Is crazy about the 5 pet cafes in Da Lat

Loa, Loa Loa, … where are the real lotuses? Let’s go to these 5 pet cafes in Da Lat and see, let’s go cat and dog, all cute, take pictures jubilantly!

Most people flock to Dalat because of the familiar virtual living spots, always full of people waiting to check-in, but if you belong to the cat and dog lover, try visiting 5 pet cafes. Let’s see this in Da Lat . A very different style of dog and cat cafe, very close but also very poetic, enough to make you nostalgic for this sweet land.Pet cafe in Da Lat-hoiquanchoemeoThe lotus is ecstatic at 5 super cute ‘big boss’ venues

‘Lotus’ acts at 5 pet cafes in Da Lat

These 5 extremely famous pet coordinates in Da Lat will take away 99.99% of your camera and phone battery capacity. Why? Scrolling down to the bottom of this article is enough to make you faint right away.Pet cafe in Da LatEvery ‘Sen’ will fall in love with this scene. Photo: FB Dog and Cat Club

1. Black Rock Garden

First, let’s get lost in a group of dogs of all sizes in the cafe located in Trai Mat . U is heaven, husky, corgi, golden, collie, … the home of more than 40 extremely lovely and hospitable dogs. The lotus is free to joke around, hug, and then pose because the dogs here are so wrapped up in people, they even shiver like familiar cafe in DalatHmm, have you collaborated to take pictures yet? Photo: Duc Phuc

Especially if you pet them and serve them some snacks, they will even cooperate with you to create really good photos.

The boss here has big, hairy kids like husky, there are also chubby and round dogs like corgi, or super cute little kids like sausages,… They’re all soft and cuddly. Very cute, in the very spacious garden space, the dogs are free to run and cafe in DalatInteresting detention room. Photo: Facebook Black Rock Garden

  • Address: 344 Luong Dinh Cua
  • Opening hours: 9am – 11:30am, 14h – 17h30

2. Dalat Alsaska House

If you belong to the team that loves Alaska, here it is, an addictive place that is hard to leave. The cafe combines a very unique farm model, in addition to dogs like Alaska and Sammoyed, this tea house also ‘hides’ a herd of unique and super cute sheep!da-lat-alaska-pet cafe in DalatAs the name suggests, an Alaskan detachment. Photo: FB Dalat Alaska House

Alaska and its breed are quite friendly, sociable, and easy to cuddle. They all oppress guests with thick fur, tall bodies, and always fresh, entangled faces.da-lat-alaska-pet cafe in DalatAre you in love with this scene? Photo: FB Dalat Alaska House

  • Address: 27B Tran Hung Dao
  • Opening hours: 9am – 9pm

3. Dog and cat club

Is the name ‘yang lake’ enough? Dog and cat club, the gathering place of extremely addictive Bosses. The four-legged crowd here just makes people want to cuddle, smell good and close.Hoi-quan-cho-meo-Pet cafe in Da Lat-huongvoThe guild of lovely species. Photo: Huong Vu

In addition to dogs from 40 different species such as British Bull, French Bull, Bully, Corgi, Phoc squirrel, Puddole, Alaska, … the club also owns more than 20 lazy cats of all varieties like British furry cats. short, Persian cat, Sim cat, British long-haired cat, … The cats are lying on the stairs to watch the world, while the dogs are following the customers playing in the yard.Hoi-quan-cho-meo-Pet cafe in Da Lat-huongvoU is heaven, when I see this scene, I always fall in love with the word ê. Photo: FB

  • Address: 25B Khe Sanh, Ward 10
  • Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

4. Beard Garden

This is not only a cafe that is both poetic and romantic in Da Lat, it is also a gathering place for very likable bosses.gau-garden-pet cafe in DalatHow can you not love life? Photo: FB: Gau Garden

If you are a fan of hunting for check-in locations of Da Lat , you must have seen a lazy chair with a vast green space behind it. Vast valleys with a few roofs looming in the distance, the seat of power makes everyone want to visit the city once.gau-garden-pet cafe in DalatWe all melt the guests. Photo: Gao Garden

And that’s the place Gau Garden, which has been magical and ‘harboured’ of short-legged Corgi-like children with pretty smiley faces, good and good.

This pet cafe in Da Lat also hangs cute pictures of Corgi minions, anyone who visits here wants to smile happily because they are lost in this loving world!

  • Address: 2/2 Tran Quang Dieu
  • Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

5. Pet Corner

The cats here are extremely friendly, approachable, fragrant, and even wrapped around people. Although it is a closed cafe, the space is quite airy and comfortable with the soft and melodious music without lyrics.Pet cafe in Da Lat-petcornerPet Corner of lazy cats. Photo: FB Pet Corner

After coming here to play with the children, you will feel extremely relaxed and definitely want to visit the shop many more times.

At Pet Corner, there are probably 20 cats, people often call them with names such as innocent cats, holy cats, wandering cats, entertaining cats,… All of them are cute, there are food immediately lured.Pet cafe in Da Lat-petcorner20 cats make you faint up faint down. Photo: Pet Corner

  • Address: 130 To Ngoc Van
  • Opening hours: 8am – 9pm

You already have the locations of 5 pet cafes in Da Lat. The rest is to wait for the new normal day, just visit this place. Surely you will be fascinated and can’t leave when you meet the minion’s named dogs and cats!