Experience booking a detailed Phu Quoc sea walking tour from A to Z

Are you planning to book a walking tour under the sea of ​​Phu Quoc, but still do not know the information about this form and how much it costs? So let’s “pocket” the very useful experiences below to have the most interesting walking tour experience in the beautiful pearl island of Phu Quoc.

What is Phu Quoc Undersea Walking Tour?

First, you need to find out what the Phu Quoc sea walking tour is. The undersea walking tour is also known as Seawalker, which foreign tourists often call Seawalker tour. This is a new type of tourism in Phu Quoc, then visitors will be able to walk to explore the ocean world. Admire the colorful coral reefs, schools of fish swimming freely and witness firsthand sea creatures of all shapes and sizes. 

In particular, with Sea Walking Phu Quoc, you do not need to use tools such as oxygen masks, gas cylinders or flippers. Visitors will be given oxygen hats and specific advice from the guide when participating in this exciting diving tour. Phu Quoc Undersea Walking Tour - what is it?Phu Quoc sea walking tour is loved by many tourists. Photo: traveloka

Places to visit Phu Quoc sea walking tour

Where does the Phu Quoc sea walking tour take place? With each time, visitors will have different choices of sea walker tour locations, be it Bai Sao or An Thoi. From October to April next year, the Bai Sao Phu Quoc area has strong seas and waves, so underwater activities will take place at the An Thoi port area. In contrast, from May to October, visitors will focus on diving tours in Bai Sao area instead of An Thoi, which is the rainy season and rough seas. Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - locationThe place to join the Phu Quoc diving tour. Photo: dichoiphuquoc

The snorkeling tour at Namaste Phu Quoc park is located at Hon Roi, part of the An Thoi port tour. Opening time is from 8 am – 5pm daily. Namaste Park is famous for more than 250 species of soft and hard corals. This place concentrates all kinds of rare and precious corals such as deer antlers, sea willows, sea anemones, slab corals… In addition to beautiful coral reefs, Namaste Park is also home to more than 100 species of fish. . Visitors can take a walk around to admire fish such as seahorses, cuttlefish, grouper, squid, clownfish, butterflyfish, perch, flatfish, parrotfish… Besides, There are sea creatures such as sea cucumbers, snails, mussels with skirts, pearls… Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - where to go?Join a walking tour at Bai Sao Phu Quoc. Photo: dichoiphuquoc

What’s interesting about Phu Quoc undersea walking tour? 

What’s attractive about a walking tour under the sea in Phu Quoc? To visit the scuba diving tour, visitors first need to move to Sao beach or An Thoi port, then take a boat to the diving area. Each visitor will be equipped with an oxygen tank and instructed on how to breathe and move on the seabed to ensure safety. The time to join the Phu Quoc diving tour is about 30 minutes, the price fluctuates about 950,000 VND / person. 
 Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - interesting experienceHave fun with schools of fish. Photo: phuquoctv

Each visitor during the tour will be accompanied by a guide. When diving at a depth of 5-6m from the shore, you will be guided to walk on the ocean surface. Experience touching the coral reefs and enjoy playing with the surrounding fish. Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - the most interesting experienceExciting experiences when exploring the undersea world. Photo: phuquoctv

Suggestions for walking tour under the sea of ​​Phu Quoc

Here are suggestions for an attractive Phu Quoc sea walking tour that you can refer to:    

First: Undersea walking tour at An Thoi port

With this tour, visitors need to arrive at An Thoi port at 13h30 – 14h daily. The tour company will support canoes and guides to pick up guests at An Thoi port to Namaste Park. If you plan to book this tour, especially on weekends or Tet holidays, you should proactively contact us soon. 

=> Tour price: Approximately 950,000 VND / personPhu Quoc undersea walking tour - An Thoi port locationUndersea walking tour at An Thoi port

Monday: Undersea walking tour picks up guests at Namaste . Park

Visitors can take a canoe or charter a boat to reach Namaste coral conservation park. At that time, visitors can join the diving tour in Phu Quoc at any time. 

=> Tour price: fluctuates about 650,000 VND / person
 Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - Namaste park locationThe undersea walking tour picks up guests at Namaste Park. Photo: halotravel

Tuesday: Undersea walking tour picks up guests at the hotel

When participating in this tour, visitors will be picked up at the appointed location with the following schedule: 

– Tour guide picks up guests at the appointed address. 

– Move to An Thoi port.

– Take a canoe to Namaste Phu Quoc coral park.

– Listen to instructions and prepare scuba diving equipment.

– Experience participating in scuba diving tour.

– Transfer to An Thoi port and hotel, end the tour.

=> Tour price: fluctuates about 1,190,000 VND/pax
 Phu Quoc undersea walking tour - book tour through hotelThe undersea walking tour picks up guests at the hotel. Photo: halotravel

Notes when joining the sea walking tour in Phu Quoc

To join the underwater walking tour in Phu Quoc , you should “pocket” the following notes:          

– Children over 7 years old can join the sea walker tour

– For those who do not know how to swim, you can still join the scuba diving tour. Because this is a tour equipped with 100% equipment to ensure the safety of visitors when visiting. Along with a team of well-trained professionals will guide visitors in detail. 

– During the tour, do not touch or touch the coral to protect the ecological environment. 

– When wearing a diving helmet, you just need to observe the guide’s mouth.

– You will feel scared at first, but after a few minutes, you will get used to it.

– Keep your head balanced in the water because the copper helmet is very heavy. Besides, should wear boots under the feet to avoid scratching when walking through the coral. 

– Follow the instructions of the guide. 

– Do not bring valuable jewelry when scuba diving. 

Above is the whole experience of booking a walking tour under the sea of ​​Phu Quoc, the most interesting experience, hoping to help you have an interesting discovery trip. Besides, you can refer to Phu Quoc’s travel experience for more useful information for the trip.

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