Hon Yen. Photo:@hlinnhg

Coming to Hon Yen, don’t forget to check in with the mountain overlooking the top of 100m altitudes where is considered Hon Yen, in addition, you can choose to camp overnight to enjoy the feeling of being in harmony between nature and the sea. the beauty of this country. 

 Hon Yen beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Don’t forget to check in with the iconic Hon Yen mountain. Photo:@thai_phuong_thanh

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2. Nhat Tu Son 

Nhat Tu Son Island is located in Xuan Dai Bay area of ​​Song Cau town, 48 km north of Tuy Hoa city center. This is a beautiful island in the famous Phu Yen and also the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay. Not only has the pristine natural scenery, blue sea, white sand, but Nhat Tu Son is also likened to “Phu Yen’s painted island” because of the 200m-long road leading to the middle of the sea.

Nhat Tu Son beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Nhat Tu Son is the most beautiful island in Xuan Dai Bay. Photo:@duyenlee

The scenery here stands out with primeval forests, deep caves, or mighty cliffs created by the erosion of seawater. Nhat Tu Son is not only a great destination with charming natural scenery, but it is also likened to a delicious and cheap seafood bowl of Phu Yen, so you can comfortably enjoy the most attractive dishes.

Nhat Tu Son beautiful islands in Phu Yen

The coastal road in Nhat Tu Son is very impressive. Photo:@san_ailee97

To check in the road in the middle of the sea in Nhat Tu Son, you should come from the 15th to the 1st day of the lunar calendar and check-in at noon, when the road appears blurry under the seawater. 

Nhat Tu Son beautiful islands in Phu Yen

The scenery on the island is very beautiful and wild. Photo:@phuongtrile

3. Hon Nua 

Referring to the beautiful islands in Phu Yen, Hon Nua is indispensable. This is a small island located near the Ca Pass area, right on the southern border of Phu Yen province and the north of Khanh Hoa province. Standing from the area of ​​​​Vung Ro Bay, looking down at Hon Nua, it looks like a giant dinosaur facing the sea.

Hon Nua beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Hon Nua has a very unique terrain. Photo:@Maimeoomeoo

Nature has endowed Hon Nua with very attractive beauty and unique wild features with high cliffs facing the sky connecting with white sand beaches. The majestic, overwhelming scenery in Hon Nua makes many travelers fall in love and nostalgic.

Hon Nua beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Hon Nua has very beautiful cliffs. Photo: Truong Van Hoang

Hon Nua has no residents, so the tourism service here is quite primitive, to check in this place you need to prepare all the necessary items, if you want to spend the night, prepare a tent with food. drink. The feeling of spending the night on the island to watch the wonderful sunset and sunrise will bring you great excitement. 

4. Islet Chua

Phu Yen islet is located off the coast of the Long Thuy sea, this is a small island just 7km from the mainland. This beautiful island in Phu Yen has a rare pristine appearance with very diverse flora and fauna.

Hon Chua beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Hon Chua has a rare pristine appearance. Photo:@thunxx

Visitors here can freely explore the beautiful nature, dive, and admire the coral reefs with an area of ​​​​up to 100 hectares or with fishermen experience great fishing specialties, squid and enjoy fresh dishes from the sea. produce. Hon Chua is the most peaceful paradise in Phu Yen for you to enjoy a peaceful vacation, temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Hon Chua beautiful islands in Phu Yen

White sand beach. Photo:@julie_ddinh

Hon Chua beautiful islands in Phu Yen

The seawater is turquoise and clear. Photo:@anhnhungnguyenle

5. Mai Nha islet

Cu Lao Mai Nha is a beautiful island in Phu Yen with an almost intact landscape that has not been exploited by tourism too much. This island belongs to An Hai commune, Tuy An district, 27km north of Tuy Hoa city center.

Cu Lao Mai Nha beautiful islands in Phu Yen

Cu Lao Mai Nha is the most pristine island in Phu Yen. Photo:@kieuanh_nu

The most prominent feature of this island is the beautiful coral reefs and caves along with the white sandy beach. To comfortably travel in Cu Lao Mai Nha, you should come here from March to August, at this time the weather is calm, the sea is calm, you can comfortably enjoy the scenery as well as swim. 

Cu Lao Mai Nha beautiful islands in Phu Yen

The dreamlike beauty scene makes visitors fall in love. Photo:@yaibai0312

The beautiful islands in Phu Yen have a common feature of possessing a very wild landscape and a rare peaceful look. Therefore, when traveling to the land of “yellow flowers and green grass”, take the time to explore these beautiful islands and enjoy memorable moments. 

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