Come to Binh Yen House Dalat homestay to relax and hunt for the best rattan

Homestay Binh Yen House Dalat is located separately in the remote suburbs with a peaceful scene and a layer of white clouds filled with every morning. 

Where is Homestay Binh Yen House Dalat? 

Homestay Binh Yen House Dalat is one of the places to stay that is very popular with young people. This place is not too classy or luxurious, nor is it a “hot homestay” on the map of Da Lat. But it is the beauty of calmness and tenderness and the position “in the clouds” that helps Binh Yen House to always be full. 

 Introducing homestay Binh Yen House DalatBinh Yen House Dalat is located in Xuan Tho commune

Binh Yen House is located at group 7, Da Loc village, Xuan Tho commune, Da Lat city. From the city center to here is about 10 km. Visitors can follow the route towards Trai Mat, combined with navigation from Google Maps will easily reach this homestay. 

 Introducing homestay Binh Yen House DalatFrom the city center to here is about more than 10 km

When the wheelchair leaves the vibrant downtown area, you will enter a quiet, less crowded land. Around this homestay, there are not many entertainment, entertainment, or dining services. However, thanks to that, visitors feel peaceful and relaxed. Indeed, this is the ideal place to stay and relax for believers who want to “escape the world”. 

Immerse yourself in the poetic beauty of Binh Yen House 

Da Lat is famous for homestays with lovely designs and beautiful views, always bringing many poetic experiences to visitors. Homestay Binh Yen House Da Lat is the same. This place is inspired by rustic, simple houses, creating a simple but cozy space for all visitors when stopping to rest. 

 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatThis place has a peaceful, rustic beauty

You don’t have to expect luxurious rooms or extravagant amenities. Instead, expect a really spacious, fresh space where you can leisurely enjoy a morning cup of coffee or sip some afternoon tea. Binh Yen House is dedicated to those who like to live slowly, enjoying every moment of life. 
 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatHomestay is located separately from the city center

After a journey of more than 10 km from the city center to here, you will see before your eyes beautiful wooden houses. Surrounded by gardens full of blooming flowers. Further away is a peaceful small valley with tiny houses. Everything appears as beautiful and gentle as a painting created by nature. 

 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatLovely rustic wooden houses

Homestay Binh Yen House Dalat is a combination of bungalows, attic rooms, and ground rooms made from wood. This rustic material is used with minimalist architecture, combined with exquisite furniture, creating a space beautiful enough to check-in, comfortable enough for visitors to have moments of rest and relaxation. 

 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatCozy space inside the rooms

The unique quality of Binh Yen House exudes from the rustic and old colors of the wooden walls, leaf roofs, from the beautiful small doorway, and from the very simple tables and chairs. Besides, the homestay also uses more transparent glass doors, accompanied by pure white curtains, bringing a bold vintage space for visitors to enjoy virtual living. 

 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatThe outside space is spacious and peaceful

Coming to Binh Yen House Dalat homestay, sometimes you don’t have the feeling of travel. Instead, you will feel like you are visiting an acquaintance’s house, living in a very gentle, idyllic, and familiar space. This place is like a big house, always ready to welcome and serve visitors with great love for Da Lat. 

 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatThe beautiful white daisies on the front porch

If you are a young person who always has the desire to own a small house located halfway up the hill, visit Binh Yen House. This homestay will allow you to experience that feeling. Even if it’s only for a few days, it will definitely be a beautiful time to reminisce. Here, you can just admire the beautiful scenery, breathe in the fresh air, and separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city. 
 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatEvery corner of the homestay is gentle and pretty

Compared to other beautiful homestays in Da Lat , Binh Yen House has a strong advantage in space and location. Because it is far from the center, it is very spacious here. Around the wooden houses is an extremely large garden and lawn. Guests can spend time walking in front of the yard, swinging their bare feet on the cool grass or simply sitting on the porch watching the sunrise. 
 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatGreat place to stay for small families

The homestay is located on a high hill and has a direct view of the pine forest and valley. So in the outer courtyard overlooking the valley, the homestay has designed beautiful swings for visitors to take pictures. Along with that is a small area with wooden tables and chairs, suitable for you to enjoy tea and admire the scenery.
 The beauty of homestay Binh Yen House Da LatSunrise scene at homestay Binh Yen House Dalat

Every night, the courtyard in front of the porch of Binh Yen House Dalat homestay will sparkle with lights. That dim light blends with the typical chilly atmosphere of the city, creating an extremely poetic feeling. There is nothing better than sitting next to friends, relatives, or your beloved half in this setting.  

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Great experiences at Binh Yen House 

Cloud hunting 

Binh Yen House is rumored by young people to be a very good “cloud hunting homestay” in the foggy city. Thanks to its prime location on a high hill overlooking the vast valley, this place is always nestled in dense white clouds every morning. Instead of having to get up from 3-4 am to go to Cau Dat tea hill , you can hunt rattan right where you are staying. Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatCloud hunting experience is not to be missed here

Just work hard to get up earlier than usual, put on a warm shirt, you can enjoy the scenery of white clouds filling the space right in front of you. Layers of white clouds roll around the green pine forest, hiding the houses, creating a poetic, dreamlike scene like a fairyland, a fairyland. 
 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatRomantic, sweet dawn at Binh Yen House

When the sky gradually brightens and dawn rises, the picture becomes more and more beautiful and magical. The orange-red halos rose to the horizon, making the picture even more captivating. The warm color of the sun contrasts with the white clouds, opening a beautiful scene in the middle of the world. At this time, you can enjoy taking virtual photos or sitting in a small corner sipping coffee, waiting for the sun to rise. 

Capture virtual live parrots 

Check-in homestay Binh Yen House Da Lat, how can you miss the opportunity to take a lot of beautiful photos to take home. No need to go to beautiful cafes in Da Lat or famous tourist areas, just hang around in this homestay and you will have a beautiful set of photos. 

 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatCome here, you will be delighted to live virtual

Right in your own room, you can comfortably relax. Sit by the glass window with dreamy white curtains and pose. Sit on the porch to enjoy the beautiful scenery on warm sunny days, lie lazily on the pure white bed or find a nice little corner to read a book. Everywhere is a good virtual living background for you to shoot. 
 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatSuch a beautiful scene, if you don’t check in, it’s a waste

One of the most beautiful check-in corners in this homestay is the wooden bridge to hunt rattan – where every visitor wants to be photographed. Whether it’s a cloudy early morning or a warm sunny sunset, you can stand here to capture the full view of the beautiful scenery of the mountains and houses in Da Lat. However, according to the Da Lat travel experience of many tourists, early morning dawn is when the scenery around the wooden bridge is the most beautiful. The bridge is hidden in the morning dew, bringing a magical, dreamy beauty. 

 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatFlowers and grass are blooming on the campus of Binh Yen House

In addition, the large yard in front of the veranda of the wooden houses is also a great place for visitors. There are a lot of flowers here, hydrangeas, daisies, evening primroses, etc. Then the green grasslands in the sun… All combine harmoniously, bringing a beautiful backdrop for you and others. Check-in companion to delight. 

Enjoy life alone 

Homestay Binh Yen House Dalat is also an ideal place for those who like to be alone. If your journey is only for you, give yourself some time to relax here. 
 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatYou can come here to enjoy life alone

At a homestay, you can sleep until noon without worrying about the alarm. You can lie in bed all day listening to music, reading a book. At night, you can sit in front of the porch watching Da Lat at night, feel the chilly air creeping through each finger, hair. 
 Experience at homestay Binh Yen House DalatEvery homestay in Da Lat brings visitors a memorable experience

Although it may be a bit sad to travel alone in Da Lat, you will certainly have a lot of memorable experiences for yourself when you stop at Binh Yen House. This place will give you the peaceful feeling you need, giving you moments of slow, peaceful life. 

Price list for reference homestay Binh Yen House 


  • Up Hill Bungalow: 600k/day, for 1-2 people 
  • Down Hill Bungalow: 600k/day, for 1-2 people 

COMMON WC ROOM            

  • Attic room 400k: 1 double mattress for 2 people 
  • Single room with ground floor 350k: 1 double mattress for 2 people 
  • Family room: 450K – 900K (equivalent to 1 – 2 – 3 double mattresses, for 2 – 6 people) 

Homestay Binh Yen House Da Lat is a suggestion for those who love the rustic, simple, peaceful resort space and have many beautiful virtual living corners. Having the opportunity to come to the city of thousands of flowers, you can consider resting here to feel the truly peaceful and gentle beauty of this city. 

Photo: Binh Yen House Fanpage