Travel experience in Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Thung Cuong Moc Chau village is a small village among the deep green mountains of the Northwest. If you have the opportunity to stop by Thung Cuong during your trip, you will encounter the charming beauty here through the colorful flower seasons. It is the golden color of wild sunflowers, the gentle pure white of ban flowers and plum flowers. It could also be the red color of azaleas. Or maybe it’s a light white shimmer in the sunlight of the rapeseed field. Regardless of the flower season, it will definitely save you beautiful and memorable photos.

The way to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Thung Cuong village (also known as Thong Cuong) is a small village located between Dong Sang and Xuan Nha communes of Moc Chau. This is the residence of the Mong ethnic people.

Traveling to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Traveling to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

To move to Moc Chau you can go by self-sufficient car or motorbike. More simply, you can book a tour of Moc Chau (remember to choose a tour with a location to go to Thung Cuong village). After arriving at Nong Truong Moc Chau town, you will need to go to GG Map and have to travel by motorbike about 3km to reach the village. The road to the village is quite steep and narrow, so only motorbikes can move easily. However, the two sides of the road are very beautiful with many different types of forest flowers. So on the way, young people often linger to take pictures and have very beautiful check-in photos.The poetic scene of Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageThe poetic scene of Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Discover the wild beauty of Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

The road to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village  is a dirt road with two sides are fields of ecstatic white canola flowers. The pure white color covering the two sides of the road under the gentle sunlight becomes sparkling like glowing. Surely you will not be able to help but stop in the middle of the road, silently admiring the rich and poetic beauty that the scenery here brings. The honey-brown winding road is lost in the valley of white canola flowers. What a beautiful picture for any visitor. This is also a favorite check-in photo spot for young people.Beautiful field of canola flowers in Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageThe “extremely chill” road to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Sometimes in our travels, we just need to capture those moments of admiration and excitement. That’s enough for a light trip. Especially for those who are too tired of the hustle, bustle and stuffiness of the city, these peaceful, relaxing and poetic moments are really a great medicine to soothe the soul.Beautiful field of canola flowers in Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageBeautiful field of canola flowers in Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

That’s Thung Cuong  . Not noisy, not too colorful. This place only has charming nature but makes visitors always feel comfortable and loved. In addition, you can also visit  Pa Phach village , which also possesses a peaceful beauty with such vast flower fields.The East Wings of Thung Cuong Moc ChauA very chill photo shoot in the field of rapeseedcheck - print version of Thung Cuong Moc ChauWithout the hustle and bustle, Thung Cuong brings the peace of the Northwest

The life of the Mong ethnic people here is very idyllic, rustic and attached to nature. The beautiful little houses on stilts with wood stoves and the innocent and joyful playing of children are something that you can easily see when visiting the village. People here live on hills and forests. They are almost all self-sufficient. Hmong people are very good at knitting, weaving, making jewelry… Their traditional costumes are all made by themselves. Dresses with colorful colors and many motifs are typical in the costumes of the Mong people.
 H'mong ethnic people in Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageH’mong ethnic people in Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Although the economy here is still difficult, the joy has never stopped on their faces. Especially with the kids here. Even if their clothes are old, even if they don’t have enough shoes on cold days, they are still very happy. The laughter and innocent play of children will sometimes be the thing that makes long-distance travelers feel warm and forget about fatigue immediately.Hmong children in Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageThe innocent smile of Hmong children

Enjoy unique cuisine at Thung Cuong Moc Chau village

Thung Cuong Moc Chau village is famous for dishes such as thang co, lam rice, stream fish, cabbage, Nam pia, and veal. These are typical dishes of the Northwest mountains. In addition, Moc Chau is also famous for its cat apple or buffalo meat in the kitchen. Each dish has its own special flavor associated with the cuisine here.

Thang Co is actually made from horse meat. After cleaning the meat, the Mong people will cut it into small pieces and marinate them with spices to make the meat-rich. Next, the broth to cook the meat will be cooked with simmered bones and horse organs. The most special thing about this broth. That is to use 12 special spices in the Northwest such as cardamom, cinnamon chi… to give Thang Co an attractive aroma and special delicious taste. Then the meat will be simmered and seasoned. This is a famous dish of the Mong people. It is a specialty that tourists love very much.
 Thang Co specialty of Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageSpecialty Thang Co Thung Cuong Moc Chau

Another dish that tourists love and often buy as a gift after each trip is buffalo meat. The kitchen buffalo meat is made entirely from fresh beef tenderloin and corn. The Hmong keep the meat on the stove until it is cooked by the smoke of the woodstove. This dish has a very special taste, chopped and squeezed a little lemon is extremely suitable for drinking parties. Having fun sometimes runs out of plates. Therefore, this specialty dish is extremely famous in every visit to Thung Cuong Moc Chau village .Specialty buffalo meat in the kitchen at Thung Cuong Moc Chau villageSpecialty buffalo meat in the kitchen – A meaningful gift for relatives and friends

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Leaving the dusty city behind, leaving behind the pressures of life. Come to Thung Cuong to find peaceful moments from the soul, immerse in the wild nature, discover the simple beauty of life here. 

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