Turtle Island Binh Thuan – wild and amazing ocean world

Turtle Island Binh Thuan is a world of wildness and wonder. A new and interesting destination for those who love to explore. 

About Turtle Island Binh Thuan 

Turtle Island Binh Thuan is located in Hoa Thang Commune, Bac Binh District. This place is only about 12km from Mui Ne sand dune, about 7km from Bau Trang, so moving to famous places is quite easy. Turtle Island in Binh Thuan is shaped like a large sea turtle swimming ashore. Currently, this is still an unspoiled oasis, not subject to too much human impact. There are only rocks, wild trees and many birds living here. In particular, the island has no people’s houses, only one temple to worship Mr. Nam Hai. About Turtle Island Binh ThuanTurtle Island Binh Thuan

People nearby call this island Turtle Island due to its shape. In addition to that name, this place also has a number of other names such as Hon Ghenh, Hon Lau, Hon Nghe, Hon Lao,… 
 About Turtle Island Binh ThuanThe shape of the island looks like a turtle swimming in the sea

How to move to Turtle Island Binh Thuan 

A few years ago, this place did not seem to have a name in the tourist map of Binh Thuan. After the tourist village of Siva appeared, Turtle Island seemed to be awakened. To reach this island, visitors can rent boats from fishermen. Each vehicle can only carry a maximum of 10 people. From Mui Ne, the boat takes about 10 minutes to take you to the island. The road to Turtle Island in Binh Thuan must pass through large and small rocks, undulating, with sharp rocks. Between the rocks are seagrass species that adorn the ocean picture more vividly. Moving to Turtle Island Binh Thuan You can take a boat to go to Turtle Island 

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Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh Thuan

The first impression when arriving at Turtle Island in Binh Thuan is the extremely blue sea color, looking down with the naked eye, visitors can also see the coral floors below which are very beautiful and fanciful. Around the island, there are many cliffs lying on top of each other creating mysterious caves that attract visitors to explore and learn. 

To get to the highest coordinates on the island, you have to overcome these undulating rapids. When “jumping rapids” here you need to pay attention because there are many rocks with very sharp oysters, if you are inadvertent, you can cut your legs. When you reach the top of the island, you will surely be surprised by the beautiful scenery. Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh ThuanUnspoiled beauty in Turtle Island 

Standing on the top of Hon Rua, you can see the vast sea and sky. Also from this coordinate, looking at the shore, you will admire one side is Mui Ne, far away is Hon Rom . Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh ThuanThe scenery of the ocean makes everyone fall in love 

In the afternoon, when the sun was in the west, the whole red sea surface blended with the sparkling sea waves as if they were inlaid with silver and gold, creating an immaculately beautiful scene. After a tiring day of sightseeing, you find a small corner to watch the boats bobbing and swaying ashore. Humans at that time were really small before the endless nature. Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh ThuanHumans today are so small in front of nature 

One more thing that will surprise you in Hon Rua is that the sea here is very clean, there is no garbage. Due to the lack of human impact, her scenery is pristine. If so, it’s just coastal fishing boats that come to the island to rest and avoid the wind. Virtual living at Turtle Island Binh ThuanMake the picture so magical

In addition to watching the pristine scenery of the island, visitors can experience a few interesting activities such as diving to see corals, jumping rapids, camping, fishing, … Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh ThuanThere are many other interesting activities on the island 

If you want to see Turtle Island in Binh Thuan  at the most romantic time, come in the afternoon. At that time, the sunset on the island creates an extremely charming scene. If you participate in fishing activities, you should go in the morning. Do not forget to prepare fishing rods, bait. Unique experiences at Turtle Island Binh ThuanBeautiful sunset 

Enjoy seafood when coming to Turtle Island Binh Thuan 

Because it is an island, there are many kinds of fresh seafood in Binh Thuan island such as: fish, squid, shrimp, etc. Especially in the summer, there is a sea specialty that is extremely delicious moi. Fishermen often catch by casting nets or defecating on small baskets or bottles. Enjoy seafood when coming to Turtle Island Binh ThuanIf you go to Turtle Island, you must definitely enjoy seafood 

Turtle Island Binh Thuan is a very wild place, suitable for picnics and camping activities to bring new experiences among the scenery of the mountains and the sea. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to travel to Binh Thuan , you should not miss exploring this place!

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